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Five Frugal Things | For the second time in a week!

I have exactly 15 minutes to write a post, so Five Frugal Things it is. 😉

(Update: I finished this with four minutes to spare. Speed blogging!)

1. I helped Zoe sell Build-A-Bear clothes and shoes.

She picked out what she wanted to sell, we laid it out and photographed it, and I listed it yesterday for her.

I listed it for more than I wanted because people love to bargain on eBay. And my nefarious plan worked, because it sold for exactly the price I envisioned, after a little bargaining.

If these items were mine, I’d probably donate them, because a small sale amount feels not worth it to me for the work involved.

But Zoe has less cash than I do, so I’m willing to do it for her.

2. I spackled and painted a board that’s needed it for over 6 months.

When we had all our plumbing trouble last year, the board between the oven and dishwasher got taken off. When it got screwed back in, the screw holes needed to be filled.

spackled screw holes

I kinda forgot about it for months, but I put it on my to-do list last week, and we all know I really like to cross things off of my to-do list.

So, putting it on my list made me get it done!

While I had my cabinet paint out, I touched up some spots on my painted doors.   The paint job I did is holding up well, several years later, but sometimes the edges right around the handles get worn a little thin.

A quick touch-up with a mini brush fixes it right up, though!

(Here’s how I painted my cabinets.)

3. I’ve largely stayed out of the grocery store.

As you know, I needed to stay under $100 this week in order to finish up March on budget, so I’ve been shopping the freezer and putting meals together mostly with what I have in the house.

4. I made granola.

Granola from the store is delicious, but stupid expensive.   Especially for something that’s largely made of oats, which are about as cheap as dirt.

I made this granola, which does not have to be stirred while it bakes.   Game-changer, guys!

My kids like to eat this on top of homemade yogurt, with fresh fruit.

5. I made baked oatmeal for breakfast this morning.

Cheaper than cereal, and also more fun!

Do you have material for another Five Frugal Things? Share in the comments!

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Sunday 1st of April 2018

Kohl's had Chaps pants for $5.90 so I picked up a couple pair and used a $30% off. Also a pair of GV jeans for $10.

Kroger had whole chickens for .59 # and I picked up a couple.

My son & dil gifted me her old Apple watch.

2 of my co-workers & I are walking our halls at lunchtime for exercise. 5 times around is a mile.

I found that our local Magoos sells out of date pet food. I got canned cat food for my local ferals for a fraction of the price and it was dated for Feb 18. Hopefully the cats appreciate the canned food as our weather is still cold and it's snowing.

Where is spring?


Saturday 31st of March 2018

I don't have 5 to post. The only frugal post I have is that we have a church owned thrift store, and on last Wednesday every clothing item is 50% off. I bought 5 dresses for 14 yr old daughter. The dresses are normally $5.10 a peace, I got a Ralph Lauren navy sleeveless for $2.55, and a jean and floral t-strap one to go with a sweater from 2 years a go. I would not usually buy for her if she is not there to try on, but I could sell them at a yard sale if they didn't fit. I love this store because the items are always great shape and the proceeds got to help their missions. P.S. I got a thirty-one bag there that is in perfect shape for $1.10.

Happy Easter Ya'll


Sunday 1st of April 2018

Ohh, those are some great deals!

Profesora H-B

Friday 30th of March 2018

1. I've been snacking on frozen fruit a lot lately. It knocks out my cravings and it's not candy/ice cream. My frugal thing is that I bought lots of grapes at $0.77/lb to freeze.

2. I bought store-brand soda. I know I shouldn't drink soda at all, but we're getting there.

3. I remembered to switch every load of laundry to the dryer before it needed to be rewashed. Yay!

4. I think I salvaged my favorite shoes after having to walk through ankle-deep rainwater. I really don't want to replace them!

5. I borrowed a movie from the library instead of renting/buying it.


Friday 30th of March 2018

BTW Five Frugal things is my fav post!

1. Twice a month we eat salads from Costco. I’m the only one who like the dressing that comes with it so there were many dressing containers floating around my fridge. Today I took all the leftover dressings out if the fridge and decided to consolidate them in one container so I remember to use the dressing. I filled a quart jar with dressing! 2. Sent Easter cards I already had on hand. 3. Needed an Easter table cloth for a kid’s party. Found a resusable flannel backed one at a thrift store cheaper than the disposable ones at the dollar store. 4. Bought Easter candy and party food for the party and for us at a deep deep discount store that I pass once a week in another town. 5. Going on a cheap homeschool field trip today to our State Police Academy and I’m packing our lunch so we can run errands after and not be tempted by fast food!


Friday 30th of March 2018

I love FFT & Kristen your granola & baked oatmeal look so good I am so glad you are going to post that recipe soon cos I will be making both; thank you for such good meal/snack ideas. Besides, we have a TON of oats in the pantry. 1. Well, this was nearly a frugal loss for me but thanks to Maureen & her no. 4 I remembered! Or rather I was reminded! I tried out your trick of weighing bags of produce and got over 100g more of some red peppers on sale that were in '1kg' bags, I planned to make shakshuka & freeze it in portions which I WILL do tomorrow :) (would have been so sad if they had gone bad) 2. Made my current cheap version ( I would normally add garlic/onion/bacon ) of 'I can't be bothered cooking but I need to eat' dinner; batch of brown basmati in rice cooker, when ready fry up store bought frozen peas/corn/carrot with olive oil, 1 tsp curry powder & 1/2 tsp tumeric, add rice cook, add 3 tsp soy sauce & stir, apply to mouth. I then portioned out the leftovers for the freezer to nuke in the microwave when I'm feeling even less like cooking dinner or to have as a side. On a side note (ha ha) a friend taught me to pour boiling water from the kettle over packet frozen veg, leave sit 3 min, drain then cook as desired - & WOW there is no comparison to taste/texture/cooking time; will never go back... 3. Had to cover my supervisor yesterday & will get paid heaps extra! Yay 4. Not really frugal but our department closes on public holidays so I will end up with 5 days off in a row - Yay!!!! - well, I guess I won't be driving to work so saved petrol? 5. Still gradually putting together a much more functional wardrobe & need a couple of much warmer tops for winter when I feel I need to look a bit nicer & started shopping my wardrobe planning for winter occasions so I only buy things I really need & that will be the most useful.


Saturday 31st of March 2018

Went shoe shopping today & found out the whole shopping centre had a major sale going on; got 2 pairs of really comfortable well made classic black shoes; one flats the other low heel sling backs with adjustable strap & a great top that I can wear all year round all items 30% off woo-hoo!

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