Novica and I are going to help you with your Christmas shopping!

Congrats to Kathy, commenter #36…you’re the winner of the $50 Novica gift code! Have fun shopping!

Woo! I’m SO excited about this.

You may remember that I gave away a Novica gift certificate this past summer. Well, I’m happy to say that I’m here to do it again.

Novica is a National Geographic company that partners with artisans around the world, helping them to make a living and bringing fair-trade goods to you and me. I’m a fan of being frugal, as you know, but I also dearly love to spend my money in ways that help support causes I believe in, and paying people fair wages is definitely a cause I can get behind.

In addition to selling beautiful jewelry, Novica also sells accessories (women’s accessories and men’s too!)

Check out the scarves…love this gray one!

I really enjoyed the jewelry I got from Novica in August, so I used my gift certificate this time to order some more. I got a little something for Lisey, which I won’t show you just yet (she reads my blog sometimes!), and I also ordered a pair of earrings for myself. Aren’t they lovely?

If you’re looking for a really versatile earring, I highly recommend the Helix pair I chose this past summer.

I wear them alllll the time! They’re $24.99 and since they’re sterling silver, they’ll look good for years to come (unlike those cheap ones from other stores, which stay silver-looking for only a short period of time.)

I’ve pretty much been wearing them nonstop since August.

Check out all the great stuff Novica offers…I bet you’ll be able to find something for someone on your list!

Oh, and through the end of today, is offering free shipping, and that’ll help your Christmas budget to go just a little farther.

300x250 NOVICA free shipping NOVICA

Plus, you can use the code SAVE5TODAY for $5 off any order, SAVE10TODAY for $10/$50 and SAVE20TODAY for $20/$100.

Even better, I’ve got a $50 gift code to give away to one of you!

To enter, visit Novica, and leave me a comment telling me what you’d like to buy with the $50.

I’ll randomly choose a winner in 48 hours so that the winner can hurry and get on with their holiday shopping! Don’t put off entering or you’ll miss out.

No purchase necessary. One entry per person. Winner will be chosen at random.

Disclosure: Novica provided me with a $50 gift code. I received no other compensation and all opinions are my own.


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  1. says

    Ooh, I would desperately love to win this! I would buy the cluster “clouds” earrings, or maybe the “Elephant Blues” cotton handbag.

  2. Susan says

    I would get a pair of earrings for my daughter. I like several different pair, so I’d have to spend some more time looking to decide what I thought she’d like best. It would be difficult to choose, I think, because they have so many great ones!

  3. Alison says

    I bought a scarf for my husband’s grandma from them this year. I would love to get one for myself, they are so beautiful!

  4. says

    There are so many beautiful items! I think I would treat myself a little this year, since I usually don’t buy much jewelry for myself, and get the Bracelet, ‘Silver Waves’! Thank you for being so generous!

  5. Melissa says

    I would buy the Sea Vision dangle earrings…I somehow lost the little bag with ALL my earrings while traveling this fall so I need a fresh start!

  6. MadewLuv says

    I’m all over the earrings. I’ve been looking for some good quality earrings. They have so many Beautiful things, that it would be very difficult to choose.

  7. says

    What a great site — I hope I’m the winner! :) I would buy a couple of the journals and notebooks. Love the naturalness of them! I’d keep one and give the other away as a gift!

  8. Jodi says

    I think I would have to buy those Helix earrings you are wearing or most likely I would end up buying for my daughters and not for myself :)

  9. HeatherS says

    I would buy the cotton scarf in Timeless Purple. All of their things are so lovely though, it would be hard to choose!

  10. Rochelle says

    I think, maybe, perhaps…oh so hard to choose…
    A beautiful new handbag! Yes. I think. Thank you for the chance.

  11. jen says

    Since I’m done with my Christmas shopping, I would buy myself some earrings to replace the ones that are currently making my ears green! I like the abstract clover ones or I might choose a couple of the cluster style ones in different colors…hmm…

  12. Jessica says

    Thinking something turquoise to add to my mom’s collection that is slowly being restored after a house fire we had where it was all ruined. Thanks Kristen for hosting these give aways! :)

  13. Amy P. says

    Wow, so many beautiful things to choose from! I think I would get either one of those beautiful silk scarves, or a necklace, and give it to my mom for Christmas.

  14. Jennifer Lange says

    I would actually give it to my husband so that he can buy my Christmas presents! He has really good taste and always picks out things I love. And I love surprises! So win-win for me!

