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I have a new painting project!

It’s been a while since I’ve painted a piece of furniture, hasn’t it?

Zoe, bless her heart, is still sleeping in her crib, which is converted to a toddler bed. She still fits, but it won’t be long before she’s really too tall.

I’ve been meaning to get a bed for her for a while, but what made me think of it this week was, oddly enough, a sale email from Pottery Barn. The first sale item was a lovely, white twin bed, and it was on sale for $399.


I don’t mind paying for high-quality stuff if it’ll last for a long time, but I hopped on Pottery Barn’s website and discovered that $399 doesn’t even get you a solid wood bed.

So, I decided to poke around and see what I could find on the second-hand market. Lo and behold, I found one affordable twin bed listing, and it wasn’t even that far from my house.


For a mere $50, I got a twin bed frame, and it’s the kind that has drawers underneath the bed. I am SO excited about this part. Yay for storage!

The bed is mostly made of solid wood, and it’s in pretty decent shape.

Oh, and a matching nightstand came with it too. I’m not sure if I’ll use it or resell it, since Zoe already has a nightstand. Her room isn’t enormous, so I’ll just have to see how everything fits in there and then decide.

The bed is perfectly usable as-is, but Zoe’s current dresser is a Freecycle find that I painted white and I’d kind of like all of her bedroom furniture to match.

(This post has a before and after picture of the dresser.)


Anyway, I’m going to paint the bed and drawers white.

I’ll be using the method I outlined in my post about how to paint wooden furniture, and I’ll need to buy some sandpaper for my orbital sander, some spray primer, and a can of the Painter’s Touch paint that I love so dearly.

I’ll also need to shop for a box spring and mattress, since the toddler mattress is obviously not going to work anymore.

And I think we’re going to sell the Ikea chair that’s in Zoe’s room, since her new bed is going to take up a lot more square footage.

So, there’s lots on my to-do list before Zoe can sleep in her new bed. Hopefully I can get this done in a week’s time or thereabouts…I want to hurry and finish before the weather is miserable for painting.

Of course, I’ll share pictures when I’m done.


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Glory Lennon

Friday 18th of May 2012

Sorry to say this, but I cringe every time I see you paint over lovely wood grain. I love the look of that bed as is and will be sad to see it done. Maybe it's the tree geek in me, but I like to KNOW I still have wood around me and painting over it makes me kind of forget. Silly I know! But that's me. Oddly enough, I'm okay with varnish--love it in fact. I know you'll do a great job, though. You always do.


Friday 18th of May 2012

Yep, everyone has different preferences. I really, really love the look of painted wood. :)


Thursday 17th of May 2012

Second hand stuff is how we furnished our kids (3) rooms, as well. I drooled over the brand new bedroom sets in the stores but realized the first time one of them nicked the finish, I'd be crushed (they wouldn't, they'd hardly notice I'm sure). Anyways, children are hard on belongings. They don't mean to be. Learning to be gentle takes years to accomplish. So garage sales and hand-me-downs it was. And for our two girls, we acquired a rather motley bunch of pieces. To make them all seem to go together, we did the white paint, too. And for a personal touch, I hand painted flowers and ivy on the side panels and tops. I used the Folk Art One Stroke (by Donna Dewberry, if that sounds familiar) painting instruction cards from Michaels (a craft store) and acrylic paints for the flowers and ivy (topped with some varnish). It was a whole lot easier than it sounds. Believe me, I'm not artistically gifted, these instruction cards make it easy. Can't wait to see pics of your finished project.

Leslie Shelton

Thursday 17th of May 2012

I love painted furniture! Your initial posting was my inspiration, and now I cannot stop. Soon I will have to start painting furniture finds and either sell them or give them away to family. I have found a new hobby. Thank you!


Thursday 17th of May 2012

Great find! It'll look beautiful painted white.....

Debt and the Girl

Thursday 17th of May 2012

Looking good. Wishing you luck on all your projects!

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