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What I’m Into | May

Since today’s the last day of May, how about a What I’m Into post for a Tuesday?

What I Read

may reads

I didn’t read quite as much this month, but I did still get through three books from the library.

(I lurve the library!!)

When Breath Becomes Air

This is the memoir a young neurosurgeon wrote as he was dying of cancer.   It’s sad, of course, but it’s beautifully written, and I’m glad I read it.

And his wife is no shabby writer either…her epilogue at the end is heartbreaking but lovely.

The Secret Keeper

Remember how I accidentally checked out the inspirational fiction book by the same name last month?   Well, I got the actual book that Anne Bogel had recommended, and I’m happy to say that I liked it much better.

This is kinda/sorta a murder mystery, but it’s really more about exploring the relationships between all of the characters, and there’s a very unexpected plot twist at the end.

How to Raise an Adult

I checked this book out after reading an online article by the same author. She’s passionate about helping parents to avoid helicopter parenting, and even though I don’t think I’m much of a helicopter parent, I was freshly motivated to help my kids learn to become independent people who can take care of themselves.

(And, not gonna lie, while reading the book, I was a little horrified at how much pressure some parents are placing on themselves and their children to get into exclusive colleges that almost no one gets into.   Good heavens.)

What I’m Watching

Ummm…all I watched were some episodes of Chilly Willy with the fam.

But next month I should have something more to report, because a movie we want to see has hit the cheap theater here. 😉

What I’m Listening To

Lisey gave me a pair of earbuds for my birthday, so I’ve been doing a little bit of podcast listening while I’m in the kitchen.   So, I’m getting pretty caught up on Anne Bogel’s What Should I Read Next podcast, and I think I might get caught up on my other podcasts too!

What Should I Read Next

Incidentally, you should check out the super cute episode (#21) Anne did with her daughter.   Not only was it adorable, I also got some book ideas for my own girlies.

And Anne’s post about books for tween girls also helped me fill up my library hold shelf with   books for my girls.




The cooking with my kids thing: I think I had everyone in the kitchen with me once this month except for Joshua.

I still do not feel like cooking with my kids is an ingrained habit, so I’m gonna keep working on this.


I stretched about half of the days in May.   This is more than I was stretching before, but boy, I’d really like to get up to doing it every week day.

A new month is a fresh start, though!


I had better success with tracking my time, but I hit my stride more last week because I printed out the   time tracking PDF from Laura Vanderkam and having that really helped to keep me on track.

So, I’m going to keep tracking my time for another month now that I’m armed with a good tracker sheet.


I’m getting kind of bored of these three goals, but man, I’ve been really having a hard time with them!

At the very least, though, I should be done with the time-tracking goal at the end of June.   And maybe by then I’ll be so good at cooking with my kids and stretching, I’ll be ready for some fresh new goals.

Aaaand since it’s almost June, I’m going to put together my annual summer bucket list shortly. 😉

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Wednesday 1st of June 2016

What software or app do you use to track your budget and what you spent that both you and your husband can access and edit? Looking for something free. Thx.


Wednesday 1st of June 2016

I use Quicken, but I also hear really great things about You Need A Budget!


Tuesday 31st of May 2016

I LOVE LOVE the summer bucket list. I kept the thought in the back of my mind last summer, and did do a few things I have been wanting to do. I think I will do it again this summer too :)


Tuesday 31st of May 2016

I too struggle with the time tracking goal......I always start out with good intentions but the struggle is real at how easily I am distracted by wanting to get SO much accomplished at once. LOL I feel your pain........


Tuesday 31st of May 2016

It's easy to get so busy doing things that you forget to write down what you're doing!


Tuesday 31st of May 2016

I have set a short-term goal of clearing out a pile of clothes that need to be donated, sold, or made into rags. I have a goal to pick a book to read and get reading. My problem is -- picking one! There are so many I want to read! Another goal - I want to make some headbands for my oldest granddaughter. Some of the holey tee-shirts in my clothes pile may turn into headbands. And: I emphatically agree that kids should be taught to cook before they leave home, and boys just as much as girls. People get married later than they used to -- many young adults will be living on their own for a while and need life skills in cooking, cleaning, basic car maintenance, first aid, etc. They can't wait around for a future spouse to take care of them. And this may seem weird or dark to some people, but I thinks kids (who are at least elementary aged and older ) should attend funerals. I've met so many young adults who tell me they've never been to one -- their parents didn't make them go -- and have no idea what one is to do at a funeral or do for a grieving friend now that the situation arises. I realize that's a personal choice for each of us to make about our kids, and there may not even be a funeral to attend until the kids are grown, but if a family or friend death does occur while kids are living at home, I think the kids should go, too.


Tuesday 31st of May 2016

JD, I agree with children attending funerals. A funeral is a fairly sedate isn't as if how the person passed is being played out in real time during it or anything...but it shows a child how different people deal with that circumstance and how their parents deal with grief, sorrow and expressing condolences. Our children came to the last hour of my father's viewing. He was cremated so there wasn't a graveside service. The whole thing was several hours long as he was a well-known and well-loved man (I was lucky, no doubt) and so our young sons weren't expected to attend the whole thing. However, they needed to pay their last respects to their Grandpa, for whom they have tremendous love and respect, and they needed to witness our family and friends caring about us and my very real emotional struggle.

We talk about him a lot and they seem to feel able to ask me questions, which was what I hoped would happen. Children can process and understand so many things if we are there to guide them through.


Tuesday 31st of May 2016

Ah, just jump right into a book! You can always choose another one once you finish the first. ;)

Mrs. Picky Pincher

Tuesday 31st of May 2016

Yay for the library! We've been going to the library religiously for the last few months and we absolutely love it. I've learned to read much more quickly, so I can read even more books now. :) I just finished up a book about plastic waste avoidance and it was life-changing. Check out your local library, folks!


Tuesday 31st of May 2016

We'd have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to buy all of the books we've read over the years....especially when it comes to children's books!

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