Freebie! $25 gift certificate to Sunnyside Organic!

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Mary, winner of the $25 gift certificate!

Hey there, frugal people! Just popping in for a quick giveaway.

sunnyside organics

Sunnyside Organic is a small business (run by a Frugal Girl reader!) that sells organically-made products such as lip balm, natural deodorant, natural makeup remover, and more.

I got a little package of Sunnyside products to try out, and my favorite so far is the eye makeup remover.

organic eye makeup remover

It’s made of totally natural stuff like olive oil and witch hazel, so you can feel good about putting it on your skin. And I’m pleased to say that it works great!

I thought the naturally tinted lip balm was a pretty neat product too…it’s like all-natural lipstick.

sunnyside lip balm

Sunnyside offers massage oil, a number of products for mom and baby, (like natural diaper rash ointment)and there are several gift sets available as well.

And Sunnyside ships worldwide, so all of you can shop there. Sweet.

One lucky reader will get a $25 gift certificate to Sunnyside’s shop!

To enter, just leave a comment telling me what you’d like to buy at Sunnyside (hop on over to the shop to poke around and see what appeals to you.)

The giveaway will close at midnight EST on Monday, December 9th. One entry per person, please.

disclosure: I received free products to review; however, this review and giveaway were not sponsored.


  1. Anusha says

    I think their natural deodorant would be the right choice for me.
    I have sensitive skin and end up with a rash whenever I try using a deodorant.
    Thank You for the review of these organic products.

    • says

      Hi Anusha! I love the deodorant in my shop–for me, this stuff works like nothing else! If you’re interested, I could even make you a “gentler” version with less baking soda in it. I am always happy to do custom orders.

  2. Debbie Flowers says

    With our first grandchild due this month, I would love to shower the new Mom with nursing salve, butt balm, and natural teething drops.

  3. Allison says

    Oh! It all looks good. I think the lip balm, the lotion bar and the teething drops. My cousin is expecting and a few of these things would make a lovely pre-baby gift.

  4. Jess says

    Oooooo the solid lotion and deodorant sound like something I’d like to try! Thanks for sharing, will add her shop to my etsy favorites :)

  5. chppie says

    Gee that tinted lip balm look greats. Also my daughter would love that make up remover. And those pretty solid lotions were intriguing. Thanks for highlighting the shop.

    Love your blog posts. So informative and encouraging.

  6. says

    The body butter and tinted lip Balm. The soap for teeth is also very interesting. Neat products, thanks for the giveaway!

  7. says

    The body butter and tinted lip Balm. The soap for teeth is also very interesting. Neat products, thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Linda M says

    I think I would like the solid lotion bars and my husband would benefit from the organic arthritis oil.

  9. Dimitrianne says

    The Organic Romance body balm and organic lavender massage looks nice. Thanks for the review! :)

  10. Barsha says

    I would like to get the organic deodorant. It’s unscented and the packaging looks so cute. I am obsessed with nice packaging. I have never seen a deodorany in a container like that, so would be fin to try :) I also want to try their lip balm as I love trying out new lip balms :)

  11. Esti says

    My friend has cancer and I would really like to give her the get well soon package and I love all the lavender stuff.

  12. Cathy says

    I just moved to New England and could really use the solid lotions and lip balms for the drier weather. Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. christina lopresti says

    Wow, there was so much to choose from. I would get the get well soon package! There’s nothing like a little pampering when your sick.

    • says

      Solid lotion is a little different, but I am a huge convert now! I love it! I think it keeps my skin moisturized better than regular lotion.

  14. Jennifer G says

    With our daughter expecting our fourth grandchild I think any of the baby products would be wonderful to share – Grands are the best!

  15. Heather says

    The Get Well Soon gift pack would be my ideal right now–feeling under the weather and this looks like a good combo right now!

  16. AMG says

    I would jump at the chance to try the Calm and the Sleep Body Balm and the solid lotion bars. My skin is so dry right now it hurts, I live in a very dry and currently very cold area, which makes it worse.

