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January Miscellany

This is what my lap usually looks like on the way to a family gathering.

Those are Honey-Glazed Pan Rolls, by the way. That’s simply the best yeast roll recipe I have! The only problem is, the glaze gets sticky overnight, so the rolls have to be made the day of. Which means they’re usually hot from the oven when we’re heading out the door.

Thus, the pan in the lap.


I love the way Zoe lines things up. Pistachio shells, markers, erasers, stuffed animals….anything she owns in multiples ends up in a row at some point.

Did you notice her dog Chloe has a friend now? Zoe found the other dog (a genuine Build-A-Bear dog) at Goodwill for $4, dress and ear-bows included. She had some Christmas money, so I let her buy it.

Do you want to clean out your kitchen cabinets with me? I had this on my last goal list, but it seems like a good thing to do in January, not in December.

Regular pantry/cabinet cleaning helps prevent food waste because it keeps you in the know about what you’ve got on hand. So, join me! It’ll save you from Things-Falling-Out-Of-Your-Cabinet-Every-Time-You-Open-It syndrome, and it could save you money too.

I’ll post my before and afters next Wednesday (that’s a week from now!), and I’ll put up a linky at the end of my post so you can share if you blog about your cabinet cleaning.

Get busy organizing!


Speaking of organizing, I need to do a thorough fridge clean-up. It got a little out of control in there over the holidays, and I want to get it ship-shape because a cluttered, disorganized fridge is a breeding ground for food waste.

If you resolved to work on your food waste this year, I highly recommend cleaning out your fridge. It’s like declaring food waste bankruptcy, and you can have a fresh, clean start.

Also, if you’re a food waste newbie, check out my 10 Ways To Stop Wasting Food post. And don’t stop at the post…there are some helpful ideas in the comments too.


Today’s 365 post:Two-fer

Joshua’s 365 post: Hmm. I see Joshua has no post ready to go.

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Thursday 12th of January 2012

[...] sure what decluttering and organizing project to work on next, so when I saw that my friend Kristen at The Frugal Girl was organizing her cabinets and inviting others to join in, I knew that was my ticket to [...]


Sunday 8th of January 2012

I missed cleaning out my fridge this last Friday, I think I'll go do it right now! Still no Food Waste...Yea! But, it takes diligence all through the week for me! Sigh. My husband is very involved in this also and a.) is always asking how we're doing for the up-coming Food Waste Friday, and b.) is very willing to be the family garbage can eating all little bits n' bobs I place in front of him! :) Since following Jo at Simply Being Mum, I now empty out my fridge and scrub...makes such a difference, not only in feeling good about its shine, but also in my grocery shopping! I KNOW what is in every nook and cranny! This last Friday, I slipped up and am so sorry as it does make a difference! Thanks Kristen for this great idea: Food Waste Friday! I'm off to empty out the fridge to be ready for the next Food Waste Friday! Cheeryshirley

Barb @ 1SentenceDiary

Saturday 7th of January 2012

Just wanted to chime in -- I made those rolls for our Friday night dinner (Shabbat dinner), and they were a huge hit! Thanks for the reminder about that recipe. They were delish!


Thursday 5th of January 2012

my pantry is actually in pretty decent shape(I tackled it a few months ago) but my fridge is starting to accumulate bagsa nd bags aren't good - that means stuff I took to work and brought back so it's time to sort through and toss what's not good and get the good stuff where I can see and use it - also need to replace some condiments I think.

Alexis @ Simply Alexis

Wednesday 4th of January 2012

I did a bit of pantry cleaning this week, but I have yet to write about it. I definitely will be more motivated now though!

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