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Five Frugal Things | $54 back at Aldi

1. I got a $54 refund at Aldi

A few weeks ago, Aldi had a special 3-pack of their organic, grass-fed ground beef; 4.5 pounds for $17.96.

So, I picked one up.

dollar bills

But when I got home, I realized that something went wrong with the scanning, and that I’d been rung up for $17.96 x 3.

Which made for some very expensive ground beef, even for grass-fed.

So the next time I was in, I explained the issue and the manager offered to refund me for all three packages, which was much more than I had expected.

(Luckily, this manager has been at my store for years, so he knows me and knows that I don’t come in and ask for refunds all the time.)

I don’t know that I deserve a lot of credit for this frugal thing, but it IS a good reminder to always check your receipts, so I wanted to share.

2. I sliced a honey container to get the last bits out

I used a serrated knife with fine serrations to slice this container open, and then the honey was very easy to access!

how to get crystallized honey out

I know you can warm up honey containers to get the crystallized parts out, but this honey was so solid, I felt a knife was the better option.

It is also a quicker option for when you are not feeling patient. 😉

3. I helped Zoe avoid shipping fees

She wanted some khaki pants, and since she and Sonia have a clothing budget from us now, she was responsible for the cost.

We found some on sale at American Eagle online and we ordered two sizes because we weren’t sure which ones would fit her. Plus, if she ordered two pairs, she qualified for free shipping.

Once the pants arrived, we kept the ones that fit, and on the way home from a doctor appointment, we popped into the mall to do the return.

Interestingly, American Eagle has a return table set up outside the store, so we didn’t even have to set foot inside the actual store.

We haven’t been inside a mall since February of this year, so it was a little weird to go back inside of one!

(Incidentally, if you have really slender teens, American Eagle is a serious godsend for pants. They have crazy small sizes online, like a 000. Their clothes are pretty expensive, but they do go on sale, and the quality is quite good.)

4. I redeemed Fetch Rewards for a Panera gift card

I was feeling a sandwich on our last takeout date night, so I redeemed some Fetch reward points for a Panera gift card toward our meal.

Panera takeout

Quick summation of Fetch: useful if you buy name-brands, not so useful if you are an Aldi shopper. The introductory offer is worth doing, though:

Sign up and use code QG8V2 to receive an extra 2,000 points.

5. I used my Gap Visa card to get a $75 Old Navy credit

My Gap Visa card sometimes sends out special offers to encourage users to swipe the card outside of Gap/Old Navy/Athleta brands.  The special offers are the main reason I keep the card, actually!

For the last quarter of 2020, they have an offer running that gives you $75 of rewards if you spend $1000 outside of their brands.

Gap Visa reward offer

One thousand dollars is not very hard to spend over the course of three months, especially if you have a car maintenance bill (a brake job in our case!) and a plumbing bill.

I was going to have to pay those bills anyway, and at least this way I am getting a $75 return on that spending.

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to lately?

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Susan steele

Saturday 12th of December 2020

What is the brand of sweatshirt you buy. Cannot find your blog that had the information. Thanks


Sunday 13th of December 2020

Are you thinking of American Giant, maybe?


Friday 11th of December 2020

AE Jeans for grandson for Christmas - size 27 x 34! Hard to find that size many places. Thanks for all your suggestions, love the new ideas!

Tina Ray

Thursday 10th of December 2020

1. My husband bought two dozen eggs at Aldi and the cashier accidentally hit 22 dozen eggs. He went straight back and the cashier said "Nobody buys 22 dozen of eggs".

2. My work is having a scavenger holiday contest. I have been able to find half of the items in my own house.

3. In MI we have Meijer grocery stores. They have what is called MPerks that gives you coupons and rewards toward items. We received our recent coupon book and every item we use is in it and there is a free two liter included.

4. I found two jewelry boxes on FB Marketplace for $10 each for our granddaughters for Christmas.

5. I received $.75 cents back on IBotta. Doesn't sound like much but it put me over the $10 mark.


Thursday 10th of December 2020

I decided to make banana bread for gifts and pair it with handmade dishcloths. Good idea until my husband at the bread. Most of my handmade gifts were based on the same yarn so I only bought a few colors and made hand puppets, baby yodas, and a mat for the humane society.


Friday 11th of December 2020



Thursday 10th of December 2020

Love the receipt checking & cutting out the honey Don't know that I have five but we'll see; 1. Still going with free duolingo & really enjoying it 2. Needed a new phone, did the painful research & went to try & buy & accidentally coincided with black Friday sale - got $85 off; pretty happy 3. Watching free tv & utube 4. Felt like buying icecreams on the way home but didn't - had a handful of choc bits from the pantry instead. 5. Stopped myself from buying a lot of things this year - did the whole think about it & delay & changed my mind

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.