  17. Deborah C. Williams says

    What a lovely assortment of natural products..loved several as I too have sensitive skin..thanks Kristen for this link..prices are reasonable too!!

  18. JenB says

    Ohhh, the Mom and Baby gift set looks fantastic! I’m expecting my third and it would be nice to have to new stuff this time around.

  19. lauren says

    I would love to try the natural deodorant, I’ve tried several kinds in the past and love the one I use now (Arm and Hammer naturals) but would love something even more home made. Also, I would venture into something outside of my realm with the tinted lip balm :)

  20. CarrieLynn says

    I would love to try the mom and baby stuff as I am having a baby in March and love all natural products to use on my babies!

  21. Jen says

    I am intrigued by the muscle soak and sore muscle massage oil-been moving furniture the last two days!

  22. Stacy S says

    I’m a sucker for peppermint lip balm every time! And I like the natural deodorant too. (I’m in Canada, I presume that’s ok since you said she ships worldwide and you would either have an online gc code or it would only cost a bit more to mail it – but please remove me if I’m incorrect).

    • Barb says

      I too am in Canada and was going to order some stuff. The shipping was more than the products in some cases and by the time I had ordered 3 things, the shipping was over half of the cost of what I had ordered. The things I wanted were very small and could easily fit in a small mailing envelope. I’m not sure why I would be charged$25 shipping for that?? Oh well. Guess I will keep looking around……

      • Karen says

        Hi Barb, the prices I have listed are generally for flat-rate priority shipping boxes. If you are still interested in purchasing from me, I would be happy to use a different (though probably slower) method of shipping and refund you the difference in shipping costs.

  23. Maryhomemama says

    What a great product line! I would love the lip balm and eye makeup remover. I have sensitive eyes that burn when I use most removers. Cheers!

  24. Carissa says

    I would buy the soothing baby bath or the teething oil. I have a 10 month old who doesn’t sleep very well (which ultimately means I don’t sleep well). I try to use all natural products with him but most of them are out of my price range. The products on the Sunnyside site aren’t too expensive so I may give them a try.

  25. Nestra says

    Oooh, I could go crazy in that shop! First I would get some tinted lip balm and regular lip balm. Then I would add some massage oil. Then, who knows!

  26. Amy says

    I’d love to try some natural teething drops- my baby has been teething like mad! The lip balm would be nice too.

  27. Lauren M. says

    I would love the makeup remover. Twin mom here…tired and doesn’t have time for raccoon eyes!

  28. Liane says

    Sunsafe lip balm & mom & baby gift pack look fab. What a great history, phd in chemistry turned mom/natural products business. I love it! Please enter me in the drawing!

  29. Noreen Nixon says

    Oh heaven ! Body balms ….. I am on chemo and dry , ugly skin is a constant problem. The store products always have chemicals that make things worse .
    Thanks !

  30. Debbie Dunlap says

    Uh . . . I think I’ll take one of everything!! Crossing my fingers that I win this giveaway.

  31. Molly F.C. says

    Deodorant, chest rub, lavender massage oil, sore muscle rub, eye makeup remover…just a few out of many things I’d love to try. Have to check out this store further. Thanks!

  32. Amanda R says

    What a great shop! I love all her items. I think I’d buy the lotion bars – I love those! And they are great for travel :)

  33. Maggie says

    I would love to the get well soon set since I am currently suffering from yet another sinus infection. Blech!

  34. Kathy says

    I would try the natural deodorant and arthritis oil. This winter storm has me aching all over!

  35. Jackie says

    Everything looks awesome! Right up my alley. I’d probably spend way more than the $25 gift certificate…personally I’d try the tooth powder and mouthwash but this is a great site for some Christmas gifts!


