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I broke my stove (like, REALLY broke it)

If I could start this post off with an emoji, it would be a sheepish one.

cracked glass stovetop

When I do dumb things like this, I often feel like I don’t want to blog about it, because…embarrassing!

(Remember when I melted my hot water kettle by putting it on the stove??)

melted tea kettle

But I usually realize my hesitance is a pretty good sign that I should write about it.


Here we are.

While cooking dinner one night about a month ago, I took the lid off my skillet to set it down on the stove top.

skillet lid suctioned to glass stovetop

I stirred my noodles and then tried to pick the lid up. 

But it was S T U C K to the stove top.

Suction has some serious power!

I knew if I cooled the lid off a bit, the suction would break. So, I put a cool washcloth on the lid to gently bring the temperature down, and…nothing happened.

I knew putting, say, ice cubes onto the pot lid might warp hurt the lid, so I grabbed a little gel cooling pack, figuring that might be gentle.

gel pack to cool pan lid

This is a recreation of the incident.

I barely had touched the pot lid with the gel pack and there was a tremendous POP.

I thought that I had surely ruined my lid, which would be a little sad because it’s All-Clad.

But, uh…I picked up the lid and found this underneath:

cracked glass stovetop

This is way worse than ruining a pan lid!

I have serious regrets about this life choice of mine. I should have just waited for the lid to cool down on its own. Where was my patience??

I seriously cannot believe I broke my stovetop. I think I said that probably 57 times that night, and here I am, still saying it.

cracked glass stovetop

Multiple times that evening, I thought, “I should have just gotten takeout instead of cooking! There is no takeout as expensive as a stovetop!”

So, how much for a new stovetop?

I called my appliance guy to see how much he could get a stovetop for, and sadly, even his wholesale price for the glass top was $270, plus tax plus whatever he’d have charged to install it.

This Kenmore stove/oven is not an expensive one, since we bought it 14 years ago when money was super tight.

Basic was what we could manage.

(Four young kids, house to fix up, warehouse salary = a small appliance budget)

Anyway, putting this much money into a fairly old/basic appliance wasn’t feeling super sensible to us.

Time for a new oven/stove

We landed on a stove that generally goes for about $1000 + sales tax.

However, we were able to find an appliance place somewhat near us that had the stainless steel/black color combo on clearance for $675 + taxes.

Unfortunately, stoves all over are on backorder right now (Factories are running slower? People are cooking at home and suddenly deciding to replace their stoves? Maybe a combo? I don’t know.)

We ordered the new appliance several weeks ago, and at the time, the guy said he hoped to have it in during the month of August.

So, any day now!

How I’m cooking for now

Luckily, the really bad glass cracks are contained on the right side of the stove. Those two right burners are completely unusable, but the left two burners are still fine.

skillet on glass top stove

And since it’s not like I’m cooking for a big holiday party these days, losing half of my burners is no big deal. I’m trucking along just fine.

It also helps that the oven is unharmed, so I can keep baking any time I want. Whew.

I’ve just been keeping the All-Clad pan lid sitting on the broken parts so that we don’t accidentally cut ourselves.

skillet lid suctioned to glass stovetop

Lalala, there’s nothing to see here!

And the lid also keeps me from having to look at the stove carnage every time I walk into the kitchen. I really don’t need to be reminded that often. 😉

Fix or replace?

As things stand, we are spending $730.

If we’d fixed our old stove, we’d have spent probably at least $400 (part + tax + installation).

A $400 repair on a stove that we probably only paid $500 for 14 years ago just did not make sense to us.

FG kitchen before

This was the original stove when we bought the house

Would it be less money out of pocket right now? For sure (a $330 difference).

But it doesn’t feel very smart to spend almost the purchase price of the appliance on a repair.

Now, if we were talking about my very old washing machine? I would pay for almost any repair on that because the newer washing machines just do not clean as well as my old machine.

repairing a whirlpool washer

Stoves and ovens aren’t quite like that, though; this new one will work just as well (probably better!) than my old one, and this one has convection, which I have never had before.

