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Five Frugal Things | It never hurts to ask!

1. I got a 50% discount on a medical bill

We had a billing mixup and just ended up getting a bill from a January visit.

When I called to pay it, I asked if there was a discount for paying in full, and much to my surprise, the guy offered 50% off.

Two lessons here:

  • it never hurts to ask
  • always let the other person make the offer first. I would never have asked for 50%!

Note: I have had varying success rates with asking. For instance, one time I asked for a small discount on a $1400 ambulance bill for a 5 minute transport ride, and I got nowhere.

But I figure it only takes a minute to ask over the phone, and the worst I can hear is no.

2. I ordered two add-ons with my Mighty Fix

You know how I have that silicone lid that I adore for covering half a watermelon?

silicone watermelon cover

Well, I decided I’d like one that could fit on half a cantaloupe. Amazon does not have the best price on Lekue lids, and besides, they didn’t have the size I wanted anyway.

So, I hopped on Mighty Nest and added a smaller lid to my Mighty Fix. You get a nice discount for things you add to your fix, plus you get free shipping on the whole thing. 

Here’s what the Mighty Fix is, in case you’ve missed it before.

3. We got a waterfront hotel night for $94

Our anniversary was last week, but there was a much better deal for an upcoming weekend, so we decided to have a belated night away.

We booked the hotel using my brother’s family and friends discount, so I’m sorry to say that this frugal tip is not useful for you!

Fincon19 hotel Washington DC Hilton

Not the hotel we are staying at; this is from Fincon last year!

(In case you are worried about this being risky: it’s a local hotel, so no flying necessary. We’ll wear masks in common areas. And this list ranks a hotel stay as fairly low risk.)

4. We had a $24 anniversary dinner

We usually go to a semi-fancy restaurant for our anniversary, and they do offer outdoor seating, but the weather was not good.

So, we went to a favorite pizza restaurant that we used to sometimes visit in the early days of our relationship, and we ate our pizza in the car, on plates we’d brought from home. 

It was not the fanciest anniversary dinner we’ve ever had, but it WAS one of the cheapest. 😉 

Also, a date night in your car does make for a quiet atmosphere. Plus you can tailor the background music exactly to your liking.  🙂

5. I bought some things on sale at Costco

Costco’s regular prices are good, certainly. But when things like my contact solution or dishwasher detergent go on sale, I try to make a point of buying a few extra to hold me over until they go on sale again.

Your turn! Share your five frugal things in the comments.

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Heidi P.

Thursday 20th of August 2020

1. Took my granddaughter to our neighbourhood mini-orchard to pick some apples. Was a fun free activity and we have free apples! Sent half home with her and made a large jar of applesauce with the rest. 2. Tried out a new recipe from a cookbook I borrowed from the library, that uses up some pantry Items I had on hand and wanted to use up. 3. Currently have bread rising on the counter 4. Propagating some of my plants. Using tin cans I’ve saved and pots I found at a garage sale. 5. Prepping for winter and wanted a new neck cowl, so I’m using a free crochet pattern I have used before and some leftover yarn from another project. Nice relaxing activity in the evenings and I make something pretty I can use afterwards!


Thursday 20th of August 2020

1. Bought my interstate niece's b'day present online & made it click & collect local to them so her mum picked it up & will wrap it for me (I'm posting a card) saving me about $12 postage 2. Pay my bills as soon as I get them so no late fee & two give a substantial discount for paying on time 3. Changing over internet to new service & went for the cheapest option - no charge to exit or upgrade if its not enough GB per month but if it is its $10 cheaper/mth than the next one up so worth trying out 4. been doing better with meal planning 5. Wearing outer items more times before washing when not necessary


Wednesday 19th of August 2020

I always ask for discounts. The best one I think was for my youngest's braces. First I asked for a discount since it was kid #3 and then I asked for a paid in full discount. It saved me $1200. #1. I made mussels marinara with homegrown tomatoes, parsley and basil. The mussels were on sale. It was so yummy. #2. I canned 10 pints of dill relish. The cucumbers are going crazy this year. I need to make more pickles. #3. The man I help is in the hospital. His daughter asked me to clean out the fridge and to do a deep clean of the house if I wanted hours this week. She said to take whatever food would go bad over the next 2 weeks so I got milk, juice, watermelon, grapes and bananas. I can't visit him in the hospital but I have been calling him several times a day. I go to his house every other day. Bring in the mail and papers, check his answering machine, put out the garbage and recycles also. His daughter is very grateful for the help. #4. Hubby uses our CC for work charges. I just redeemed $106 from the credit card. We pay it in full every month. I will be putting my youngest's tuition payment on it at the end of the month so I should get a good amount next month too. #5. The weather has cooled off the last few days. The AC has been off. It has rained several times so no watering the garden. The laundry was hung inside on drying racks. Leftovers have been eaten for lunches.


Wednesday 19th of August 2020

1. We kept our scheduled vacation although our vacation plans were canceled. Instead, we have taken the time to get our house ready for some overdue renovation. Decluttered our office and laundry area, and took down old built-in cabinets. Two vans full of broken furniture, mattresses and other things went to the dump, besides bags and bags into recycling. It feels so good to take inventory of everything every now and then.

2. I sold some decluttered items that were still in good shape, and some I took to a consignment shop where I have an account.

3. My husband mended an old pair of swim trunks that were perfectly fine except one seam by the waist.

4. Shopped for clothes and shoes for the family during Maryland's tax free week.

5. My son started his first job, which I take some credit for as I coached him through the whole application process and was sending him job postings. Frugal for the family as he can now cover more of his expenses and increase savings.


Wednesday 19th of August 2020

Happy anniversary!

Been doing my usual frugal work stuff: bringing my lunch, snacks and drinks from home, and wearing thrifted outfits. (Loving having a little fridge in the office!) Over the weekend, I shortened two blouses bought from an online thrift store -- squared off the tails so they can be wore outside my slacks and look professional -- and mended a shirt for my husband. Saved about $17 shopping with store coupons for groceries. Gassed up my car with a gift card and saved 3 cents a gallon. Used my unpaid lunch hour to run errands for my household: a quick trip to Dollar Tree replenished our supply of Pears soap, which we use because it doesn't scum up the shower like regular soap.

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