My fantastic funnel

I know that’s sort of high praise for a lowly funnel, but I really do love mine.

I use it nearly every week when I’m making yogurt, and lately, I’ve been using it to fill jars with applesauce.

kuchenprofi funnel

I used to have a flimsy plastic funnel with a snipped-off end, so last Christmas, I put this funnel on my list.

(Shut up. Funnels are indeed Christmas present material, at least when they’re this nice. ;))

A lovely feature of this funnel is that it works with wide-mouth or narrow-mouth jars.

funnel filling applesauce jars

And because it comes with a removable mesh filter, it’s perfect for things like straining broth or pouring milk into jars for making yogurt (it strains out any solids.)

I really, really like that it’s not plastic, both because it will last longer and because I feel totally comfortable pouring hot liquids (like broth) through it. No melting worries!

The funnel is made by Kuchenprofi, and it’s $22 on Amazon. I know that seems like sort of a lot of money for a funnel, but hey, it should be the last one you need to buy, and if you find yourself pouring stuff into jars much, I think you’d love the Kuchenprofi as much as I do.

(There are other, less expensive stainless steel funnels available, like this Norpro Funnel, which costs less than $9, but the cheaper ones tend not to come with a strainer, and some people have complained about things like the handle falling off. In the grand scheme of things, the extra $13 for the Kuchenprofi seems worth it to me.)

P.S. Speaking of stainless steel kitchen tools, while I was making applesauce, I was reminded again how very much I still love my stainless steel ladle (which happened to be the topic of an adoring post a while back. ) What can I say? Stainless steel kitchen tools make my heart go pitter-pat.

stainless steel ladle


  1. K D says

    Since I don’t strain things I’ll stick with my decaeds old plastic Ball wide mouth funnel, which I use regularly for filling repurposed Mason jars.

    • Kristen says

      And even if you DID need to strain something, you could always just put a small strainer over top of your current funnel.

      I just really love the convenience of an in-funnel strainer.

      • WilliamB says

        I do that a lot. I have two nice metal funnels: small and smaller. My smallest strainer fits perfectly inside the smaller one.

        Another advantage to metal is that it doesn’t absorb colors, odors, or tastes, and is easy to clean.

  2. says

    I was thinking of making up soup in big batches and freezing it in canning jars this winter to reduce the amount of store bought soup we buy that seems have more ingredients than I would like. This ladle might be just perfect for that.

    • Susan says

      So you can freeze glass jars? How do you defrost the soup? Can you defrost in the microwave or will the glass break? What is the benefit of freezing items in glass jars? I admit that it does seem helpful for soup. just curious.

      • Reese says

        If you don’t like to use plastic baggie or plastic containers (I don’t own either) to store things, glass is the only option. I let my jars sit out for a while before I stick them (without the metal ring top) in the microwave.

    • Jill says

      I have been freezing soup for years. I re-use spaghetti sauce jars. There is only three of us here so it is a great way to store leftovers.

      • Susan says

        I would like to use glass because someone gave me a case of Mason jars but doesn’t the glass crack in the freezer? I work full time so when I come home, I would like to thaw out food quickly. Can I take a jar of leftover spaghetti sauce, take the metal top off and thaw it in the microwave (on defrost mode)? no glass cracking?????

        I never thought about reusing glass jars of spaghetti sauce…I should have thought of that years ago. I hate to put leftovers into plastic containers because it discolors the plastic and I shouldn’t heat it up in plastic anyway.

        Thanks for all the info.

        • Kristen says

          As long as you leave room for the soup to expand as it freezes, you should be just fine! I freeze in glass jars all the time.

  3. Battra92 says

    I have the plastic Ball one and it works okay for me now. As things go, I am replacing them with durable stainless items (usually Restaurant Supply items.) I just bought a stainless one piece ladle, three sets of stainless measuring spoons and a stainless Pie/Cake server. I also got a couple of aluminum ice scoops for flour use.

    No more plastic for me!

    • WilliamB says

      I have an almost perfect set of measuring spoons. They’re metal, include 1/2 T, and double sided – having round spoons at one end and oval at the other. I don’t even need to use a second spoon if I’m measuring both wet and dry ingredients. The only downside is a small one: they’re magnetic so they stick together in their storage cup.