Also relevant: we had the money for a new appliance in our home improvement budget. If we didn’t have money to pay for the new one, that would have tipped the scales in favor of repair.


That is the end of my embarrassing tale.

And I’ll be sure to show you my shiny new stove when it arrives!

Do you have an, “I can’t believe I broke this!” story too?

Make me feel better and share, mmkay?

P.S. In the aftermath of my stove-breaking mistake, I employed at least  3/5 of the tips in this article about how to make yourself miserable after a money mistake.

(I wrote that post because I am a certified expert in this arena. 😉 )

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Loretta Mel

Wednesday 10th of April 2024

Hey - I'm really late to comment on this but I was looking for dinner ideas thst didn't need a stove. I noticed that most of the problems with glasstop stoves are due to overheating somehow... I encourage you to consider the extra $$$ to buy an induction stovetop! The glass doesn't get heated exceptby the contact with the pan. Most induction stovetops have timers - quick to set if you have to leave the room and are easily distracted like me.

So why was I looking for recipes? my house insurance company has decided that my plug-in induction burner is just another hotplate and I'm not allowed to use a hotplate. Stupid people! And stupid me for not finding a different insurance provider!

Good luck to everyone on your stove journey!

Julie Lundy

Wednesday 22nd of February 2023

Guess how I found your article?! Last Thursday I let my enamel pot get too hot before I added olive and a $25 pot roast to sear. That pop, yep, but it also started a big fire, a fireball shot from stovetop to ceiling. That was very frightening! I also was badly burned. I have blisters on both hands, but there’s a 3inch area between my thumb and index finger that may need a skin graft. Ugh! Meanwhile, no savings, we’re having some major health problems and the savings are gone. Looks like we are borrowing against my husbands 401k for a replacement. What is it about trying times that seem to be a magnet for mishaps? I appreciate you sharing, glad I’m not the only one!


Wednesday 22nd of February 2023

Ohhhh, man! That does sound terrifying.

I am so sorry that you had a similar experience.


Saturday 26th of November 2022

I loved your post..I also just broke my glass stove top and like you debating whether or not it's worth spending almost $500 to repair the glass. My stove is two years old but I don't see spending that much money when a few hundred dollars more I can buy a new oven. I don't know how my glass broke. I just happened to notice a long crack the other day? I hate glass stove tops and really thinking I am going to opt for a gas stove depending on the cost to install a gas line etc....I feel like glass stove tops were the worst idea ever. I can never get it looking spotless no matter how hard I try...I am going to buy the $25 glass repair they sell on amazon and call it a day..Right now it seems like a waste to replace the glass or buy a whole new oven..Everything else works fine..I live alone so I can survive with one less burner anyways..


Sunday 27th of November 2022

So much sympathy to you!

Let us know how the glass repair kit works out. Mine was too broken for that, obviously. I really went hard when I broke it. Ha.


Tuesday 14th of September 2021

Literally feel your pain! This JUST occurred in my household. What kind of repairman did you consider? Don't even know where to begin for finding a quote. Thanks!


Tuesday 14th of September 2021

I have a local guy that I call when I need appliance help; I'd read reviews for local appliance repair companies near you and call around to see if they can get a new stovetop for your model. If you give them the model number, they should be able to give you a price.

Much sympathy-this is a terrible feeling!


Tuesday 14th of September 2021

My parents gave me their brand new stainless steel Samsung stove. They moved and didn't need it and I had and old black stove that just barely worked. They literally just installed it a week ago. Well my husband and son decided to make burgers last night which I hate doing on the stove to begin with. I told them to turn the burners down because they were burning the burgers (he's trying to teach my son) and when they were done with one of the burners I turned it off and removed the pan and there was a major Crack. Multiple cracks on the burner and then one Crack that goes all the way to the left, all the way to the front and one all the way to the back. So now I'm wanting to repair when I have no money but I also can't buy a new one. I could not be more bummed about this knowing how new this is...

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