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Five Frugal Things | haircut and birdhouse coupons

1. I used a haircut coupon

Haircuttery sent me a coupon code, so I scheduled a haircut for myself.

Since I’ve been doing my hair wavy/curly, I’d been wanting to get more layers cut in anyway, so this was the perfect time.


2. I looked up a Michael’s coupon for the girls

A painted two-level birdhouse.

Sonia and Zoe wanted to paint birdhouses with two friends, and before we checked out at Michael’s with our birdhouses, I found a 20%/entire purchase coupon on my phone.

Sonia’s birdhouse is currently living in this huge bookshelf that I rescued and painted white.

Lots of before and after photos in that link, if you like that type of thing.

A white bookshelf with a birdhouse on the top shelf.

3. I made gluten-free menu plans for my friend’s visit

My friend from Ohio has to eat gluten-free, which is more challenging if you eat out.

And eating out for two nights with eight of us would have been expensive anyway!

So, I made pork tinga tacos on corn tortillas for dinner, I made this baked oatmeal for breakfast, and the next night, we grilled sausages at the pool (she eats hers without a bun).

A bowl of baked oatmeal on a granit countertop.

4. I decided to wait to get my glasses fixed

I can’t remember ever doing this before as an adult, but I’ve scratched a lens of my glasses.

I think it happened when they got knocked off of my nightstand.

A pair of glasses on a black dresser top.

Sadly, the lenses have to be replaced, not repaired.

And our vision insurance will only pay for a pair of glasses or a set of contacts each year.

The scratch on my glasses is not terrible, so here’s my plan:

I’ll schedule my annual eye exam towards the end of 2021, and I’ll use my 2021 benefits to order contact lenses. Then I’ll use my 2022 benefits in January to cover a new pair of glasses.

5. I…

  • made coffee at home
  • made homemade iced tea
  • made a menu plan
  • made a grocery list based on the menu plan
  • shopped at Aldi
  • customized my Hungry Harvest box (no extra charge, and it ensures I’m getting things we will actually eat)

What frugal things have you been up to lately?

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Thursday 15th of July 2021

1) Consolidated two higher interest loans to a single 4% interest rate-this will accelerate our pay off. 2) Sat down with the budgets for the next three months to make sure all the occasional expenses were accounted for... 3)Before we left for our trip, threw all the bread left in the bread drawer in the freezer so we could eat it when we got home. 4)Am teaching summer school for the month of July. 5)Downsized my regular SB order from Grande to Tall.


Wednesday 14th of July 2021

1. Remembered to take my little canteen to work so I could refill it from the water cooler instead of having to buy it bottled. Now that we are going back to the office on a regular part-time basis starting next week I will bring a cup from home to leave there again. 2. Renewed my library card online so I can reserve physical books again. 3. Invested in an aerobic step to use at home instead of paying monthly fees to a gym. I needed one for physical therapy for my leg and will use it for general exercise as well. 4. Waited until chocolate went on sale at my local Walgreen to get what I had been craving. 5. "Shopped" my closet when I was tempted to buy clothes and saw I really didn't need to buy anything, just needed to restyle what I already have.


Wednesday 14th of July 2021

My five- 1) Breakfast this morning with a group that I have not seen since 2019! I am drinking my coffee now and will order water with my meal. 2) Making my packing list for vacation- that includes the peanut butter and jelly for our lunches while on the road. 3) Confirmed the reciprocity list for zoo membership and local museum - we will check out a new zoo and science museum on vacation for free and 50% off! 4) Check into memberships at local zoos and museums- We only need to go twice at the zoo and once at the museum and the membership is paid for. Great when you need a fun family activity and do not want to spend additional funds- The museum is great for an unexpected rainy day or snow day. 5) Swapping mowing and pet sitting with the neighbor - They went on vacation earlier this year and will help us out when we are out of town. Cheaper than boarding and lawn service!


Wednesday 14th of July 2021

1. Growing tomatoes. 2. Tjmaxx for a good dress. 3. Soup...home made...froze 10 servings...gets better each time I eat it. 4. Salad of sliced orange...sliced peach..sliced avacado...topped with blue cheese and sesame seeds. Yum. 5. Pay neighbor to take me to Dr appointments

Catherine Ann Smith

Wednesday 14th of July 2021

I just wanted to let you know that around Thanksgiving Zenni Optical which is an online store has a sale of 20%-25% off the whole order which is excellent. I have been buying from them for years and I very happy with my purchases. They have a great selection of frames and lenses. You were talking about needing to get glasses.

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