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Thankful Thursday

New here? Thankful Thursday is something we’ve been doing in these COVID times; an exercise to help us hunt for the good that is in our lives and in the world, even in the midst of a pandemic.

This week, I am thankful:

-that our power stayed on during the storms

Tropical storm Isaias moved on through here this week, and we did not lose our power or experience any other serious damage.

Lots of small branches are down, but those are no big deal.

-that my neck is feeling so much better

I’m done with in-office PT visits now, and I’m really happy that my range of motion is so much better.

-that I can still use half of my stove

Waiting for a back-ordered stove would be so much more painful if I had no working burners!

skillet lid suctioned to glass stovetop

(In case you missed it, I shattered my glass stove top. And it is completely my fault.)

-that we had money saved to order a new stove

It would be more ideal to, you know, not break a stove in the first place. But, I am grateful we had money in our home fund to cover the expense.

-that Covid deaths numbers are staying low here

Some of our other metrics have taken a slight turn for the worse, but the deaths have been down at rates comparable to early April for a while now.

-that the heat has been a little milder

I felt like July was one long heat wave, with day after day after day in the high 90s + lots of humidity.

Recently, we’ve had some less-hot days, and I am not feeling quite as miserable when we go for walks in the morning.

-that we have all stayed healthy so far

And none of the older people in our extended family have gotten sick either.

-for my new Snoopy glass

Mr. FG and I took Sonia to a nearby antique shop just for fun, and Mr. FG found this Snoopy glass in a back corner. 

McDonalds Snoopy camping drinking glass

So, I am now the proud owner of a Snoopy drinking vessel. 😉 

Kristen and a Snoopy glass

I don’t really agree with the sentiment on the glass (I am one of those morning people!), but Snoopy and Woodstock are so cute, it’s all right.

-that we have been able to afford braces x 3

Mr. FG got Invisalign last summer, Zoe just started with regular braces in July, and Lisey got her Invisalign this week.

All three cases are correcting bite issues that would get worse over time, so they are medically necessary, and insurance does pay part of the cost.

But even with insurance, there’s still a pretty big out of pocket expense, and I’m thankful we have the money for it.

You know what’s funny? We always thought Sonia was for sure going to need braces because her mouth was tiny. But as it turns out, she’s the one who doesn’t need them!

-for our cute cat

I enjoy her myself, but I particularly appreciate the joy she brings to the girls.

tuxedo cat sleeping

-for all the fresh fruit that’s available right now

This is one of the best things about summer; so much good produce for good prices.


Watermelons in January are expensive and not that delicious.

Watermelons in July are super affordable and very delicious.

What are you thankful for today? 

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Sunday 9th of August 2020

Thankful about...

* Having good friends at work to hang out with * Having access to (too much) food at home * My MIL taking the kids for a week so that hubby and I can have couple time * Having a reliable car * Being able to work out at home (space and equipment)


Saturday 8th of August 2020

Late to the thankful Thursday, so it’s thankful Saturday! I’m thankful for: 1. rain! We finally had some nice rain after about 20 brutal 90+ degree no rain days in a row. Yea rain! 2. A fully filled freezer and the $ to fill it. 3. Fresh produce! 4. That, so far, we are all healthy. 5. Surgery was successful for my MIL’s cancer


Friday 7th of August 2020

I am thankful: ** that my whole family is healthy. ** for my friends and our frequent, socially distant gatherings ** that people are still having garage sales, and that thrift stores are open again. ** for my friend who sews and made masks for my family, and pillowcases made from fun fabrics. ** for my mom who is giving me her sewing machine. Hopefully I will learn how to sew. ** for my husband who can fix or build practically anything. He brings my ideas to life. Over the years he has taught my kids and I some of these skills as well. ** for some COVID freedom this warmer weather brings. Who knows what will happen when the colder weather comes back to the great Northeast. **for the simple pleasures of reading, crossword puzzles, and the sounds of crickets. ** for your blog, and everyone’s thoughtful comments which become reminders for me to be thankful and less anxious.


Friday 7th of August 2020

So many things Kristen! I keep a small booklet of things to be thankful for. When I read back, I often come across a number of themes: the wellbeing of my loved ones, the wonders of nature, the joy of being able to use my talents in my work, the security of living in a well regulated democracy. This week I also have a more particular one: having lost two pounds. It may seem like a small deal to some (and it is not really a topic for your blogs), but weight has been a struggle for me since adolescence .The doctor has forbidden me to ever crash diet again ( it has slowly led to hormonal imbalance and a higher weight) and at the same time the need to lose weight is more important than ever - my joints are suffering. I am not a couch potato, nor dumb, lazy, uninformed or undisciplined. But I am often disheartened by the never ending daily struggle. I do hope I can have a better and more balanced relationship with food eventually. Struggling with weight takes up a lot of energy and focus that I would like to direct elsewehere. Perhaps I should say instead: this week I feel grateful for feeling encouraged to persist in healthy choices ;-)


Thursday 6th of August 2020

-my son's wheelchair broke yesterday (not so great) on a walk (so great to enjoy outdoor activities in August). This is the best time for it to have happened: we're not going anywhere anyway, and he rarely uses his chiar at home. The economy is open enough that I was able to get a repair guy to come on Monday, which means hardly a wait at all, and I'm thankful that insurance covers the repair of the chair.

-quiet afternoons. Part of our house is being renovated, so I can't do everything I'd normally do. Instead I've been resting during the afternoons, which has allowed me to be up with my son for 2-3 hours each night without being completely drained the next day.

-tomorrow I get to see a friend in person. Outside of course.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.