  15. Linda says

    I love this site! I really like Product ID: 184483 Silk batik shawl, ‘Frangipani Floral’. It would make a perfect gift for a friend of mine.

  16. Megan says

    I would spend it on silver dangly earrings! My everyday pair just broke this week, so I need a replacement :) Maybe the helix pair…

  17. Rebecca K. says

    Wow, there are so many beautiful gift ideas on this sight. There is definite possibilities for $50. I may have to reevaluate my list.

  18. Rachel says

    Wow! There are so many things to choose from! I would totally get a scarf for one of my sisters (one can’t have too many scarfs) or a painting for one of my very bare walls. Thanks for the great opportunity!

  19. WilliamB says

    So many possibilities. But the one that springs to mind, to be honest, is to free up $50 to buy cooked turkey or ham, so I could add a couple of “orphan” troops to my holiday dinner.

  20. Margaret Logan says

    I could spend hours mindlessly browsing Novica’s products!
    But, I’d definitely purchase a piece of jewelry or one of the beautiful scarves as a gift to give. :)

  21. says

    That’s funny. I just bought a pair of earrings from Novica yesterday as a Christmas present to one of my daughters. I’d love to buy my other daughter something from Novica also.

    Thanks for sharing.

  22. LisaFitz says

    I am sponsoring a family from the school I work at. I am buying gifts for the entire family. A gift card would go a long way to help a needy family have a wonderful,blessed Christmas.

  23. Linda H. says

    I love the Helix earrings! I think I would go for those. They are simple, yet different. They look so nice on you!

  24. Jackie Kovacevich says

    Wow the handbags are all amazing – if I won I would purchase the Buriti palm clutch — so cute! Thanks for the opportunity!

  25. Erin T. says

    I would buy anything from the West Africa collection for my sister. She and her husband are currently in language school and leave for West Africa next spring. They’ll be gone another two years before they come home, but I know she’d love to decorate their new place with something like this. Then again, she could get it there a lot cheaper and no shipping! :)

  26. Michelle M says

    I love the Lapis lazuli dangle earrings, ‘Blue Mystique’…

    They are lovely and would look very nice with the outfit I am planning on wearing to my Holiday Party.

  27. Cathy says

    I would love to get the Amethyst flower necklace, ‘Sacred Lilac Lotus’, it reminds me of my Yoga class and to slow down. Since I am always doing for others I would love to treat myself.

  28. Christina B says

    I’m torn between the Opal button earrings and Pearl and amethyst strand necklace, ‘Tropical Elite’
    I would have a very tough decision, if I do win.

  29. Donna says

    What a generous giveaway — thanks for the chance. While their jewelry is beautiful, I think I’d use the GC toward something that my whole family could use. I would purchase one of the two Mayan hammocks to replace our old one which fell apart. There are few things better in the summer than cuddling in the hammock with some of my kids and lots of our books. Thanks again!

  30. says

    I definitely am looking at getting a clock, regardless of whether I win this or not! (If I did win, I’d give the gift certificate to my mom, so SHE can buy a clock!).

    The spare bedroom is turning into a feminine, french-style room, with artistic details here and there. THIS clock would look fabulous:

    Plus the artist sounds like an interesting fellow! :)

  31. Kris says

    Ooo, really pretty stuff. If I won, I’d have a hard time deciding, but I would definitely get a gift for either my sis, or sister-in-law. I’m especially fond of the several shawls.

  32. Lori says

    Hi Kristen: I went to the site and already found a beautiful alpaca ruffled scarf that is way out of my budget. $50 would go a long way! Thanks for offering this! And my daughter wants earrings just like yours. If we win, we could split the prize.

  33. Lori B says

    I would go for a necklace or a handbag. It would be hard to choose. Everything is so beautiful. I love reading about the artists it’s so inspiring!

  34. Dede says

    So many beautiful things, hard to choose, probably the alpaca scarf. Sounds so warm and cozy for these cold winter days.

  35. says

    so many choices! these topaz earrings- are speaking to me at the moment but if i won i’d have a very hard time choosing.

  36. crystal f. says

    I looked at the Gifts under $30 tab and found some great items: a tunic, candle holders, earrings…I would probably buy 2 pairs of earrings, one for each daughter with the gift code.

  37. Michelle says

    I’d buy earrings. I just started working outside of the house again after being home for 5 years, so I could use some more dressy casual pieces.

  38. says

    i’ve been looking for some pearl earrings for a while now and I think these Pearl dangle earrings fit the bill just fine.