  36. Vanita Sansom says

    I love organic/ natural stuff and am working towards making it my lifestyle in all areas. I especially would buy the lip balm because what human being doesn’t struggle with DRY lips! I also like the “get well package ” because I currently have the CRUD. Thanks for sharing this source. Vanta

  37. Dee R says

    I would choose; the lip balm, lavender baby wash, and the calming massage oil. Please enter me into the drawing. Thanks!

  38. Michelle says

    I would love the makeup remover, as my lids are very sensitive. Lip balm would be nice too, since it is very dry and cold (1 degree) here in Colorado.

  39. jennifer y says

    I would purchase the natural deodorant if I won the giftcard.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  40. nancy says

    What a wonderful shop! And what *don’t* I want to buy?! Since it’s nearly winter, I think I’ll get some body balm, and I think I’ll buy some hair wax for my son for Christmas. And I expect I’ll be trying all the products during the coming months, so please do enter my name in your drawing. Thank you for introducing us to this shop, as these look like great buys!

    • says

      Thanks, Nancy! The hair wax is one of my husband’s favorites. If you do stop by my shop, I think you’ll be pleased. I’m really proud of my products!

  41. Letina says

    The eye makeup remover, the tinted lip balm, and those teething drops would certainly help the bags under my eyes!! :)

    Thanks for posting about this shop excited to try!

  42. Amanda Yoder says

    Wow lots of stuff I’d love – I’d like the organic tinted lip balm, the get well soon package, and the tooth powder!!

  43. Gabi says

    Anything cosmetic related would be awesome! I’d love the tinted lip balm and eye make up remover!

  44. Gretchen says

    I love using organic skin products and would like to try the peppermint tooth soap and herbal bath products.

  45. Crystal says

    DEFINITELY the Organic Teething drops! I have twin babies who are teething…night time is the most difficult. I really don’t like to keep giving them Tylenol and have been looking for some others options.

  46. Rose says

    I regularly purchase natural cosmetic products from a vendor at our local farmer’s market. But she only operates during the summer…. I would love to find similar products on line. I would like to try her body balms and lip balms.

  47. says

    I would looooove to try some of the all natural baby products! I am expecting a new little bundle in about three months, and we are trying to do everything we can to keep her products natural and safe. Something like an all natural diaper rash cream would be especially awesome!

  48. Ara says

    Would love to send my Mom a Get Well Soon Care Package and try the tinted lip balm myself! Thanks for the opportunity!

  49. Libby says

    I have very sensitive skin so these products sound great! I’m especially interested in the natural lip balm because so many lip products hurt my lips.

  50. Mary Hart says

    I would love to try the tinted lip balm & the eye makeup remover. On this damp, snowy day, the arthritis rub sounds good, too!

  51. amber says

    That naturally tinted lip product looks amazing! I am also super curious about the mens cologne and gifts sets.

  52. Katie says

    I would snap up a ton of the tinted lip balm! It looks fantastic, and I love supporting small businesses.

  53. Karen says

    I just checked Sunny’s shop and I would love to win the Embrace Perfume Oil – Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, and Grapefruit Essential Oils, 1/3 oz. I would love to win this since it’s made from natural ingrediants and I allergic to some manufactors ingrediants you find in non-organic oils.

  54. Lisa Clarrey says

    Hi Kristen! I would love to try the solid lotion bar shaped like a flower! When the weather gets cold, my fingertips split and it’s very painful. Right now I use bag balm from the feed store on them. This is made for chapped cows’ udders. While I have nothing against cows, I quite like them in fact, it would be nice to find a more “ladylike” product that was made for me! Thanks for the opportunity, Sunnyside & Kristen!

  55. Candi says

    Hi! My husband plans to quit smoking on Jan 1st, and I think the Breathe Easy Organic Herbal Bath might help ‘loosen’ him up a bit when he stops. So if I win the gift certificate, that’s what I’ll purchase!

  56. Kristen says

    I am a Chapstick lover and would like to try hers! Also the deodorant because I’m too afraid to make my own.

  57. Angie Speagle says

    I’d LOVE to try the lip balm! And definitely the eye makeup remover. Thanks for sharing!

