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Thankful Thursday | A big “whew” about my exam

New here? Every week in this blog community, we take a minute to list a few things that we are thankful for; it’s an intentional exercise to help us see the good that’s always there, even in the midst of the hard. We’d love for you to join us!

This week, I am thankful:

that my second exam went well

I had been away at FinCon for four days right before the anatomy and physiology exam, so I definitely did not do my usual amount of studying.

So, I felt a little extra nervous going into it!

Kristenm, looking nervous

me, right before my exam

But I got a 95, so I’m all good. Whew.

Next up is an all-practical exam on human bones, but I have no travel planned in the next two weeks. So, I should have time to memorize a bajillion bones and bone parts.

(We have exams every two weeks all semester long, so as soon as one is over, you start working hard to learn things for the next exam.)

that Sonia likes all of her professors this semester

Usually, with multiple classes, it’s a mixed bag. But she likes every single one this time around. Yay!

for the weather

This is a time of year when I am not having to work even slightly hard to find weather thankfulness. The whole forecast is full of dry days in the 70s, and I feel 100% fantastic about that.

for extra credit points

There are opportunities in my class for a little bit of extra credit every week, just for doing some extra practice tests.

I can always use more review, so I have been doing these every week.

Another happy thing: we get to drop one exam grade this semester. I hope I don’t bomb any of my exams, but it’s nice to know that it will not be the end of the world if I have a terrible brain cramp one time.

Oddly enough, my professor said some students apparently take this as permission to completely skip out on an exam early in the semester. I like to have margin, though, so I am planning to give each exam full effort. I don’t want to waste my dropped one in case I really need it later!

for online anatomy and physiology resources

I love my hard copy textbook, of course. But it is also super nice to have so many online quizzes, exercises, and games. I also appreciate all the slides and photos that are available. I really think I have the best of both worlds: a paper book + all the online resources.

What a good time to be alive!

that this Delta surge seems to be waning

I am happy to see the graph lines for the U.S. slowly coming down.

for the way human brains can keep learning

I was telling Mr. FG that in biology and in my current class, I always look at a new chapter and think, “Oh my word, I am never going to understand/remember all of this!”

But bit by bit, I work through the material, and eventually it all makes sense.

Two weeks ago, I knew almost nothing about epithelial tissue, and now I can recognize many different types on sight, and I know where you can find the different types inside the body. Plus, I know all the layers of the skin, including accessory structures.

I honestly think it’s amazing that my brain has been absorbing massive amounts of information for more than four decades, and yet it is still capable of learning more.

Imagine how sad life would be if our brains got full eventually and then we had to stop learning! I’m so thankful our brains don’t work like that.

that it is finally cool enough for me to wear my new Snoopy shirt

Kristen wearing a baseball style Snoopy t shirt.

Please excuse my still-drying hair

I bought it from L.L. Bean this summer and it has been sitting in my drawer ever since because I am not a person who ever wears long sleeve shirts in hot weather.

Sonia, on the other hand, wears sweaters all summer. She runs way cooler than me!

Anyway, I actually felt chilly this morning and I am very happy to be wearing my new shirt.

that there’s almost never comment drama here

Yesterday I wrote about LuLaRoe/MLMs, which are topics that can cause comment sections to devolve into dumpster fires in a hurry.

While things are a little bit nuts on my public Facebook page around this post, the comments here and on our private Frugal Girl Facebook group are all calm.

And that’s because the two latter places are populated by people who are part of this community, and you all are calmer than the internet at large. 😉

So, thank you!

By the way, the private Facebook group is free to join; I just keep it set to private so that it keeps out spammy people. If you click here, you should be able to request to join.

You can make posts there (for instance, to ask other readers for frugal advice about something), whereas on my public page, it only lets me start posts.

Alrighty. That’s enough from me!

What are you thankful for this week?

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Friday 1st of October 2021

Thankful for... Great neighbors, so fun and funny. For construction crews who are so nice to dump a bucket of dirt for you to get down your road. For cooler weather that has squashed the mosquito problem to some extent. That I have a grand child. Such a doll. Wish I could see her more. I struggle daily over not being able to see her more. I know this is just the way it was meant to be. I have all my sale stuff ready to list once our road construction is over.

Jody S.

Thursday 30th of September 2021

This has been an "interesting" week in our house. So. I am thankful: *that all of the children are on the getting well again side of hand, foot, and mouth disease. *that my eldest daughter was first to get sick and better because she was a great help to me taking care of the younger ones (without having to involve my husband and father who tried to stay apart). *that my in-laws arrived for a birthday visit just when I got sick with the plague (not really-- still HFMD) and were able to help cook, clean, put on a 16th birthday party for my boy. *that I'm no longer really sick, just waiting to see if I'll break out in a rash. *that, being sick, we really spent no money this week. *that dentist/orthodontists had no problem rescheduling appointment we had to miss. *that I don't have to learn anything for an exam right now. (Good job, Kristen. You really need to start thinking about finding seats for all of us when you graduate;) )


Thursday 30th of September 2021

A & P was one of my most challenging classes in college, but I loved it because it was interesting. There's more material to that class than any other and we had cumulative mid-terms and finals. Yikes!

So much different going back to school in maturity. You understand the value of giving yourself a margin.

Congrats on your wonderful grade! Hard work definitely pays off in that course.


Thursday 30th of September 2021

1. That school pickup and drop-off is getting a little less time-consuming. 2. For a fun weekend doing Fall things with my family. 3. For my daughter, who celebrated her 16th birthday this week. She is strong and smart and believes in doing the right thing even when it’s hard. 4. Boba tea. My new favorite thing. 5. A comfortable, cozy home.


Thursday 30th of September 2021

So awesome about your classes -- and I agree, the brain keeps on soaking up new info -- thank goodness -- And kudos for your exams!

1. Just thankful for a 4 day weekend -- I wasn't able to travel to visit my family due to unexpected stuff at school but I will enjoy some time off at home and clean up for . . .

. . .my daughter coming to town for work and then extending her stay for the week. So happy! I have a couple of weeks to get it together ;)

2. That I will make it home over Hallowe'en weekend -- hope the leaves are still beautiful.

3. This sounds sappy and repetitive but I really really like the people I work with and would be LOST without them. They are smart, really care, and make the classroom so much better than it would be without them.

4. Um, did I mention 4 day weekend?

5. Leftover cake from another classroom -- Whole Foods berry vanilla and looks like whipped cream-ish frosting. Yes, please. :)

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