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Grocery Shopping and Menu Plan-week 4 of cash only

I’m here at the end of my cash-only grocery spending experiment. How did I do?

I spent $48.85 at Aldi, and I spent $44.68 at Weis, for a total of $93.53.

Soo, I’m all done grocery shopping for the month of November, and I have $18.34 left in my envelope. I’m pretty tickled about that, and while I don’t know if using cash is the reason that I stayed under budget, I think I’m going to give the cash system another try this month.

Here’s what I bought with my cash. 🙂


I was pleased that I was able to stock up on boneless, skinless chicken breasts (I was completely out, soI bought two large packs on sale) and grapefruit (I have 10 pounds of grapefruit right now!).

Breakfast this week will be yogurt, oatmeal, muffins, cold cereal, and maybe some granola if I manage to find the time to make it.

Lunches will be yogurt smoothies or yogurt, bread/sandwiches, fruit, and leftovers when necessary.



  • San Remo Seafood Dip
  • mini loaves of French bread (for dipping)
  • fruit
  • raw veggies


  • Cream of Crab Soup (can you tell I am using my splurge-purchase crab meat this week??)
  • French bread
  • green salad


  • Tropical Island Chicken
  • grilled vegetables (onions, peppers, and zucchini)
  • some misc. bread that needs to be used up


  • BBQ Beef Sandwiches
  • homemade buns (still working on the imitation Fuddrucker’s buns!)
  • green beans


  • Swiss Mushroom Chicken
  • toasted, buttered buns (I’ll make extra on Wednesday)
  • whatever vegetables need to be used by then


  • Grilled bratwurst on buns
  • chips, veggies, and dip
  • fruit salad

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Monday 30th of November 2009

I have been reading your blog for quite a while and have decided to blog my own weekly grocery spending and meal plans with a view to saving money and food. Hope you don't mind me copying!!


Monday 30th of November 2009


Could we get your San Remo Seafood Dip and Cream of Crab soup recipes, please.


Monday 30th of November 2009

Buying so many things for cash on a budget - must mean a lot of calculating in the store? easy for one persons groceries but a lot of work for 6, so i think You´re doing a great job there! :-) I´ve been loving Your blog for a long time now, allthough i´ve got nothing to do with a family life and i´m also not religious. You really can talk even about the god-thing very humbly and nicely, so I read those posts, too :-). I guess everybody needs some guidelines and ¨rules¨ in life, for some it´s christianity, for some it´s just some other things. Oh, this now had nothing to do with grocery shopping..

Monica van Oudheusden

Saturday 28th of November 2009

Great job! And your dinner ideas sound yummy. Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.