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Girls in pink, Goodwill-style

The other Sunday morning, all of my girls decided to wear pink dresses and it just so happens that all of them were from Goodwill.

So of course, I thought that pictures needed to be taken. 😉

Sonia’s dress was $3, Lisey’s was $5 (because it’s J.C. Penney’s upscale American Living brand) and Zoe’s was $2 (that was before Goodwill raised their dress prices to $3).

So all totalled, their 3 dresses cost $10.

(Sonia’s face in the left photo is making me giggle)

That kind of price makes me happy. And Zoe’s dress is even a Zoey brand, which cracks me up.

I love my pink girls.

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Allotment Adventures With Jean

Wednesday 19th of June 2013

Lovely photographs of your beautiful girls. Love the dresses.

Lira Rains

Thursday 23rd of September 2010

How sweet! I love the littlest girl's buns. I have a seven year old sister and we do her hair like that and call it messy buns (they are usually a bit messier!)


Wednesday 22nd of September 2010

Soooo darling!! I love all the white flip flops. Pictures like these are torture to a mother of two boys! Your blog continues to impress me, thanks so much.


Tuesday 21st of September 2010

In pa the prices at goodwills vary so much by what group is running the favorite sells all softcover books for 50 cents and all hardcovers for 75 cents...some in the area do half of the cover price which i think is a little much...

isnt it vacation time yet? is getting chilly here in the evenings...


Tuesday 21st of September 2010

Our Goodwill here in NYC is more expensive than the stuff you've told us about on your blog, but I still am happy with getting a great deal. Just on Saturday I came home with stackloads of clothes for my girls, pants for my husband and some toys and books for the kids, and I had paid $43. You can't really beat that.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.