  58. Heather says

    I would love to try the massage oil, and the chapstick, but my first choice would be the deodorant! Look like great products!

  59. says

    Choice #1 deoderant I’ve recently tried a few natural brands and I’m delighted to see one of your readers has produced an organic deoderant
    Choice #2 lip balm- I carry a lip balm in my pocket year round.

  60. Stacy T says

    Wonderful site! I think the organic peppermint soap looks refreshing and that tinted lip balm looks awesome too. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  61. Abby says

    I want to try her soap for teeth and deodorant! Actually I want to try it all but “soap for teeth” just made me smile!

  62. Melody says

    I would definitely try the eye makeup remover, because I’m having a hard time finding one that doesn’t burn my eyes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. Helen M. Beggane says

    I would like to buy the Sunnyside organic deodorant and the set of 3 organic solid lotion bars.

  64. Nancy says

    The Organic Arthritis Rub would be wonderful~~~sounds great! The Organic Sleep Massage Oil would be nice also!

  65. Lori says

    I would LOVE the romance package with the scrub, that would be so wonderful! I have fibromyalgia and can’t afford to pamper myself, so that would be quite a treat:))

  66. Tracie W. says

    I’d buy the Organic Deodorant. I’ve been thinking about trying to do away with chemically made deodorants but haven’t made the move yet. I’ve actually heard of all the ingredients that go into Sunnyside’s Organic Deodorant.

  67. jean says

    I would like to try the deodorant. I’ve been thinking about getting something more natural like this.

  68. Cheryl says

    anything but especially the deodarant. Trying to get away from harmful products and this is one thing I haven’t been able to find a natural that works well.

  69. Kelsey says

    I would love to get my mom the eye make up remover to add to her Christmas present. Or the organic deodorant for my husband, or the body balm for his hands in the winter. Looks like great products!

  70. Aaron says

    I love learning about non-toxic allergy friendly products. Also, if the packaging material can either be reused or recycled I get even more excited. I am a peppermint addict so any of the peppermint products. Please enter me in drawing. Thanks:)

  71. Rebecca K. says

    I have make-up remover on my list of things to get this next week, so I would love to try this one. I also have a little one (9 months) and the diaper rash ointment would be good for us too…

  72. Aaron says

    I am am a peppermint addict so any of the peppermint products interest me. Please me in the drawing. Thanks

  73. Fereshteh says

    I have added the deoderant, the eye makeup remover and the arthritis rub to my shopping cart and would love a gift certificate to help with some of the cost!

  74. mary t says

    i really like the Pamper Me Romance Gift Set with Organic Sugar Scrub, Body Balm, and Massage Oil , but would try more

  75. Gabrielle says

    The tinted and peppermint lip balms both look great! I’m intrigued by the balms and the perfume oil too though……

  76. Christy says

    I’d like the deodorant and the natural baby stuff. My son has sever eczema and skin issues so I am making everything but would love to try products I can buy.

  77. Nicole says

    I am very intrigued by the Organic Peppermint Soap for teeth, and I think the Get Well Soon Care Package would be a lovely comforting gift to send to someone this winter.

  78. Kristen B says

    I am due with my first little one in a few weeks, so it’s all things baby in my world right now, so I would go with the baby wash and baby butt balm!

  79. Vee says

    I’d love a nice whole-body skin moisturizer. Something nice and creamy with a firm thickness and healing properties. It doesn’t require a scent, but scented moisturizer would be nice too.

    Thanks for the great, informative emails.

  80. Anne says

    The baby butt balm — my poor baby has sensitive skin so I’m always looking for something to help with her diaper rash!

  81. Donna Heaven says

    So hard to choose I’d want to buy one of everything! I have senstive skin and have to be careful of the products I use and these seem like they work great for me!

  82. Susan says

    My husband has had issues with a skin condition this past year and myself recently that we think organic is the way to go. The deodorant, tooth soap and lip balms all look wonderful. Please enter us in your contest. Merry Christmas!

