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Five Frugal Things | My jeans broke. Again.

Happy Monday, friends!

1. I mended my bench cushion.

We bought a table and chair set from Crate and Barrel some years ago and while the furniture is fine, the pads are less impressive.

The bench cushion especially has been problematic, in that it shrinks when you wash it.

I asked them for a new pad initially, but the one they sent me also shrank (despite cold water and line drying), so I just gave up.

Anyway, one of the ties came off, so I sewed it back on and the cushion is back in business.

2. I mended my jeans.

You’ve seen this pair of jeans multiple times before.

They’re the ones that came apart when I pulled them up by the loop.

how to fix belt loop hole on jeans

And they’re also the ones that split by the bottom of the zipper.

At this point, I’m not even sure why I’m mending them.  Except…they do fit me great.  And I feel like they still have life in them.

(sweater from this recent Stitch Fix)

And I’m just feeling stubborn.  I WILL PREVAIL.

Anyhow. The fabric around my jean loop repair ripped, so I sewed a bigger underside patch on, did more zig-zagging to secure the fabric, and put them back into my closet.

I will probably give up on this pair of jeans at some point. But I’m just not there yet. 😉

3. I saved by buying poultry herbs.

I needed fresh rosemary and fresh thyme, and considered buying a package of each. But then I saw that there was a package of poultry herbs (rosemary, thyme, and sage), so I bought that instead. 

That way I only got a little of each herb (less waste!) and I only had to buy one package of herbs instead of two.

4. I bought some distressed jeans on clearance.

I’ve tried on distressed jeans in the past (so stylish!) and have always put them back on the shelf because I feel weird about paying a lot for jeans with holes in them.

But I found two pairs at Kohl’s for $12 each, with an extra 30% off coupon, which made them $8.40/pair.

For that price, I feel good about having stylish holes. 😉

Also, after Joshua stopped by last night* and I saw the holes in his jeans, I felt like mine were QUITE conservative. 😉

*in case you missed it, Joshua’s moved out on his own.

5. I bought nail clippers on clearance.

The last ones I bought were terrible (they kind of bend the nail instead of clipping it!), so when I saw these on clearance for $1.32, I bought both of them.

Your turn! Share your own Five Frugal Things in the comments.

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Liz Freeman

Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

I made a few concoctions to use appid food waste - banana, squash, carrot, bran, choc chip muffins for my kids and salami snap pea pasta for me. Both were really good!

I planned out a month's worth of meals and it is so great to know what is for dinner!

I run tax simulations on last year's tax software to identify how much I should pay in estimated taxes. My goal is to pay in about $100 each for state and federal (as I hate how tax refunds are considered income in the next year - I don't remember if that's a MN thing or a federal thing). My taxes are paid for this quarter and I estimated well!

I'm using (frozen) ham from last Christmas in tonight's meal and I'm really excited about it.


Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

Good for you on repairing your jeans (again) it is inspiring I should reduce/reuse/recycle/repurpose more & this was a great reminder - I did smile too though that you repaired one pair to buy a ripped one but you are quite right - a zip tear is NOT stylish :) 1. I had a big frugal win by Godincidence - I had booked a guy prune/remove trees who never showed, then I went to a friend's b'day & met an arborist & he came next morning, was super helpful with advice & gave me a significantly cheaper quote 2. Trying to buy non-perishables only on special & got a number of things on great specials 3. Doing better with meal planning again & eating at home 4. Been wanting to get a cane chair for the porch & found a lovely one at the op shop! 5. Went to another op-shop & stopped myself from buying a bag I don't need


Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

Ooh, so great to get a cheaper quote. Yay!

Carrie Willard

Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

Hey Kristen!! I would love to see a post about how you guys assisted Joshua, either financially or otherwise, with his transition to moving out. I'm not a fan of "economic outpatient care" LOL but I feel an obligation to do something to help my oldest when he does move out. What are your thoughts and what did you guys do?


Tuesday 22nd of January 2019

1. I bought some used toys at a thrift store, cleaned them up, and resold them on Facebook for 2-4 times what I paid!

2. I've been doing a pantry and freezer cupboard to use what we have and only buying produce and perishables (milk, eggs, etc.).

3. Our thrift store had a 50% off everything sale for Columbus Day and I found a LLama Llama Easter Egg board book in great (not perfect) condition to save for our little ones Easter baskets for $0.23!

4. I'm trading babysitting with other adult friends for evenings out once kids are asleep in stead of hiring a teen (though I'm all for providing teens/kids with opportunities to make and manage money)!

5. I'm packing my husband's lunches and using Tupperware instead of ziplocks.


Tuesday 22nd of January 2019

Babysitting trading is an awesome way to ease the financial strain of those baby-sitting-necessary years!


Tuesday 22nd of January 2019

1. Suggested we get gas at WalMart (we were going there anyways) instead of the place my husband was pulling into. It was 7 cents cheaper, a savings of about $1.12. 2. Bought a tie, gloves and cards at Goodwill for just over $9. I don't know how much that would've cost new, but I guess it was a $10-20 savings buying used. 3. I had my son pick out a candle for a birthday gift for a lady. He liked the scent of one on clearance, it was 33 cents cheaper. And I found a reusable gift bag in good shape for free. If we had bought a new gift bag we probably would've spent $1-2. 4. We're accepting a free TV from my bro-in-law who offered his old one to us. 5. I have $2.80 Ibotta, 228 swagbucks, $0 consignment store credit, and 74 my reader reward points.

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