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This isn’t a regular post…

my apologies! I thought I had the pants to ruffled skirt tutorial all ready to go, but unfortunately I opened it up this morning and discovered that the saved version was only about half done (even though I really did write the whole thing and add all the pictures. Argh!). And I have not had time today to finish putting it all together.

Anyways, I do have a new giveaway up on my review page, so you can hop on over there to read it and enter to win $50. 🙂

See you tomorrow!

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Thursday 23rd of September 2010

Hi! I read about these great books you use to teach art to your kids at home. When I was little I went to a very special small Irish school..and I loved it because teachers liked to teach us with games, puppets, music, fairy tale stories, and all kind of sweet books. Some of course were the ones recommended by the school board..but most of them were quite different. The experience of learning during these years marked my life and I became an artist. My sensitivity and empathy for people and life were quite developed. Today I work part time as a tutor..and I think teaching people of all ages must always be fun and charm, it really helps. I 'm new wed and we don't have children yet, but I'm the oldest of 5 children and I had experience helping my parents finding always fun things for my siblins to learn. I always follow your Blog and have found many great ways to do things..many of those I even have discovered by myself too! As the economic situation has been very difficult. Now I know there are ways you can rely to make it trough which you can always use. I was thinking long ago to start teaching art to kids, find some students, I don't really have a method and a couple of schools that do it do not have any open positions. I would love to have these books, I am sure they could be very useful for me to learn how to teach art to little ones. If you are so kind of letting me have them, would meant a lot to me and a treasure I will always appreciate. If this is not possible, would you please let me know where I can find them? or get more information about this amazing system?

Thank you so much, and God bless you for all the things you do for people! Claudia


Thursday 23rd of September 2010

Claudia - you should think about giving art lessons to children who are homeschooled. Homeschool families are always looking for affordable ways to get the kids out of the house and do extracurricular activities. You could have them meet in a park or in your home. It's something my family would certainly be interested in if the price was right!


Thursday 23rd of September 2010 Wednesday baking? And I was going to comment about trying your deep dish piza recipe!


Wednesday 22nd of September 2010

I was wondering if something had happened, or if you were just busy... :-)

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