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Five Frugal Things | apples, books, Converse…

1. I got a free milkshake for Zoe


A previous milkshake; I didn’t get a photo of Zoe’s yesterday!

Yesterday was a braces-tightening day, and she asked for a milkshake on the way home.

I pulled up the app to make an order and got a notification that I had enough points for a free large milkshake. Yay!

So, this was accidentally frugal. 😉

2. I picked up eleventy zillion library holds

Sonia went on kind of a library hold spree.

stack of library books

This is only a small fraction. There were 44!

I returned a bunch of books while I was there too.

I do sometimes have to pay a few dollars of library fines, but overall, using the library is way, way, way cheaper than buying books.

Particularly if Sonia lives with you. 

3. I bought more bruised apples

I will probably not stop until apple season is over because I have learned that I am never sorry about having more apples/applesauce.

bruised apples

I like bruised apple season better than bruised peach season in some ways, because bruised apples keep so much better than bruised peaches.

If you buy a box of bruised peaches, you’d better be prepared to deal with them that day or the next. But bruised apples can keep for a while.

(Could I say “bruised” a few more times??)

4. I did not buy anything on Amazon Prime Day

If you bought a budgeted-for item that was marked down on Amazon Prime Day, no shame on you!

But there was nothing in particular I was needing to buy, which means that if I’d scoured the deals on Prime Day, I may have ended buying something I didn’t really need.

5. I bought a pair of Converse on eBay

My first pair, which I bought brand new for $10 back in 2012, finally bit the dust.

(Click here to see my happy, colorful Converse…just click and scroll down a bit.)

Bit the dust as in, the rubber sides were coming off to the point where I could reach in and feel my foot.

Lisey has some cute white Converse, so she suggested I look for a pair of those. So, I hopped on eBay and ordered a worn-once pair for $14, with $8 shipping.

These cost $50 new, so eBay is saving me a lot of money.

Your turn! Share your frugal five in the comments.

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Randi Froug

Saturday 17th of October 2020

1. I opened a high-interest savings account that pays .7%, with no fees. I'm going to open a second one for my daughter's savings. 2. I asked for, and got a $5/hr. raise at work. 3. I reorganized my pantry, and found several cans of diced tomatoes I didn't know I had! 4. I decided I could repair and paint my cracked patio slab myself, found the best deal on supplies, and ordered them so I can do it in the cooler weather. 5. I had the paint department match the color and finish of all the trim in my house, then filled the holes in my back door with wood putty so it's ready to paint.


Saturday 17th of October 2020

A friend bought my after-golf beer. We walked 9 holes, so we got great exercise and saved on cart fees! Friends staying with us for the night offered to buy steaks to grill for dinner; yes please! More savings! No take out at all this week... I was able to stash some more funds in savings this month. I sent out billing reminders (I hate having to do that) and have gotten paid by all my clients for September! There's been very little food waste around here.


Saturday 17th of October 2020

That's awesome Julie - especially the no takeaway - I need to work on that. I don't know if this helps with billing others but I would think how I feel when I get a bill - you just expect it don't you? Also I don't like delayed bills as I like to pay, get it sorted & have my budget up to date - maybe just imagine your clients are like me :)


Friday 16th of October 2020

1. Made a batch of Bolognese sauce & froze in portions 2. Consolidated two accounts to reduce fees 3. Reviewed a loan to make sure it was still a good deal 4. Learning a language on Duolingo for free 5.. Unexpectedly got handed an amazing free course for job development - making the most of it 6. Doing a free budgeting course 7. Bought a pie maker - I love this thing - so far have made poached eggs & bacon a few times, French toast, & chocolate cupcakes, for the brunches alone I have made back more than the cost of the appliance than what the meals would cost at a café x 3. One day I might even make pies in it :)


Friday 16th of October 2020

I've never made homemade applesauce but should try it as I buy a lot of it. My 5:

1) I forgot about Amazon Prime Days. 2) DH has been wanting to go somewhere. Anywhere. So we spent a few days together and prices for everything were great. Hotel? Discounted. Tickets? Dirt cheap. It was a nice time. 3) I overpaid my MD co-pay. I was charged specialist price when it should've been a PCP. So I received a refund. 4) I cut my hair and DH trimmed it up. He said I did a good enough job which almost never happens. 5) I found bags of Hershey dark chocolate chips for $1.50. I got 2 but nobody likes the flavor as much as milk chocolate. So I'll make desserts for the church bake sale this month and use them.


Friday 16th of October 2020

1) A friend brought me a piece of cheesecake. 2) Another friend brought bubble tea. 3) I got 2 rebate checks in the mail. 4) The weather is finally cool enough to not use AC all the time. 5) We had an unexpected day off, which may not be frugal, but we get paid anyway and it was great!

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