  4. Molly F.C. says

    I have TWO All Clad ladles, smaller & larger, and an AC slotted spoon. I’m with you Kristen, I love using them. :)

  5. gail says

    You make me smile. I am a retired grandma now, but when I was newly married, I remember my mother proudly telling my aunt I chose to spend some gift money on a cookbook instead of the clothes I lacked sorely. Then a few years later when I asked for a vacuum cleaner for Christmas and was ecstatic to receive it, she said she was glad to learn her “little book worm” had a very strong domestic side. It is enjoyable not to be teaching though I loved it, and to be able to keep house and cook slowly. Enjoy your funnel and slotted spoon, ladle and Pyrex. Nothing wrong with that! I look forward to your blog every morning.

  6. Joyce says

    “Shut up. Funnels are indeed Christmas present material, at least when they’re this nice. )” that just made me ROFL. if people actually do this anymore. hahahahaha You crack me up. Thank you for that!!!!! :)

    • Kristen says

      Ooh! That’s a big accomplishment when you make someone ROFL. You know, as opposed to just making them LOL. Hee.

  7. Susan says

    You are so funny. I’m glad you like your kitchen accessories…and it’s nice when you get something you really want for Christmas!

  8. Jean says

    I would enjoy a how to for applesause.

    Our tree was loaded for the first time this year with so many apples. Hope I can use them all before they spoil.

  9. Terri says

    Thanks for the link, I am going to have to go check it out. I need a funnel with a nice fine strainer for my creamers and a few other things I make.

    I had to laugh when you stated that your funnel was Christmas gift worthy. I did so because anyone who has been in my life has learned if it is not on the list then don’t bother purchasing it. I have heard every comment under the sun from “….it takes all the fun out of it” to “….I know what you like”. I explain to them that with a list as big as what I provide that there is something for every budget, if it is on the list it truly is something I want and I won’t disappoint you by telling you I won’t be using such a thing and need the receipt to return it. Usually takes one Christmas for them to figure out I tried to spare them because I just know what I want and use. Especially when it comes to the kitchen or my work tools, lol.

  10. Lindsey says

    I know what you mean about things like this great/expensive funnel being suitable Christmas gift material. I always have some sort of cooking or baking tool on my list, something I would not spend the money on myself but would love to have. My husband hates buying me kitchen stuff, feeling like it is a household item that I should just buy. I finally got him to understand by saying that he may have a tool of his dreams that he would never buy but that he would love to get it for a gift—even if he was only going to use it on house repairs. I love to cook and I love to have the tools I want, so getting pricy bread pans or cookie sheets is a dream come true. (This year I am asking for a top of the line blender!)

    • Kristen says

      Yup, that’s exactly my philosophy. And honestly, a fancy-schmancy funnel makes me way happier than, say, fancy bath products would.

    • Kristen says

      Not gonna lie, I thought long and hard before I decided to leave that in there. I don’t ever say shut up in a serious way, only in a joking way, and I wanted to make sure that it came across like that. :)

  11. says

    Hey, useful presents are the best presents! I’ve taken to telling my husband exactly. what. I. want. for every gift-giving occasion, because otherwise he goes out and buys really expensive, really pretty jewelry that I don’t feel comfortable wearing.
    For my birthday, I got bobby pins and a cheap digital wristwatch.
    For Christmas, I found an immersion blender on clearance and used a 20% off coupon that made it $16 for a really good brand. Sure, I bought my own present, but I know full well Hubby would have walked in the store, picked up the first one with the highest price tag, and paid for it without batting an eye.
    For our anniversary, I intend to ask for a pack of ballpoint pens that are NOT gel, and new highlighters.

  12. Kelly says

    Great post! I have a friend who actually stopped buying music on iTunes and started buying physical CDs and records again. She noted that she didn’t appreciate music enough when she could just get it on a whim, and soon her computer was overflowing with gigs of music files. Now she researches an album and appreciates the physicality (and how it takes up room in her house) associated with buying and listening.

    • Barbara says

      Loved this informative post–would you consider doing one post that listed all the equipment you loved and where you purchased it? I am in the market for some good cookware, baking pans and possibly a food dehydrator and don’t mind the idea of spending more for quality equipment. All great Christmas presents yes? I’m sure there are many others who would appreciate this info as well.

  13. Jenna W says

    hi! I don’t know if you have posted something about it before but was wondering if you could do a how-to on your applesauce? I tried some homemade pearsauce recently and loved it! I have a hard time eating store bought applesauce cause most of the cinnamon ones have high fructose corn syrup in them and I am trying to stay away from that. I bought the jars and such but I am too afraid I will mess up!


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