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Thankful Wednesday

A bunch of you yesterday raised an eyebrow at me saying I added a carrot to my oatmeal.

And multiple people were wondering how I make an individual serving of oatmeal.

Hungry Harvest carrot with an appendage.

yesterday’s carrot!

I was going to do a post about that today, but I need more time to put that together.

So. Oatmeal tomorrow, thankfulness today. 😉

This week, I am thankful:

for the beautiful snow that fell here

There is little that is more beautiful than slowly falling snow, in my opinion. And since it doesn’t happen super often here, I am especially appreciative when it does.

snow on a deck.

that our power was off for only half a day

The snow wasn’t a problem, but the freezing rain afterward really did a number on the tree limbs here.

One right down my street fell on a power line, and I worried that since it was not a main-road issue, it would take forever for us to get service.

But it happened within half a day! I was delighted.

for power crews

I always want to cheer when I see the power restoration trucks roll down the street.

A lantern covered in snow.

that we had our trees trimmed this past summer

The snow/ice combo knocked down plenty of twigs, but since we had all the iffy limbs removed in June, there wasn’t anything big for the storm to bring down. 

This is a case where an investment in tree trimming can pay off, especially if your driveway is under the trees (and ours is!).

trimmed oak tree

Goodbye, extra branches.

It’s pretty easy for even a small car repair to top the cost of tree trimming, and then there is the inconvenience of having a car in the shop.

Tree-trimming is much more convenient and affordable.

that Lisey does not, in fact, have a fever

Her work thermometer showed her having a 101 fever yesterday, so of course they sent her home.

But apparently that thermometer was malfunctioning, because our brand new thermometer here at home showed her having a normal temperature. 


for reliable internet

Being without the internet for half a day reminded me how much I depend on it.

I couldn’t even read my biology textbook without the internet, because it’s an online book.

So, I am thankful that we rarely have to deal with internet outages.

for the cute note I found

A child's hand-made cart.

When I was cleaning out a bookshelf during the power outage, I found this little note Lisey had made for me years ago.

An "I love you" note from Lisey.

“best momy graet momy”. So cute!

for a day without many obligations

I have a lot of stuff I need to do here at home, so I am thankful that the only scheduled thing in my day today is an allergy shot for Sonia.

for the cute Snoopy sticker from Sonia

She’d ordered it as a Christmas gift, but shipping being what it was then, the sticker arrived last week!

Kristen's laptop with a small Snoopy sticker.

My laptop is looking extra cute now. 🙂

that contentment is not necessarily tied to circumstances

When things are going well, it seems easier to be content.

(Although given the number of unhappy people who are both famous and rich, I’m not entirely sure of the truth of that statement.)

At its root, contentment is an inside job, though, and I find that to be very comforting. If it’s an inside job, then I have so much more control than I do if contentment depends on my circumstances. 

I have a choice in the matter!

And that makes me feel powerful, not powerless.

What are you thankful for this week?

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Friday 5th of February 2021

I am extremely thankful that my dad's heart surgery went well (it took over five hours and we were nervously waiting for the surgeon's phone call). It was scheduled to take place on Wednesday, but was postponed to Thursday. He is still on the ICU, but will be transferred to the general ward at the weekend. My heart is full of gratitude!


Thursday 4th of February 2021

Thankful it started snowing AFTER I picked my son up from preschool.

Thankful for four seasons. The snow really is beautiful and fun to play in even if driving in snow is a pain.

Thankful for our chest freezer. We are able to stock up on clearance food or on sale food and save a lot of money, as well as always have a good amount of food on hand in case anything happened.

Thankful for my two boys. They keep us busy but also make life interesting and fun.

Thankful for my son’s preschool teacher. How any human keeps a group of 16 preschoolers in line for hours absolutely amazes me.

Jennifer Y.

Thursday 4th of February 2021

I am grateful for:

- my 7 year old son: he asked me to be his valentine :)

- youtube yoga videos: I have been loving certain vinyasa sessions.

- good books: endless amounts of entertainment.

kristin @ going country

Wednesday 3rd of February 2021

I'm thankful I live in a place with no trees to fall on power lines. This actually didn't occur to me right away, and I was surprised we didn't lose power more frequently in the first year we were here, what with the high winds and long distances the lines have to go. And then my husband reminded me that there's really nothing for the lines to get broken by. Right. Hooray.

I was just thinking this morning that I'm thankful to have a tub and faucet that makes it easy for me to wash my hair while I'm kneeling outside the tub. This allows me to shower at night without washing my hair, and then just do my hair in the morning, thereby saving me 15 minutes in the morning when I have to be out the door early. Our bathrooms in all other ways are, um, not deluxe--they're the original bathrooms to the 1970s single-wide trailer our house is built around--but I do appreciate that one thing.

Thankful for two very warm days--70 degrees!--that allowed for lots of outdoor play time both in and out of school. Monitoring indoor recesses is challenging for me (SO LOUD), so I am so happy when all recesses can be outdoors.

Also thankful that the stretch of warm weather happened when two of the sheep had their lambs. The lambs dried off quickly and, since they didn't need to battle cold or wet conditions, got up on their feet quickly with no intervention by us.

And thankful for cream for my coffee in the mornings. Always.


Wednesday 3rd of February 2021

1. I’m thankful we all tested negative for COVid last week and antibiotics treated my sinus infection. 2. I am thankful that we have the option to keep our son home From school while there is a stomach virus going around in addition to teachers who are quarantined for exposure. This is not easy as it is very difficult for me to be able to get my work done with my son home and all the distractions but many parents don’t have this option and would lose their jobs if they can’t get to their office. We are so blessed. 3. For two almost full freezers and a well stocked pantry. Lower grocery costs allow us to save for other vacation! And there is nothing like spaghetti bolognese made with homegrown tomatoes or baby back ribs cooked in home canned peach salsa. Yum! 4. For a lovely local jeweler who was somehow able to put my husband’s glasses back together after he broke two pairs in half completely. And for eye doctors who were able to see him So we could order new glasses right away. This seems like nothing but my husband has diabetic retinopathy and relies on his glasses for all day to day life/work. 5. For the option to thoughtfully consider where our family will live. COVId has made us think carefully where we would like to lay down our roots and although there are many pros and cons lists to go over. We are free to decide what is best for us and that is a gift.

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