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Stitch Fix September 2019 | I’m going to sell a few things

Thanks to Sonia for taking the pictures of me. This post contains affiliate links, which earn revenue for this site at no extra cost to you. See my disclosure policy here.

Well, I am at least going to try!

an epic sweater from a previous fix

I’ve heard that it makes sense to keep everything in each Stitch Fix because you get a 25% discount for buying everything.  Then, you can sell/trade whatever you don’t want inside a Stitch Fix buy/sell/trade group.

a serious no from my first fix!

I feel slightly skeptical that this will be financially worth it, but I decided to give it a try so I can report back to all of you.

(A nice thing about being a blogger is that you can try all sorts of things you might not regularly try, all in the name of post research!)

In case you are new to it: Stitch Fix is a styling service that sends you five new items in a box (unlike the ThredUp rescue box, which was secondhand items.)

You decide what you want to keep, check out online, and send back whatever you don’t want. Stitch Fix items are not generally very cheap, even if you check the “the cheaper, the better” box in your profile. But they do tend to be pretty high quality items.

Item #1 | A green pullover

I really love this top!

Stitch Fix fall 2019 green pullover

It’s cute and comfy, and it’s a good color on me.Stitch Fix fall 2019 green pullover

Item #2 | Black cowlneck sweater

This is a really warm sweater; so warm that I was feeling super overheated while we took these photos.

Stitch Fix Fall 2019 black cowlneck sweater

Stitch Fix Fall 2019 black cowlneck sweater

pretending not to be miserably sweaty here

Sonia thought we should take a picture of the leather detail on the elbows, so here you go.

Stitch Fix Fall 2019 black cowlneck sweater

Item #3 | Flowered Tunic

This one is very soft and I had high hopes for it.

When I look at some of these photos, I think hmm, ok, it’s not bad.

Stitch Fix fall 2019

Stitch Fix fall 2019

But then I look at this one and think, “Nope.”

Stitch Fix fall 2019

It kinda makes me look like I have no waist.

Stitch Fix fall 2019

this one is blurry, but Sonia thought it was some of our best work 😉

So, I decided to send this one back for a smaller size.  If it works, great.  If not, I will try to sell it on the Facebook group.

Item #4 | A funnel-neck dress

This is the item I am most iffy about. I don’t think it’s too big for me (the sleeves are pretty snug), but it fits me a little weird around the waist/hips.

Stitch Fix fall 2019 funnel neck dress

Stitch Fix fall 2019 funnel neck dress

I feel like it makes me look kind of shapeless in the waist/hips area.

Stitch Fix fall 2019 funnel neck dress

So, I’m thinking I will try to sell this one to someone who has a better shape for this style.

Item #5 | blue jeans

These appeared in the earlier photos, of course.

The pricing

Each item averaged out to $48, but if I manage to sell some of the things on Facebook, my total outlay will be lower.

This is most definitely more expensive than thrifting or clearance-shopping or even Target shopping.

On the other hand, it does save a lot of time, and it also saves the headache of clothes shopping (a thing I really hate doing, which means I just end up not shopping for clothes for myself!)

a Stitch Fix dress from a previous fix

If you are looking for the cheapest way to clothe yourself, Stitch Fix is not the right choice.

But if you need some help picking out clothes and you want to avoid actually shopping (without paying for an actual personal shopper!), it can be a decent option.

I love this denim jacket from a previous fix. And so do my girls. 😉

Get $50 off your first Stitch Fix for a limited time

Stitch Fix recently sent all of their customers a referral link that gives any new Stitch Fix members $50 off their first fix.

I’ve never seen an introductory offer this good before, so if you’ve been wanting to try it, now is a great time.

I’m not sure how long the offer will last, but I don’t think it’ll be for super long.

You only pay for what you keep from your fix, so you could opt to just keep one or two things, in which case the $50 discount would be quite a good deal.

So. What would you keep and what would you sell if you were me?

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Tuesday 15th of October 2019


This is wonderful content as always! And by now your instincts are well-honed as to what to keep and what to pass on. Based on your experience I think the secret to success with Stitch Fix is to play the long have gotten some really amazing pieces (all the ones you included in this post from other fixes, but I know there have been more), but you really do have to be patient and go through many months to build up a wardrobe. If you could open one box and find six of your "greatest hits" items in one go that it has taken you months to accrue--that would be truly amazing! And really, that's what they need to aspire to in order to maximize their revenue. But they have two pretty non-quantifiable variables: stylists' tastes and purchasers' tastes. Hence why we tune into your boxes as if they are TV show episodes...

I personally love your Stitch Fix posts because you approach them with the right attitude. I never had the patience and I got way too frustrated by the ugly stuff they would send (which was often!), so it wasn't worth it to me. But living vicariously through your boxes is great. (And you have such a great figure that it educates me that Stitch Fixers can find clothes that don't do justice to even the prettiest people, so I take my failures with them less personally ;)).

So, I vote resoundingly for Keep On Keeping On with these. And in terms of selling the other clothes, have you considered Posh Mark? I don't know the economic breakdown of it. I have heard some people say the fee per item sold is too high for their tastes. But based on my own experiences, I see women (mostly) making lots of sales of stuff they don't want anymore! There are definitely a lot of Stitch Fix pieces there.

Cathy in NJ

Thursday 10th of October 2019

#1 - looks great, color is excellent #2 - looks great, color is excellent, you need to decide if it's too warm for winter #3 - sleepwear not daywear … I think the floral sleeves are cute and the soft fabric is the best, but it looks like a great pajama top. #4 - no … to use my Dad's phrase, "It shows everything but promise." #5 - looks great, but are those holes going to be cold in winter?

Better quality clothing lasts and $48 is very reasonable, almost frugal for better quality clothing. I have loved many a $15-$20 item to find the fabric develops holes or the seams twist and I am left with rags or trash. I know there are times in every life when you just can't spend the $48 but when your frugality pays off in savings, emergency funds etc $48 for quality is doable.


Friday 11th of October 2019

I agree, some clothes I spent more on I have worn for years & years! However sadly I have bought more expensive items that fell apart during one season which is sooo disapointing. I bought one top that I LOVED, wore it once, washed it so carefully & lovingly according to the instructions & it shrank too much to wear again...I used to take it out of the wardrobe & look at it every now & then willing it to expand again but sometimes you just have to let go....

connie abbott-foster

Thursday 10th of October 2019

I prefer you in more structure clothing, like the jean jacket. The others draw the eye to shapelessness. Your figure is obscured by the shape and fabrics of the others. Obviously, just my opinion.


Thursday 10th of October 2019

I just love that squirrel jumper photo... I know you don't like that sleeveless purple shirt (& we should wear what we like & feels like 'me') but I actually think you look really good in medium to medium-high contrast colours (compared to your skin) like that purple & the navy stripe top with the denim jacket. I think when you wear low contrast colours like pale grey it washes you out & although they look fine those outfits don't look very exciting to me.


Thursday 10th of October 2019

I do think you look adorable in the squirrel jumper however funny but the slightly deeper shade of grey in that suits you much better than say the pale grey of the floral sleeve top - in my opinion which is only an opinion & influenced by the distortion possible from a computer screen


Wednesday 9th of October 2019

Sorry, but I'd send all of them back -- but # 3, personally I'd burn it and send the ashes back so no one else could wear it, ever (oh my, did I just say that??). You always look super cute in your photos, but this Fix isn't awesome.

I need to try Stitch Fix again and be more adventurous with my style profile -- I get in a rut and buy the same type of clothes over and over.

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