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Five Frugal Things | a Pusheen mug repair

1. Lisey Krazy-glued her mug back together

Her beloved Pusheen mug broke.

Green Pusheen mug with a broken handle.

Luckily, it was a pretty clean break, so she just Krazy-glued the handle back on.

Green repaired Pusheen mug.

2. I remembered to use Fetch rewards

Fetch is a receipt-scanning app, and I’d forgotten to use it for a while (I get a little unmotivated because it’s slow going when you don’t buy name brands!)

The good thing about this is that if you leave Fetch alone for a while, they welcome you back with a nice points bump.

So, you know, only 5,000 more points and I can get a $25 gift card.

(I did mean what I said about it being slow-going.)


Fetch is a free app that gives your rewards based on what groceries you buy. You can get $3 (redeemable for things like Amazon credit!) just for downloading the app and scanning your first receipt. Use code QG8V2.

*Use code QG8V2 to receive an extra 2,000 points. Note: at the time of writing, 1,000 points = $1, so that’s $2)


3. I made some energy balls because I have a LOT of peanut butter

Three energy balls, rolled in coconut.

The last time we volunteered at the food pantry, they had cases of Jif peanut butter left over, with more to be donated the next month.

So, they gave us a flat of peanut butter, which I am now working on using.

Anyway, Lisey started a new summer job working at a lumber yard (apparently she is on a mission to work in as many male-dominated jobs as possible in her lifetime. Ha.) and she walked 9 miles on her first day there.

When she works jobs like that, she has to be careful to eat enough to keep her weight up, and that’s what made us think of energy balls, which are a little like cookie dough, except with no eggs.

Three peanut butter energy balls, rolled in coconut.


They’re super calorie-dense, easy to pack to take to work, and they’re a great use for my extra peanut butter.


If you’d like to make a batch, here’s the energy ball recipe.

4. I picked up a few grocery markdowns

I can’t walk past the markdown shelf without taking a quick peek, and this time there were several things I wanted.

Granola bars and cereal with markdown stickers on them.

(I skipped the banana-flavored granola bars. We all know why those are on the markdown shelf!)

5.  I planted green onions + more marigolds

I had quite a few green onion ends, and I planted some in pots and some in various spots in my borders. Since grown-up green onions look sort of decorative, you can put them pretty much anywhere.

A tiny green onion in a pot of potting soil.

I also planted some more marigold seeds.

Two pots filled with potting soil.

These will eventually look like more than just dirt.

I still am not anywhere near getting through the seeds I saved last year, and I only saved a small fraction of the seeds that my marigold plants produced!

And this is why marigolds are on my list of frugal plants.

What frugal things have you been up to lately?

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Thursday 20th of May 2021

1) I was able to figure out how to use points on a grocery store app to reduce the total by $7. (I'm a little slow in the app department!) 2) I signed up for another mystery shop. Yeah for free meals! 3) I picked up a little casual summer dress from the free table. I haven't been collecting many clothes because of the move, but I liked this one a lot. 4) Because we are moving, several people have given us very unique going away gifts. I am so thankful for these tangible memories of our time here. 5) I bought a Subway gift card online for my FIL for Father's day, and it came with a coupon for a free sub.


Thursday 20th of May 2021

I finally gave up trying to remember and added Fetch to my todo list app (although it’s easy enough to add to your calendar too). Since it looks back 7 days on email and 14 on Amazon I have a reminder to run it every Monday and Thursday just to be sure I don’t miss anything. That’s also the days I sort my receipts and see if anything is ready to be picked.


Wednesday 19th of May 2021

Go Lisey!! She is my hero!! ;)

Again mostly food related:

1. I, too, always check the markdowns and I found a 4-serving bag of Kroger's pre-cooked Buffalo frozen chicken nuggets (non breaded) that includes both ranch powder and Buffalo sauce to sprinkle on. For $1.49! And the chicken nuggets were delish on their own. The toppings were whatever. We ate half the chicken with salad and will eat the rest next week. Working out to 38 cents a serving ;) 2. Picked up our Salad mixes half-priced to be used up quickly (mostly cabbage and crucifers so they stay crunchy and fresh longer). We add all kinds of lettuce, etc. 3. Used up frozen chicken for soup and then repurposed it the next night into tortilla soup by adding pantry and freezer items and spice. We thawed out frozen corn tortillas and baked them into spicy strips to top the soup. Used up lots of stuff! 4. And . . . all the usual mundane stuff -- eating in, taking lunch, shopping my closet, etc.


Wednesday 19th of May 2021

I sold the other papasan for another $125. More space in my attic, more money in my pocket.

When I finally broke down and bought some needed clothes, I bought mostly discounted ones. Pro-Tip: always start with the sale racks. I brought my purchases home to try on for a longer period of time, to make sure they were comfortable, looked the way I thought they did, met the need, and weren't more than I needed. I ended up returning about 1/3 of them. This is the first time I've bought new clothes in a few years.

Still eating down the freezer. For me, this means buying foods specifically to go with what I want to eat, such as frozen strawberries to go with the frozen bananas for smoothies. Nice thing about smoothies is that they can use up other fruit and dairy as well.

Still brownbagging my work meals (including yesterday's 13 hour day, which meant packing b'fast, lunch, and dinner).

Frugal Fail: I've been waiting more food than usual. Need to renew my focus.


Wednesday 19th of May 2021

My mom worked on the railroad in the 70’s and then became a computer programmer in the 80s. She also followed the no whiskers needed career track! Go Lisey!!

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