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WIS, WWA | A sandwich-full week!

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What I Spent

Red pepper and basil mayo in a glass dish.

  • $8 at Giant
  • $22 at Aldi
  • $32.50 at Lid
  • $4 at BJs
  • $36 at Chick-Fil-A

So, $103 all told.

June Grocery Spending

Week 1: $146

Week 2: $103

What We Ate


The girls fended for themselves (I remember that some of them had ravioli), and Mr. FG and I had a date night to the taco truck.

Taco truck = always an under-budget date night!

Which handily makes up for the weeks when we opt for seafood.


A grilled BLT sandwich on a wooden cutting board.

Sonia volunteered to make dinner; BLTs, fruit, and Shirley Temples.

She really likes to make mocktails, which is handy because while I am not underage, I just usually don’t like cocktails that much.

Mocktails for me all the way! 


Another sandwich night.

I made this brineraded chicken, which we ate on toasted ciabatta rolls with this basil/pepper mayo and lettuce.

Roasted red pepper mayo ingredients in a food processor.

If you like basil and roasted peppers, you really should blend up a batch of this mayo. It’s so good on sandwiches and I like to use it as a veggie dip as well.

And if you thin it a bit, it makes a great salad dressing.


I made a pasta salad, using the leftover brined chicken, Italian dressing, pasta, and sliced cucumbers.

Brineraded, sliced chicken breast on a wooden cutting board.

Since Sonia is allergic to so many raw veggies, it’s tough to make salads. But I am thankful that at least she can eat raw cucumbers.

On the side, we had watermelon and some toasted marked-down croissants. 

Half of a red watermelon, sitting on a counterop.


I feel slightly sheepish about telling you that….we had sandwiches again! This time I made grilled sandwiches with chipotle mayo, ham, turkey breast, and cheese (except no cheese on Sonia’s sandwich).

smoked turkey panini sandwich on a white plate.

Chipotle mayo is one of my favorite things to add to sandwiches. I just add some of my blended chipotle chilies into a small bowl of mayo; super easy!

We had more watermelon, plus some chips with our sandwiches.


Zoe did a drop-in class at a new dance studio she is considering joining, and the class was from 6:00-7:00.

This was pretty inconvenient dinner timing and since I hadn’t spent much on groceries this week, I opted to use some of my budget to pick up Chick-Fil-A on our way home from the class. 


Book club is tomorrow, so Mr. FG and I will do our date night tonight instead, and the girls will fend for themselves. 

What did you have for dinner this week?

(Let me guess: you didn’t have as many sandwiches as we did!)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.