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Thankful Thursday | a table fix

This week I am thankful:

that my dad fixed my table

The base developed a crack by one of the legs, and since it was in a weird spot to fix, he and I made a paper octagon to fit the opening on the bottom of the table.

He took that home and used it as a pattern to cut out a piece of aluminum in the same shape.

table base repair with sheet metal.

Then he screwed it onto the bottom of my table base, and now the base is nicely reinforced.

What would I do without my dad??

Click here to see the full rehab of this table, which we rescued from the abandoned house.

that microbiology lab is over!

We finished on Tuesday of this week and I am so glad. Lab has been a lot of work, and having that off my plate will give me a lot more time to focus on my other classes.

Also: I got a 98% on my final lab exam, and my grade for the overall lab is over 99%. Yay!

lab exam grade.


Now I just gotta finish my other three classes strong. 

that I got good grades on my chemistry and microbiology exam

I had two exams on the same day, and I got A’s on both (a 99 on my chemistry exam, even!)

chemistry exam grade.

I dislike chemistry intensely(!!!), but at least I am doing well in the class. 

chemistry homework.

for a really good microbiology professor

I’m definitely going to give her a glowing review when it’s time to submit student opinion forms. She’s made this challenging material into something manageable.

for the box of Hot Tamales that Lisey brought me

hot tamales box.

I’m not normally much for non-chocolate candy, but Hot Tamales are an exception and Lisey knows that. 🙂

for cat snuggles

She continues to sit on me whenever possible. 😉

Kristen and her cat.

for beautiful frost

We’re having our first freezing nights of the season, and oooh, I love the way the frost looks when I’m out for a walk in the early mornings.

frost on grass.

for friends who understand my troubles

No one wishes for their friends to experience problems, of course! But I am so grateful there are women in my life who understand, from personal experience, what I’m going through. 

It is such a mercy to have sanity checks and listening ears. 

Your turn! What are you thankful for this week?

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Monday 21st of November 2022

Wow congrats on your grades!!! That represents a lot of hard work.


Friday 18th of November 2022

So thankful that our refugee application is moving through the system. Yesterday morning looked bleak and then it happened.

Mary Ann

Friday 18th of November 2022

Oh yes, balancing chemical equations. I remember learning that long, long ago and thoroughly enjoyed that part of chemistry class. Maybe because I used to like math.


Friday 18th of November 2022

This is my problem; I can do math, but it doesn't bring me any joy.

So...I can do chemistry too, but it is not bringing me joy in the slightest!


Thursday 17th of November 2022

* Thankful for having watched the 1st Christmas movie or the season with my daughters tonight. I love cheesy Christmas movies and I love my daughters!

* For great co-workers and a great full-time assignment at the moment. And to be working in health care. Not easy in this Covid time, but I don't have to worry about losing my job.

* The peace of mind of having no debts

* For a small group of friends that I meet at work and see outside of work once or twice a month also

* For my daughter opening up to us about bullying happening at school so that, together, we can work on a solution

Stephanie D

Thursday 17th of November 2022

Congrats on the grades! This week I am thankful ...

... for my handyman, who spent hours on Mon. doing all the things I've been saving up for him to do. I can hire him for a half day or full day, which is less expensive than doing a job at a time, so I live with some inconveniences for months before calling him. Now my garage door remote will open the door and I don't have to get out in the rain and walk around to the front door. Now I don't have to turn the water on and off at the wall before we can flush that toilet. Now my kitchen faucet is not leaking water all over my counter tops. Now I can hang my wind chime and wind spinners on my front porch. And etc. ... that we actually found a handyman who is reliable, affordable for the two of us on a fixed income, and is available for advice if I just need to text him to ask a question. Hubby is disabled and my knees and vision challenges prohibit me from doing things I used to try and do myself. ... that my husband has come out of the blue funk he sank into when we found prostate cancer cells in a lymph node. We know the next couple of years are going to get hard, and there is no cure, but he is by nature an optimistic person, and seeing him so depressed was heartbreaking. We will take this day by day. ... for my Buy Nothing group, from whom I received (among other things) a new-to-me back porch light my handyman installed. The old one was being held together by tape, and the bulb pointed up. This one points down, shedding more light on the area when the dog needs to go out. And it's prettier! ... over and over that we moved up here to VA when I retired, allowing us to spend more time with our daughter and beloved granddaughter, who is just a real sunbeam in our lives, even when fighting a cold. She has the sunniest nature!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.