  83. Rose Villacis says

    I would buy 2 of the organic deodorants (no more aluminum for me as BC survivor) and a lip balm. Thanks!

  84. Jenessa says

    I am very interested in the deodorant and lip balm. I am switching to more natural beauty products as I run out of things, and these are both coming up on my list.

  85. Renee McDonnell says

    I would love any of the makeup removers because I have just started wearing makeup on a more regular basis and it is making me break out more because I am not taking it off properly. Also love the idea of the tinted lip balm because I have been eyeing that in the stores here too. Thanks for the chance.

  86. Sherri says

    The Citrus Time Body balm, the Sleepy Time Organic herbal bath and the Massage Oil look wonderful.

  87. Judy says

    I think the arthritis rub and the lip balm. I have arthritis in my right hand. Being right handed and working on computers at my job, some days can be painful. I do take natural supplements for it but I think the rub would really feel good. The lip balm would be a favorite because I use a lot in our cold winters.

  88. Fazil says

    The products featured by this company are very much my style–clean, natural, and environmentally friendly. I would be extremely interested in trying the cologne and deoderant. I’m dabbling with essential oils to create my deoderant at this time too and I would like to see how their’s compare. :)

  89. Kim B says

    I’d love to try the citrus body balm. My girls and I always get dry skin over the winter months. Love the fact that the ingredients are all natural!

  90. Jan says

    Definitely the lip balm. Most of the lip balms I buy from the drugstore make my lips feel even drier within minutes.

  91. Jamie P says

    I would love to try any of the body balms. And I have always been intrigued by tooth powders . . .

  92. Michelle says

    I have a friend who suffers from arthritis. She’s an artist and it makes it next to impossible for her to work. I wonder how well the Arthritis Rub works.

  93. Kate says

    I would buy an assortment of the lip balms and give them to my son’s daycare providers as part of their Christmas present. Hopefully there would be enough money left over for one for myself too :)

  94. cp says

    I’d like to try the Organic Deodorant as I know regular deodorant is not very good for you. Thanks!

  95. Lisa says

    I would definitely grab the deodorant – anything that might not add to the possibility of Alzheimer’s is worth a shot!

  96. Tiffany says

    I would buy the mouthwash and/or tooth powder. I am striving for more holistic teeth products.

  97. says

    I’d totally love to buy some natural mom/baby products for my sister-in-law and niece! And I’d love to try the natural deodorant! Our family loves everything natural and homemade. :)

  98. Cathy Simon says

    I would try the sunsafe and peppermint lip balm, the tooth powder, and the make up remover. Thanks for the opportunity to win a gift certificate!

  99. Kathy Magee says

    I would love to try the peppermint organic lip balm, as well as the nighttime sleep rub. SOUNDS WONDERFUL!!

  100. Floortje says

    I would like to try the body balm and solid lotion bar. The skin on my hands is screaming for some good cream, but the 3 different ones I am using now don’t do anything more then moisturizing for an hour/few hours.
    Also, I think my body will be really happy with a rich, natural balm to moisturize the dry spots that appear magically everywhere….

  101. Terry says

    I’d love to try the makeup remover, and the lip balm, and the body moisture balm. So many items sound really nice.

  102. Rebecca B. A. R. says

    I would love to try the tinted lip balm. Please enter me in the drawing–maybe I’ll get lucky!!!

  103. laurie matzko says

    I would love the Organic Chest Rub…reminds me of using Vicks and a vaporizer when I was sick as a child. I have gotten my kids’ cold, and the coughing doesn’t seem to be going away. Hate to use medication, and this seems like a great option!

  104. Doniel says

    I would LOVE to get purchase the deodorant. I have been looking high and low for a natural deodorant and this one sounds like it’s just what I’ve been searching for!

  105. Amy says

    I would get the deodorant and soap for teeth! My daughter is allergic to corn so I love that she uses arrowroot powder in her deodorant instead of cornstarch!