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Food Waste Fighting Breakfasts and Lunches | Edition #3

Every so often, I share a collection of my breakfasts and lunches because those are the meals where I typically work hardest at fighting food waste by using up odds and ends. I hope my food-waste fighting efforts inspire you to eat some odds and ends meals too!

breakfast | smoothie

I don’t love smoothies in the winter (too cold!), but once the weather starts warming up, I do like ’em.

This one used frozen peaches (home-frozen from boxes of discounted bruised peaches last summer), the last of a container of yogurt, a banana, and some blueberries.

Purple blueberry-peach smoothie in a glass with a blue glass straw.

breakfast| egg sandwich on toast

I started this one out thinking I would use up the last English muffin.

And then I realized there were no English muffins after all!

Egg sandwich on toast.

So I had it on toast instead: two eggs, leftover bacon, some spinach, and some chopped hot cherry peppers.

breakfast | peach-cranberry oatmeal

For this one, I added dried cranberries plus some peaches, which I’d frozen from a box of bruised, marked-down peaches last summer.

Peach cranberry oatmeal in a blue bowl.

This was a really good combo!

And it reminded me why I faithfully freezer bruised peaches each summer.

breakfast | oatmeal + cottage cheese

I fried up a bruised apple to go on my oats, and I ate that with cottage cheese, topped with a banana that I’d thrown in the fridge (to halt the ripening).

Fried apple oatmeal in a bowl.

breakfast | omelet

I made an omelet to use up some peppers, and I toasted the last of the homemade French bread to eat on the side.

omelet with toast.

breakfast | spinach omelet

I used up more peppers in this one, plus some spinach.

Spinach omelet

breakfast | oatmeal

Oatmeal, made with this microwave method.

I added more of the dried fruit stash I’m working through, plus some fresh berries.

Clementines on the side, plus cottage cheese for protein.

Oatmeal with fruit and cottage cheese.

lunch | chicken spiedies salad

I’d grilled chicken for chicken spiedie subs, but I had some pieces of chicken that were too small to put on the skewers. So, I put them in a container in the fridge, and the next day at lunch I cooked them.

Small chicken pieces cooked in a skillet.

And then I made a salad with those pieces and some leftover grilled pieces, using the spiedies sauce as a dressing.

Chicken spiedies salad in a glass bowl.

lunch | but not for me!

Usually my kids fend for themselves at breakfast and lunch, but when I saw that we had leftover chicken and leftover French bread, I threw together a lunch pizza for Zoe.

BBQ chicken French bread pizza

lunch | peppers, eggs, sweet potatoes

Hungry Harvest sent me a bunch of tiny sweet potatoes + multiple red peppers.

Peppers, eggs, and sweet potatoes.

lunch | peppers, eggs, sweet potatoes, II

Same meal, different day, different plate!

lunch | peppers, eggs, sweet potatoes.

lunch | sweet potatoes

More Hungry Harvest sweet potatoes, plus some leftover chicken sausage, a Hungry Harvest pear, and the last slice of Muenster cheese.

sweet potatoes, pears, and sausage for lunch.

Lunch | Spinach salad with leftover potatoes + fried eggs

I heated up some leftover roasted potatoes in a skillet, fried two eggs, and put them on top of spinach. Apple on the side. 🙂

green salad with eggs and potatoes.

lunch | turkey sandwich

This one used the last of the turkey, plus a Hungry Harvest pear and some Hungry Harvest carrots. Aldi hummus for the carrots.

Turkey sandwich on a plate with produce and hummus.

lunch | leftover curry

Sometimes food-waste-fighting is extremely basic: heat up leftovers!

Sweet potato curry in a glass bowl.

lunch | chicken salad

Leftover brineraded chicken, lettuce, and leftover basil mayo sauce.

Brined chicken salad in a metal bowl.

And that wraps up this collection!

Want more? Here’s the first edition of my breakfast/lunch series.

And here’s the second edition.

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Wednesday 16th of June 2021

These posts are inspiring. Everytime I think there is "nothing" in the fridge to eat, I find I am not looking hard enough.


Wednesday 16th of June 2021

My breakfasts and lunches are a lot like yours! I eat a lot of leftovers and piece together some odd combos but it works for me!


Wednesday 16th of June 2021

I love these posts!


Wednesday 16th of June 2021

It all looks so good! We love creating meals from leftovers. I had two small delicata squash I needed to use up. We also had leftover rice from chicken Francaise we ordered in a few days ago. I roasted the squash with olive oil and some herbs, then stuffed them with the rice and some Italian blend cheese and heated until the cheese melted and served with leftover pita bread. Yummy! One of our other favorite meals is a fried egg over rice with avocado on the side.


Wednesday 16th of June 2021

I have to ask...

1- What is this basil mayo you mention with the brinerated chicken (which i am trying this weekend BTW...)

2- What recipe do you use for your Spiedes?? I haven't found one that works for us yet..

Always fun to see how you work to avoid food waste. I wish i was home to do the same, instead i have to try and encourage the kiddos to do it for me... always fun.


Wednesday 16th of June 2021

Here's the mayo recipe:

And here's the chicken brinerade:

For the spiedies, I used a Cook's Country recipe, but I think that one is behind a paywall.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.