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WIS, WWA | a pile o’ receipts

What I Spent

Red tulip, facing downward.

I had a pile of receipts from this week!

  • $19 at Giant
  • $52 at Lidl (Mr. FG stopped there three times. Heh.)
  • $104 at Aldi
  • $18 at BJs
  • $25 for a Hungry Harvest box

And that all adds up to $218.

April Grocery Spending

I seem to be on an upward spending trend this month. 😉 

Week 1: $115

Week 2: $156

Week 3: $145

Week 4: $218

What We Ate


Mr. FG and I did a takeout date night; we tried a locally owned Mexican food place, and it was very….unremarkable.

It wasn’t terrible, but it also wasn’t great. So, we are crossing that off the list of date night options for the future. 


We got takeout from a local spot that serves a wide variety of items; Mr. FG got pizza, I got a big salad, and the girls got wings. 


I tried a Cook’s Country recipe for Greek chicken pita panini; I added some tzatziki sauce to dip them in, and everyone gave them a thumbs up. Yay!

grilled pita panin with tzatziki sauce.

There IS filling inside, promise; chicken, cheese, egg, onion, mustard, oregano, etc.

I know we had some kind of produce on the side but I cannot remember what. 


Sonia made dinner; fried cornmeal mush, French toast, and virgin margaritas.

Serving plate of fried mush.


I made mandarin chicken salad with homemade sesame dressing.

Mandarin chicken salad fixings.

For a side, I cut up some dinner rolls that were leftover from the food pantry, spread them with garlic butter, and toasted them in the oven. 


Lisey requested shrimp tacos. So, that’s what I made, with mango salsa, pico de gallo, lettuce, cilantro, and so on, with chips and queso on the side. 

Dining room table with plates and mango salsa.

Zoe had just gotten her braces adjusted, so she opted to eat some cheese quesadillas, cut into little bite-sized pieces. 


I was thinking about making pizza, but I might check with Zoe to see how her mouth is feeling first.

Pizza is a rather chewy food, which could be pretty uncomfortable for her right now. 

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Sunday 25th of April 2021

Yesterday's grocery trip was $112, but $2 was cat treats and $10 was beer, which we have not had in forever. So technically $100 for food. We stocked up on bagels, cheese and coffee.

Supper was leftover roasted chicken legs and thighs with carrots, Sunday through Thursday. Friday and Saturday night we had sandwiches. Tonight I made a huge pot of chili and corn muffins, with the idea of the chili creating several days of leftovers.

I snagged a yellow-stickered package of two little beef shoulder steaks and turned them into barbecue for my work lunches, with sides of cheddar broccoli and a small baked potato. It was super-easy and fast, which is good as the second Covid shot has been kicking my behind and I keep taking impromptu naps.


Sunday 25th of April 2021

We are going through some challenging times in our house. I started a new job remotely, but the kids, pets, and I will be moving halfway across the country in early June. My soon to be ex and I have sold our house, but I’m still looking for one on the other end of the move. I’m sorting and packing like crazy—there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day! So for us it’s been generally easy stuff that uses up what’s in the freezer and pantry. I must confess there have been nights when I’m just too tired to cook, so we’ve been eating more takeout than usual. But I did pretty well this week:

Saturday—TJ’s bbq teriyaki chicken, rice Sunday—grilled chicken thighs, Brussels sprouts, rice Monday—fried egg and bacon sandwiches and fruit Tuesday—chicken spring rolls, TJ’s pork shu mai (sp?) Wednesday—fried egg sandwiches and fruit Thursday—tacos, TJ’s frozen street corn Friday—I had dinner with friends, STBX and son made pizza


Sunday 25th of April 2021

Oh wow, that sounds like such a lot of stress! I hope that the housing situation is sorted soon.


Friday 23rd of April 2021

I am so proud I remembered the menu for the week :)

Sunday- Hubby's birthday- He picked meatloaf, mashed potatoes, peas and lemon pie Monday- Tacos that some how end up being burritos as I always buy the wrong size tortilla. Tuesday- Pork Chops on the grill with couscous and green beans Wednesday- Brinner- Pancakes and Sausage Thursday- Support the local spot night- We tried a new place for Chicken and JoJo's. Sadly our normal spot did not survive 2020. Friday- Son had braces put on today. So we could have a fun interesting days in figuring out what he feel comfortable eating. He did fine tonight with Johnny Marzetti.


Friday 23rd of April 2021

Along the same lines as your taco night, we are doing fish tacos on Sunday - can't wait! This week: Monday - Crockpot Italian Chicken, raid the freezer for two small leftover sides Tuesday - Skillet Tilapia on chopped salad Wednesday - Crockpot Sausage and Beans, rolls Thursday - Spaghetti and Meatsauce for two, kale salad Friday - Grilled Chicken, broccoli, 1/2 bag mini potatoes Saturday - Free choice {pick-up party at a winery for lunch} Sunday - Fish tacos, Greek yogurt, cabbage slaw PLUS we are eating a Mexican breakfast at a favorite restaurant tomorrow morning...(:


Friday 23rd of April 2021

I really have not been to the grocery store since last 4/15 Thursday to just p/u for supper and that was about $16. I am trying to eat down the 'frig and pantry. And 4/14 I had paid my share of the grocery/harvest box $166.50 (only because when I went there I bought a "nice" loaf of bread).

4/16 It was a rainy, miserable day. I stopped in at the wake of a friend’s brother. I just did not feel like cooking and had no imagination going. But there was another pizza in the freezer. 4/17 We had kind of a late lunch and when the weather cleared had walked up for opening day at the farm ice cream stand. When suppertime came around, neither was very hungry. 4/18 Scallops, roasted potatoes and broccoli and bok choy. 4/19 Meatless Monday Pasta and a nice salad. 4/20 With milk and cheese that needed to be used, I had to make Mac&Cheese and asparagus 4/21 Grab what you want 4/23 Chickens are giving eggs, omelet and ½ priced bacon. Rest of bacon is in freezer 4/24 Steak, asparatus, baked potato and carmelized onion. I had a nice rib steak in freezer, and grabbed a couple of potatoes from my daughter next door. I bought a bag of onions before Easter, so I thought this would be a good idea. The carmelized onion recipe I used was delicious. A small amount leftover to have on burgers of some kind tomorrow.

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