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Thankful Thursday

Looking for the good is especially important at a time when the discouraging things can start to drown out the encouraging things.  So, during these unusual times, I’ve been doing a weekly post where we share some bright and sunny things in our lives. 

This week, I am thankful:

that even when I can’t control my circumstances, there are still things I can control.

Like my attitude. It would be terrible it would be to have no choice in that.

for the many things that my body does well. 

It’s easy to focus on the aches and pains and problems, but as I watched a cut heal this week, I thought about how amazing it is that my body closes up wounds and makes new skin, all with no conscious input from me. 

that Zoe and I finished Algebra 1! 

It’s my fourth and final time through this book as a homeschool mom, and lemme tell you, I am feeling massively competent at algebra right about now.

If you need someone to factor trinomials, I AM YOUR GIRL.

Saxon Algebra

My life has been full of algebra for some years now. 😉

that we can do curbside pickup again at Jo-Ann’s. 

This is going to make it much easier to keep Sonia sufficiently supplied with sewing materials.

Sonia windowpane vintage shirt

that Lisey’s two online summer college classes are going well.

Lisey’s got a fire under her to get her degree done, so she’s taking some summer classes to get more credits knocked out. 

that Lisey will be able to go back to work part time soon.

She works at a drive-thru oil change place, so it’s pretty easy to keep social distancing in place.

for all the joy the cat brings to my girls. 

She makes all three of them seriously happy, and them being happy makes me happy! And we do not have to distance ourselves from the cat. Whew.

tuxedo cat

for the $300 check from our car insurance company.

I know it’s a small fraction of what they’ve saved in expenses over the past few months, but hey, I’m happy to get $300. It’s more than $0. 😉

that Zoe will be able to get her braces on.

 The orthodontist now has their office set up for social distancing, so Zoe can finally get started (she was scheduled to begin in March, so obviously things got delayed a bit.)

that doctor’s offices/businesses are figuring out new ways to operate.

A complete shut-down can’t go on forever, so I am encouraged to see that people are coming up with ways to open but still keep people safe (telehealth consults, mask wearing, waiting in the car instead of the waiting room, etc.) 

for free Rosetta Stone through the library.

 I’ve never done more than dabble in a language, and after writing this post, I decided to give Spanish a try. Lisey, who is seriously fluent in Spanish, is enthusiastically cheering me on. 

What are you thankful for this week?

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Sunday 31st of May 2020

My insurance company gave back 20% of the premium for March and April (which means my insurance would have to be $9000/year to get back $300). Seems like your insurance company must have been more generous and included more months. What company?

Stephanie DeYon

Saturday 30th of May 2020

Thankful for braces for my teen as well!

For readers who are looking in to orthodontics for their children.... there are several organizations that offer discounted braces based on family income. The two we looked into are and

The parent and student writes a brief essay and provides documentation of family income, and the wait time can be over a year to begin the program, but at least in our area the orthodontists who donate their time are well regarded. Our total out of pocket for treatment was under $700. So thankful for the generosity of the participating orthodontists in our city!


Friday 29th of May 2020

While I could list a million things that have upset me this week, it has been a bad week and I need to quit watching the news. We got to see our grandbaby first time since end of March. She has grown so much and is so much fun always has a smile on her face.

Glad our puppy who is 13 months is getting into the I don't have to destroy everything stage. My neighbor bought the puppy a chew bone and so far he has not destroyed it. Great success! He is a super chewer.

We landscaped our son's yard with all free plants.

Our weather has been so yucky cloudy and 60. Then to 90 for a couple of day's & some sun. I get so sick of never seeing the sun. Michigan must be the cloudiest state ever.


Thursday 28th of May 2020

1. Spring-summer weather! 2. Ability to do little bits of gardening! 3. Staying in touch with family and friends in various ways- and just having them in my life 4. Being able to support myself with two flexible jobs, both of which help others, and the flexibility and security which then allows me to volunteer at various things. 5. Pizza! Actually I could list a thousand things without struggling. For some reason, though, I’ve felt down this week, and I REALLY needed to read this post, Kristen, and to respond, so THANK YOU! And, of course, I’m grateful above all for God, from whom all of my blessings and help come!


Thursday 28th of May 2020

1. I’m super thankful that I found frugal living blogs (especially The Frugal Girl and The Non-Consumer Advocate) years ago and changed how I approach finance/consumption. I developed new habits when I had a decent income coming in and now that I’m facing a layoff (find out tomorrow night), I’m obviously stressed but sitting on a rainy day fund that will keep me fed/housed/safe for several months. I will be okay!

2. My garden. It’s just a small plot in a community garden but its my happy place during the summer. I love bringing home fresh vegetables to incorporate into meals for my loved ones.

3. The little condo that my husband and I call home. It’s humble but we’re not house poor and live in a fantastic part of our city.

4. My husband who still loves me despite my stress-spins and knows how to calm me. He was also a crazy spendthrift when we met but happily followed my frugal lead and encourages me to try new ways to save money. (He just looked over my shoulder and laughed because he wasn’t the first thing on my list...oops)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.