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Thankful Thursday | wineberries, for starters

This week, I’m thankful:

for the berries growing in my backyard

These are wineberries, and there are several bushes in my yard, plus lots of them along my walking route.

wineberries in Kristen's hand.

They’re kind of like a less-seedy raspberry.

that Zoe’s healing up well after her wisdom teeth extraction

A little over a week out, she’s doing quite well! She’s not quite ready to bite down on anything spiky, but she’s mostly back to eating normal foods, and her pain is gone.

A number of you messaged me and said you were really nervous about getting your kids’ wisdom teeth out, and I have to tell you, it’s been a fairly uneventful process for all of my kids.

None of my kids would do this surgery for fun, of course, but it just has not been an awful recovery for any of them. Now, tonsil removal? I will tell you that that was a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad recovery for both Lisey and me.

Wisdom teeth are a freaking walk in the park by comparison.

Obviously, the sample size here (aka, my children) is small, but still, I thought it might reassure you to hear it’s been very manageable for us.

that we are done, done, done with wisdom teeth

Yay! No more wisdom teeth removal bills, no more wisdom teeth appointments, and no more wisdom tooth recoveries for us. Everyone’s had them taken out now.

that the DMV offers so many appointments now

This is a serious improvement brought on by the pandemic.

Pre-pandemic, they had a first-come, first-served situation going on, which meant you could wait for eons to be served. And to avoid that, you had to get there before they opened and then stand in a long line.

Now there are so many services that you can make appointments for instead of just a select few. And there are a number of services that can be handled entirely online.

This has seriously improved my wait time experiences.

for non-woodsy walking options

blue and red painted stairs.

Some days I just do not feel up for walking through a million spider webs, so I’m grateful there are good places nearby to do some paved walking.


Man, I love summer watermelon!

watermelon in a bowl.

for friends who are walking a path like mine

I do not wish this difficulty on anyone, of course! But I am very grateful to have a good support network of other people who can understand what I’m going through.

And I’m also grateful for the opportunity to support them and share what is helping me.

for the bed I’m about to hop into

I’m writing this post on Wednesday night and I am so, so tired.


I am grateful for the way that sleep refreshes me…I might feel terrible right now, but I know by tomorrow morning, my body will be feeling much better.

What are you thankful for this week?

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Friday 8th of July 2022

I'm thankful.....

- for the lovely summer weather we've had so far without the horrible heat and humidity. I am almost reluctant to say this in case I jinx us.

- for lovely strawberries, raspberries and sugar snap peas that my 15 yo picks at the farm and brings home (and that her employers have this lovely rule that the kids may pick whatever they like when their day is done to take home to their families) .

- that my last chemo/immunotherapy cycle wasn't too bad for side effects in the greater scheme of things and that I was still able to do all the driving for my daughter's work and sports even while still hooked up to the pump.

- that my septic smell in my back property was simply a broken pump. Although a $900 plumbing bill, much better than a whole new septic system at anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000!

-for friends and family who continue to support us and be there for us.

GOLD Colleen

Friday 8th of July 2022

For my new air conditioner. My brother who worked in the hot sun to remove the old 1,gopickup the new1,install it in the hot sun. My granddaughter who picked up window units so I could breath easy in room She also installed them right before it hit 99 I dex of 115 .100%humidity. For entry of easy eating food during the heat. For my folks who taught us never to turn your back on someone in need especially family


Friday 8th of July 2022

I am grateful that family all got to spend some time together this past weekend. And the biggest factor was everyone got home safely. Some folks had an 8+ hour drive, but we all arrived home safe and sound.

Grateful that my husband is dragging me for some bike rides while on my vacation. Thoroughly enjoying the rides and the exercise. When we ride, we do not ride next to each other; he waits for me every 3-4 miles.

Grateful that someone was selling peaches on the side of the road when we were returning home after our bike ride. So yummy and fresh!

Grateful that I got to spend time with my granddaughter. Even tho she did not want Pop as much as me and she was driving me crazy calling me every 5 min, I enjoyed our time together.

Thankful that we have stayed on budget the past week, which makes going into this week easy, peasy. Now to plan some dinners and make sure there is enough for breakfasts and lunches.


Friday 8th of July 2022

I am thankful for our very very rainy spring and early summer - record breaking. Last Year's heat dome was appalling, and deadly, so many sick and lonely and elderly died in their homes in my province, and the wildfires and loss of an entire town were nighmares. This year, lovely wet rain. My garden's hardly have needed watering. Yes, yes, the warm weather crops are non-existant, sulking, molding, or late planted (also a reason for thanks as I was finally not late!!!) and yet my soul still rises to the green. Thankful that my 92 year old mom continues to be amazingly healthy and independent. The changes I am seeing are a bit disconcerting yet none are slowing her down, and we can laugh and enjoy each other when we visit. "Not too often! I am too busy! " she tells me. Glorious, as she is over an hour away so it is becomes my 'one big thing' commitment on any day I visit. Thankful that #2 son is working at getting moved from the house into the barn loft - he hasn't finished painting and he is getting there, and I help when I can. I think our relationship will continue to become an adult-to-adult one, as I learn to let him go and he learns to spread his wings - and we both learn to communicate with love. He is getting better at asking for help, I am getting better and asking if he WANTS help before care-taking all over him. Thankful that I got all my harvested chickens parted out and packaged and frozen before I went on my holiday .. it was a big physically demanding stretch and getting it done rather than giving up and freezing more whole birds means that future Teri will be grateful to open the freezer and find single and two person portions ready to cook. Thankful that I have a friend who wanted to holiday with me, only an hour from home and it was like a million miles away, no wi-fi, they fed us at this resort and it was RUSTIC - and we were right on the beach, I read and slept and swam and relaxed, and #2 son kept the home running just fine. Thankful for this blog that slows me down to remember and read and share the blessings we have, as well as the challenges and sorrows. Peace to all


Friday 8th of July 2022

I am thankful for the rain we had yesterday. I am thankful for the warm and sunny weather today because it is our grandson´s birthday. I am thankful for the orthopedist telling me that my left knee is ruined, but as long as I can walk without pain I don´t need surgery. I am thankful for being able to walk up to five kilometers without pain. I am thankful for my husband helping with cleaning the house.

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