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WIS, WWA | 4th of July week

What I Spent

Fireworks in the sky over a river.

  • $26 at BJ’s
  • $102 at Aldi
  • $35 at Weis
  • $20 at Harris Teeter

So, that’s $183 for the week.

July Spending

Week 1: $157

Week 2: $183

What We Ate


Mr. FG was at a concert with a friend, Sonia was pet-sitting overnight, and Lisey and Zoe went out with two friends.

Which meant I was home all by myself.

That has almost never happened in the last year, so I was not displeased with my Saturday night situation.

I didn’t feel like putting forth a bunch of effort, so I just fed myself a random assortment of things from the fridge. Easy + food-waste-fighting!


Lisey really wanted fried chicken, and we had points to get a free family pack. So, we picked that up and ate it with some watermelon.

Angel food cake topped with strawberries.

I don’t make desserts that often, but it was a holiday, and the girls had been asking for some angel food cake recently.

So, I made one of those and we topped it with whipped cream and berries.


A mandarin chicken salad on a white plate.

I made this mandarin chicken salad with pull-apart garlic bread.

garlic pull apart bread

garlic pull-apart bread recipe


We don’t have any free nights this weekend, so Mr. FG and I did a mid-week date night, using a local voucher (kind of like Groupon) for a Peruvian chicken place. 

Peruvian chicken and rice.

We tried plantains and fried yucca, which neither of us has had before.


  • thumbs up to the fried yucca
  • meh to the plantain; not my favorite, but not terrible

At home, the girls had a Very Healthy Dinner comprised of mini pigs in a blanket. And watermelon.


I made grilled chicken gyros, stuffed with tzatziki sauce, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and obviously, chicken!

Chicken stuffed in a pita.

And we had cherries on the side.


I made shrimp salad croissants (chicken for Zoe).

shrimp salad croissant sandwiches.


Tex-Mex night!

I’m making pork tinga tacos on corn tortillas, and we’ll have chips, salsa, queso, and guacamole with those.

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Elizabeth H

Saturday 10th of July 2021

I, personally, think cake is perfectly acceptable for dinner.......or breakfast.


Saturday 10th of July 2021

Your meals sound delish this week! It was a long week for us with Hubby feeling under the weather and me working 6 days out of 7. ): We ate: Monday - Skillet Chicken Stew, buttered bread Tuesday - Skillet Tilapia, pan roasted potatoes, broccoli Wednesday - Tomato Basil Gnocci with meatballs , salad Thursday - Pan Seared Salmon with cabbage and apple salad Friday - Lemon Pepper Chicken, twice baked potato, leftover slaw Saturday - TBD Sunday - Ditto It feels like we ate a lot of potatoes - it is what it is, I guess. Tonight I'm going to lobby for Mexican food!

Becky S

Friday 9th of July 2021

Saturday - can't remember what I ate, but I had the evening at home alone Sunday - my birthday - I had lunch with my mom and dad after church - burgers and roasted potatoes Monday - brisket sliders, potato salad, deviled eggs, and fruit Tuesday - butter chicken and homemade naan bread Wednesday - can't remember Thursday - fed my son after he worked at the ranch all day - I wasn't hungry and husband was at work - kielbasa, stuffing, parmesan noodles, and green beans Friday - frozen pizza


Friday 9th of July 2021

WIS I have not been to the grocery store this week. Still working through the refrigerator and freezer. WWA Friday Burgers, beans, fresh cherries Saturday Hot dog, corn, fresh cherries Sunday Hot dog, left over beans, corn, watermelon Monday family cook out Tuesday work Turkey burgers, leftover macaroni salad Wednesday marinara and sausage from the freezer with remainder of pasta Thursday chicken, salad, corn Friday I worked today. Thought I would stop at the Aldi that is on my way home but the aftermath from the hurricane changed my mind. So when dinnertime came around, we decided on scrambled eggs (from our chickens), bacon, toast, blueberries. I have steaks to marinate that we can have Saturday night with my collection of vegetables from our farm box.


Friday 9th of July 2021

We were on vacation this week and our cottage rental did not have a kitchen or any sort of individual outdoor cooking area(there was a communal grill that could be used), really it was more like a motel room in that regard, so not much cooking last week. I actually missed it! Although being on vacation was very nice.

Saturday - takeout night, we had burritos Sunday - we hosted a 4th of July party and made sliders, ribs, potato salad, corn on the cob, fruit and rice krispie treats for dessert. Monday - went to my parents to drop off our dog for dog sitting, they got takeout pizza for everyone Tuesday - the day we arrived at our cottage rental. SIL had arrived first so she got burger stuff from the store and used the communal grill to make burgers for everyone, very appreciated by us after driving for hours with two young kids! Wednesday - we got takeout from a nearby restaurant, sandwiches and salads Thursday - we originally were going to eat at a restaurant but the 1 year old apparently reached her travel limit that day and was melting down by evening so we didn’t think dining out would be fun for anyone involved. Husband went to the market with the 3 year old and came back with an interesting variety of items: bananas, 1 avocado, orzo salad, California rolls, a premade ham sandwich, and an individual serving size of Apple Jacks cereal. We all got fed at least! Friday - feeling a bit exhausted after driving home today, maybe scrambled eggs and toast.

Looking forward to cooking next week after this week off!

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