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The type of sale I can’t stand

Though I love to save money (duh.), there are some types of money-saving events that I would really rather pass on.

Like Black Friday.

Or drugstore freebie offers (which are usually gone unless you get there the VERY first day of the sale).

Or $1 flip-flop day at Old Navy.


I realized the other day what these tend to have common: crowds and/or limited quantities.

I didn’t always realize this about myself, but I am so not a crowd person.

I don’t like waiting in lines, I don’t like bumping into people wherever I turn, and I don’t like the lack of parking that usually comes with crowds.

I especially hate dealing with crowds only to find out that what I came for isn’t even available.

This happens regularly on Black Friday. If you have a common flip-flop size, it happens at Old Navy.  And it happens allll the time at drugstores, unless you live in an area where there are no couponers.

feet in flip flops by the beach.

Old Navy flip flops aren’t even that expensive at full price!

For me, the process of dealing with crowds and the possibility of spending my time only to not end up with the freebie/bargain in the end?

That really sours the deal.

I would so much rather save money by

  • DIY-ing something
  • browsing a clearance rack
  • shopping at a thrift store
  • buying secondhnad 
  • just buying less stuff in general (which can save a whole lot of time and money!).

I know some people are energized by crowds, don’t mind lines, and love the thrill of the bargain hunt even if they come up empty-handed. But man, that is just not for me.


How about you? Do you love to show up on free ice cream scoop day, $1 flip-flop day, and Black Friday? Or would you rather stick forks in your eyeballs?  😉

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Monday 31st of July 2023

I totally agree with this! Having an autistic child who can’t deal with waiting in lines and crowds taught us very early that the special events or free admission dates were not at all worth it. Give me the quiet less busy times and I will be happy to pay full price. It is awesome that some places do sensory friendly dates now too.

Karen L

Monday 31st of July 2023

Forks in eyeballs please!


Wednesday 13th of August 2014

I don't much care for crowds, but I have always enjoyed Black Friday. The first year I went, I started early in Walmart's parking lot. The store was not yet open and people were already parking on curbs in the grass. LOL, I left, and these days if I do go to Walmart on BF, I go later in the day, not at opening. I remind myself that it will be crowded, I'm part of what makes it crowded, I could get everything I think is a good deal, or nothing. I go for the seasonal excitement. When my children were small, I left them home with their dad. All of us went this year, on Thursday - I had complained that it wasn't the same going on Thursday, but one of my daughters wanted to go....and I loved it. Here, it wasn't as crowded as Black Friday had always been. That may change as the concept of shopping on Thanksgiving begins to grow on people. I don't do $1 flip flop shopping though.


Monday 11th of August 2014

When I worked in retail I swore I would never do black Friday as a customer (although the day after Christmas was usually busier!). Then one time I was visiting family for Thanksgiving and they all wanted to do Black Friday so I went along. It was surprisingly fun. Now, I am not opposed to Black Friday and have actually braved the crowds the past few years, but never want anything badly enough to get up in the middle of the night and go stand in line for the mere chance to get it. I avoid electronics in general and certain stores -Walmart- in particular. (They always run out of stuff before I get there). I enjoy perusing the adds on Thanksgiving, make a list, prioritize the list and then go whenever I get up on Friday. Usually it is for things I need rather than gifts since I tend to shop early in the season for gifts and am often done by Thanksgiving. I stop for coffee or get breakfast with a friend. When I am tired, I go home. It's actually a pretty relaxing day and although I have missed a lot of deals, I have gotten a lot, too!


Monday 11th of August 2014

I don't do Black Friday sales either because of all the reasons mentioned, plus I sleep late and would never make the deals. That said, I do pre-shop for things I have on a list to buy when "the price is right" at Amazon and specific stores like Gamestop. Amazon has some terrific deals on things you usually wouldn't buy on Black Friday, like printers and batteries, especially if you watch those Gold Box and hourly deals. It's like buying off season stuff (winter things in spring). I didn't see it mentioned and I'm new here, but Amazon Prime membership is a great deal: I have regular items shipped that I get at equal or better prices than other places including toilet paper and paper towels and cat food, I can ship gifts directly from them under the free shipping choice, and I don't need Hulu or Netflix with the movies they include, just to list a few benefits.

In smaller stores like Gamestop, I go there regularly and watch the flyer and the guys know me and will tell me if a particularly good deal is coming soon and tell me to wait to buy it, or give me a heads-up on a collector's item soon to be had (these things often have a limited availability so you have to be first to get the item and the deal).

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