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Thankful Thursday | I have a big hole in my wall

This week, I am thankful:

-that my window installation is going to be finished soon

dining room wall

before the window install, obviously!

I had anticipated it would be done by now.

But it rained Monday, which was our original install date.

The window guys rescheduled for yesterday, cut open the wall (inside, not outside!), and found a wire.

wire in wall studs

So now we have to wait for their electrician to come move it, which means we will have a hole in our wall for a day or two.

But it’s ok.

I’ve wanted a window there for probably 10 years or so, and we’ve already waited several months for the windows to come in from back order.

So another few days is no big deal.

-that this is a good season for a window install

hole cut in dining room walls

When we bought this house, we had to have all the windows replaced (many of them would not even close),  and it was August.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that August is a terrible time to have gaping holes in your house all day, letting the oppressive heat in.

October is much better!

And since it’s not cold or hot outside right now, I don’t mind having all the insulation out of a big section of my dining room wall for now. In January, it might be a little drafty.

-that Lisey passed her senior tech certification 

She’s now certified to do every service that Valvoline offers, and she got a pay raise, which means she’s making 50% more than minimum wage.

Lisey at Valvoline

I’m not at all biased, but I think this is probably the best mechanic at the shop. 

I’m so proud of her for putting in the extra effort required to get a more than minimum wage job while she’s in college. 

And I’m happy that she has learned so many useful skills while working there. Work-with-your-hands skills are a lifelong boon.

-for reliable cars

I often think about what a blessing it is to have cars that are not breaking down.

Aside from squirrel-wire-eating (which we have now solved with a $30 gadget), we have not had any serious mechanical problems with any of our cars for a long time. 

-for a body that (mostly) works great

Zoe and I went on a hilly 30-mile bike ride with my family while we were camping, and I thought how thankful I am for the health to do things like that.

camping bikes

I have my occasional issues (my neck, my knees), but for the most part, I cannot complain about how my body has weathered 42 trips around the sun.

-for a fairly low mortgage payment

We bought our townhouse before the housing boom, sold it at the peak of the market*, and put all of the proceeds from that sale (over $100K) into this mortgage.

So our mortgage payment, even with the extra principal we pay, is still extremely reasonable.

At least, it is for this area. Those of you who live in the rural midwest would probably think it’s high.

*We deserve absolutely no credit for the timing of all this. It was providential, not planned by us! And buying this house at the peak of the market, before the crash, was not excellent. It’s taken a long time for our current house to be worth more than we paid for it, even with all the fixing up we’ve done. 

-that we are settling into a school routine

Homeschooling is not new for us this year, of course, but we do have some new stuff going on: Sonia’s now taking community college classes, and Zoe’s got three tutorial classes.

Figuring out how to navigate the online classes + the subjects they’re doing at home took a bit of doing, but I feel like we are getting into the swing a little better now than we were in early September.

What are you thankful for this week?

P.S. Here’s why we do this exercise every Thursday!

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Saturday 17th of October 2020

Congratulations to your in-house mechanic on her certification!


Friday 16th of October 2020

Feeling very thankful here on a Friday. I am thankful for

-you, Frugal Girl. I have been reading for many, many years. I realized last week just how much you have "influenced" me when my Hungry Harvest box and my ThredUp order arrived at the same time. :) You've shaped my thinking about my faith and my finances. Now I find myself comfortable with unexpectedly homeschooling because of your example. Thank you.

-my university. Academia has its problems, but I am so grateful for how my university has supported my scholarly journey. It has also given me space to take care of personal needs during this challenging time.

-our daughter's progress in speech therapy. I'm so proud of how she is working and learning. My mama heart skips a beat when I can feel us starting to have conversations. When she is finally a full-on talker we will have so much to catch up on.

-my husband's nutritionist. It is scary to me to know that my 39 year old fit husband has high enough cholesterol that the doctor is talking about putting him on a cholesterol pill. We're trying lifestyle changes first. We already eat pretty healthy, so subbing in even more vegetables has been fairly easy. The prescription for more sleep and less stress has been a bit more difficult to achieve for my highly driven small business owner guy, but I'm hopeful for some progress on this front too.


Friday 16th of October 2020

Haha, that's peak Frugal Girl when you get those two boxes at the same time!

I am very honored to have helped ease the transition to homeschooling for you. <3


Friday 16th of October 2020

Amanda, my sister had extremely high cholesterol and she ate such a strict diet there was nothing to change there. And like you guys she wanted to try diet before medicine. Her doctor suggested red yeast rice pills and last year she had the best cholesterol she has ever had.


Friday 16th of October 2020

So very thankful that I had some money sitting in my PayPal account to pay off a small medial bill that was sent to collections.


Thursday 15th of October 2020

-libraries. Worth every tax penny. -the squishyness of my four year old. I know I only have a few more days of him melting into a little ball on me for hugs, and I'm sad about it because he's my youngest. -Fall days--cooler weather, shorter days, crispy, cruncy leaves, sunrises after I get up -We've made it through our first quarter of the new school year! I think after two quarters of Pandemic Schooling I'm getting the hang of it.

Nancy Matulis

Thursday 15th of October 2020

Thankfulness: 1.Grandkids where here for 3 hours, so much fun! 2. My church friends 3. House is all cleaned, laundry done 4.DH is still hunting up North, looking forward to him coming home. 5.Budget is looking very good.. start buying Christmas gifts.

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