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Thankful Thursday | a snowy edition

This week, I’m thankful:

that we got snow!

The last few years have been pretty light on the snow end of things, and I felt a little sad about that. Snow is rare enough here in the mid-Atlantic that it feels like a treat to me when it does happen.

A setting sun peeking through a snow-covered tree.

that we did not lose power when it snowed

Much as I dislike sweating, I still think losing power in the winter is worse than losing it in the summer. It hasn’t happened often, but the winter power losses we’ve had have been terrible since we have no alternate form of heat, such as a fireplace.

branches covered in snow.

I am super grateful for a running heat pump and a running water heater!

that the snow has stuck around for a couple of days

a snow covered pine branch.

A lot of times our snow disappears the same day, or within 24 hours, so I am enjoying the beauty for a few days.

for how bright my house is when there’s snow on the ground

There’s so much more light reflected into my windows when the ground is snowy white instead of dirty brown!

that I’m making progress on getting the girls signed up for college classes

The high school dual enrollment program is awesome (50% off!), but it does require some extra steps and paperwork for the parents.

And to add to this, it’ll be Zoe’s first semester, so we are having to jump through hoops like placement tests, introductory modules, required orientation, and such.

But I am all done with Sonia’s registration (woohoo!), and we are making progress on Zoe’s.

Luckily, my own school registration is extremely simple. My courses are already chosen for me (no decision-making required!), and I just go in and pay full price, with no extra paperwork.

Expensive, but simple. Everything has trade-offs. 😉

for the friendly cats at my shift last night

There were only four cats at the adoption center last night, but my goodness, two of them were so, so snuggly. It made my heart happy.

that we are all still healthy

Most of the world seems to be calling in sick at the moment, but mercifully, the four of us here are all still good. 

What are you thankful for this week?

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Sunday 9th of January 2022

I am thankful for air conditioning. It hasn't been overly hot but very humid.

I am thankful that I found meat on great reductions as the next day the supermarket started to ration meat and things like toilet paper. We are being told it isn't a result of panic buying but having opened up to the world the workforce in Australia is being decimated by COVID illness. No staff to pack the food etc.

I am thankful that some very pretty fabric I bought before the year's end arrived. IT cheered me immensely.

I am thankful as my granddaughter's fill my heart with joy. The youngest is now learning to eat and her mother is using the child led weaning method. Most night's I am sent a clip of her latest food antics. We live in an incredible age where we can share such moments easily and fairly cheaply.

Lastly during the first two years of the pandemic our state has had quite strict rules but opened up during December. With the the of Omicron we have seen the numbers grow from very low or even zero cases to 18000 plus today. We have had some cases close to home but no-one has spread it to their other members of their household and my four year old darling has not caught it either. So while I wouldn't wish it on anyone I am pleased that those who have been ill have managed to contain their illness.


Sunday 9th of January 2022

We are having a lot of staffing problems over here in the U.S. as well. My Aldi had a lot of empty shelves when I went last week!


Friday 7th of January 2022

Thankful for:

*Acces to N95 at work (hospital) * Paid lunch everyday in january+free onsite parking, from work * Being able to book myself a week off since I'm on call, something my colleagues are not allowed to do at the moment. And not having to do mandatory double-shifts, for the same reason. * Finally getting a cardiology appointment after a one-year wait time * No debts


Friday 7th of January 2022

Ok, so, give me some feedback here. I do have enough money to pay for nursing school, so if I apply for scholarships, do you think I'm taking money out of the hands of people who need it more? For instance, for kids in Lisey's stage of life, scholarships are life-changing. For me, it would be more like, "well, this is nice that I don't have to pay as much" but it wouldn't be earth-shaking.

What do you guys think?

Jody S.

Saturday 8th of January 2022

@Heidi Louise, I agree with you. My son is a senior this year, and I've noticed that some of the college scholarships out there are not geared toward high school students. Some are definitely for "non-traditional" students. It's worth looking into, right?

Heidi Louise

Friday 7th of January 2022

@Kristen, I wondered if you were thinking in those terms, and I think either decision you choose is appropriate. As an older student, parent, working parent (if homeschooling and blogging are defined that way!), going in to health care, returning to school after time away, with high grades, you are probably eligible for more than you realize, as well as possible specialized or quirky scholarships like resident of your county or spouse of someone who works for your husband's company, etc. Would it take stress off of you and your family? Would it save money you might later use for one of your kids' schooling or for career-starting expenses? Could it be used to reward yourself and your family when you finish the program? If you think of tuition as a commodity just like anything else you pay for, would you expect someone with lots of money to never buy anything on sale? I do not like to think of schools as businesses, but in some respects they are, and they build in to their model that some students will pay less, and some students will get money from other funding sources. I like what Hawaii Planner said, that if this concerns you, you might later pay some money forward to someone else or some other cause.

Hawaii Planner

Friday 7th of January 2022

@Kristen, I have no objection to people applying for scholarships they are qualified for. In fact, some scholarships exist to incent people to enter difficult fields, and financial qualifications are not at all/or significantly less relevant. Never has this been more true than during COVID. Your contribution as a nurse will benefit many people. If you earn any scholarships & are conflicted, you can always pay it forward - additional donations, helping out friends.


Thursday 6th of January 2022

So thankful for heAlth. So many people are struggling.

I am fifty!! And I am thankful for some young!!! Coworkers who make me lAugh daily. We laugh together !

So thankful for grocery pick up. WhAt a concept! Best ever.

Hope your new year is going well!!

Hawaii Planner

Thursday 6th of January 2022

It was really a "look for the silver lining" few weeks, as my husband quarantined alone over the holidays. But, always positives to find: 1) Incredibly grateful that my husband was asymptomatic (vaccinated & boosted) & we would have never known he had COVID, if we hadn't tested ahead of visiting my parents for the holidays. 2) Thankful for my parents & sister, for making the holidays as great as we could for the kids, despite not having my husband 3) Grateful for all of the things my husband does, that i must not notice regularly. For example, drives the car in the snow, navigates the airport with a ton of luggage, makes the prime rib on Christmas eve, preps all of the fun drinks, keeps us all laughing... 4) Thankful that we had plenty of food in the house, so he was able to stay well fed when he had to stay home 5) Thankful that no one else in our family got COVID

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