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My first Stitch Fix!

Ok, guys. You ready??

You may expect this level of modeling in all my Stitch Fix posts. You’re welcome.

I told you I signed up to try Stitch Fix, using their “the cheaper, the better” option, and here’s how my first box turned out.

(I had very low expectations, as I hear from tons of people the the first box is usually Very Not Good.)

Joshua happened to have a day off (Yay! I hardly see him these days.), so he took pictures for me.

He just snap, snap, snaps away (just as he did years ago!), so there are always some very…interesting pictures of me.

So, I guess we’ll start with this shirt.   I like the color of it, and I think it fit me right.

But the baggy dolman style sort of made me look shapeless in my torso, which is hard to see in these photos.

I should have stood straight on so you could see the problem better.

This was $58.

Next up, a $44 sleeveless blouse.

Stitch Fix shirt

This is an accurate portrayal of how I feel about the shirt.

I have narrow shoulders to begin with, and the a-shape of this shirt only serves to emphasize this, while making me look wider than I am in the middle.

I’m pretty iffy about the print too, as I’m not convinced purple and coral are meant to be best friends.

This next shirt ($58) is definitely better, but still not really great on me.   It feels a little short in the front.

Though the length is fine in the back.

And the last top is this cardigan, which is super soft, very well-made, and has a lovely drape.

Buuut…when you see it from straight on, you realize it has the same problem as the purple and coral blouse. My shoulders look narrow, and I look like I have no waist.

Having no visible waist is less than flattering.

So, I’m not keeping any of those tops.

However, the one thing I AM keeping is the jeans I’m wearing in all the photos. They’re Liverpool Elizabeth skinny jeans, and they’re $78, which is more than I’ve ever paid for a pair of jeans in my life.

However, they are definitely way better quality than the $29 skinny jeans I currently have from Kohl’s, so I decided to keep them to see if they hold up better.

(The elastic in one of my Kohl’s pairs fell apart in less than one winter’s worth of wear…like, the jeans got bunchy the way swimsuits do when the elastic goes.)

If I kept nothing, I’d have paid the $20 styling fee, so I was going to pay $20 regardless.   And since I did like the jeans, and they were so well-made, I decided to fork over the additional $58 to be able to keep the jeans.

Hopefully it was the right choice!


So. There you have it.

I’d promise that my modeling will be better next time around, except…it probably won’t be. I’m a frugal blogger, not a fashion blogger.   😉 But I’ll do my best.

I’m curious to see if my next box will contain more wins, since I gave super detailed feedback to my stylist about price points and what styles didn’t work for me this time.   We’ll see!


If you’d like to try Stitch Fix, here’s my affiliate link.

P.S. Last time I wrote about Stitch Fix, someone wrote in to tell me I was being devious. Which made me laugh, because I always announce referral/affiliate links.

Deviously yours,



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Stephanie Theessen

Thursday 5th of October 2017

Where are people buying the expensive denim that looks and feels great?! I buy Old Navy and they're okay, but I would love jeans that I'd describe as making me look and feel great. :)

Carrie Willard

Tuesday 3rd of October 2017

Shipments definitely differ depending on the stylish. Some really pay attention to my profile. Others, not so much!

The drapey, loose thing you describe above is THE STYLE of the moment. EVERYTHING in the consignment shop I visit nearby looks just like that - and it's NOT a good look for me! Because of my bust size, it ends up making the rest of me look huge (when I'm not huge)... and big in the middle which is no bueno for a mom who has had 7 pregnancies.

I am pretty explicit about not liking baggy clothing on my profile. Some listen, some don't. I always buy the whole box though and sell the unwanted stuff at full price on the Stitch Fix Buy /Sell / Trade group on Facebook. (Easy and fast and better than eBay and the like.)

I do tell the stylist when they've messed up though! They'll sometimes float you a credit if they miss the mark. ALSO... I have sent back items after wear or wash that weren't up to par, quality wise, and they're refunded me AND given me a little credit to boot. Pretty impressed with that.


Tuesday 3rd of October 2017

Hi Kristen,

I am trying Stitch Fix too with similar results. I sent back everything in the 1st box. After some sizing adjustments and detailed comments, the 2nd box was perfect. Like you, I also paid more than I usually do for the jeans but they are so comfy. I am updating my wardrobe after several years of wearing the same things. I would rather have a few high quality items that fit me really well than a closet full of clothes that are just ok. I hope your second box is as fun as mine was! And the real test will be when I see how well the clothes last after repeated wear but I'm excited to find out.


Monday 2nd of October 2017

I like your product recommendations. Of course, l haven't used a ton but over the years the ones I have used work incredibly well. Particularly the metal straws and Tubshroom (glorious Tubshroom, you have changed my life!). Seriously, we have not had a single clog since and it catches ALL THE HAIR. Keep being your devious self

Randi MacDonald

Friday 29th of September 2017

I was at my friend's house when she got her box and I went " Holy crap" in my head when I heard how much everything costs. She got a pair of earrings for 28.00( costume jewelry). The pants she got were 88.00. I didn't think anything looked so amazing to be worth that much $$. I buy great clothes( on sale plus coupons) at Macy's. I don't think I've ever spent 88.00 on a pair of pants.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.