    I browsed through a lot of pearl earrings, but I think what sold me most was the designer and the story behind them: “My wife helps me a lot… when I think of something beautiful, I think about her. She means everything to me” As if those words wouldn’t melt your heart, the designer,
    whose name hints at a muslim faith states these earrings were inspired by a buddhist temple. With that kind of open and beautiful mentality, no wonder his creations are so lovely!

  39. Lisa B. says

    Hi Kristin,

    I love the jewelry on Novica. My favourite is Carnelian floral earrings, ‘Mystic Daisy’. Good luck to everyone.

  40. Elizkat says

    I’d get a pretty jewelry box for my daughter-in-law. She likes exotic things and I know she would like one of the ones they have.

  41. Vanessa says

    i’d use this to buy jewelry for my sis, mom and SIL, as i already plan to do that at 10,000 Villages. This would free up $50 in our budget to give to our churches campaign to dig water wells in Africa. Win for everyone!

  42. chppie says

    there are so many lovely things on the site. I think I would get earrings for my daughter who wants her ears pierced. I also liked a couple of the earring/necklace sets for me. Thanks for highlighting the site. Also for pointing out that frugal can be a guide and not an obsession. It is ok to spend sometimes and for the right reasons.

  43. Candace says

    I have absolutely no idea what I’d spend it on, but since I’m not expecting to receive any Christmas gifts this year it would be so wonderful to be able to get myself a little something. And everything looks so nice!

  44. Jessie says

    There are so many beautiful fair trade items on this site! Thanks for telling us about it! I would love to get the ‘Amethyst and pearl drop earrings’.

  45. says

    I would have to buy the Pearl & Amethyst strand necklace as a gift for my mother. Amethyst is her favorite and since its a “tropical” necklace it seems appropriate since she used to live in Hawaii. As a frugal girl myself, I wouldn’t be able to spend this kind of money for one gift without winning!!

  46. Kaitlin says

    I would get some earrings or a necklace for my sister for Christmas, and if I had anything left over, I would use that money towards a scarf for me.

  47. sandra says

    So many absolutely beautiful things; a very tough choice. I think I would purchase the opal earrings for myself…but then again….

  48. Tiffany says

    I love perusing their website; they have such wonderful things! I enjoy reading a bit about the artist or artisan on each item’s page. If I won the gift certificate I would buy: for my husband. He and I love to play chess for a date night, and currently we go to a local sandwich shop and use their set (and order dinner, of course) because we don’t have our own set. I’d love to have a handcrafted one that we can use and teach our kids on. :-)

  49. Tonya says

    I’d get the Recycled car seat shoulder bag, ‘Jakarta Beige’ I’ve been needing a new bag and not wanted to shop for one. This one looks good.

  50. Another Portland Katy says

    When you wrote about Novica last time, I got two gifts for friends. But if I win, this time I think I’ll get something for myself – one of the handbags – I liked the one Cate mentioned and others too. And I saw something my daughter would like, or at least that I would like to give her!

  51. KJ says

    There are so many beautiful things to choose from. I would use it to help purchase the Amethyst Choker called Lotus Lake.

  52. Sheila says

    I liked the Coins of the Kingdom bracelet and and the Hill Tribe Dreams bracelet. Normally I go for earrings, but something different would be nice. I suspect if I won I would get things for my two daughters.

  53. Lisa says

    How sweet and generous of you to share your gift code! As a newlywed, still setting up a new home, I’d go with one of the amazing vases, centerpiece bowls or other great home decor.

    Thanks for sharing.

  54. Eileen says

    I saw a pair if dangley silver earrings that I would love! I love reading about the folks who handmake these items. Makes the items seem more special.

  55. Carol says

    I would buy a set with earrings and a necklace for my daughter who asked for that for Christmas…..we could choose them together and learn about the craftspeople at the same time…great inspiration and education for my daughter and me!

  56. Kate says

    I loved the jewelry, especially the earrings and brooches, as well as the handbags, but I was *charmed* by the small soda pop-top coin purse ‘Hot Pink Confetti.’ It would be a great gift.

  57. Annie says

    It would be such a hard decision with all the beautiful stuff their website offers, but I would probably use the gift certificate to buy earrings for my daughter.

  58. Susan H. says

    beautiful jewelry on the Novica website. If I won, I would love to get a pair of silver earrings. I keep losing earrings because I take them off and put them in my purse and never see them again. I like to have one pair that goes with everything. That way, when I am late in the morning, I can just throw on my trusty silver earrings. Susan

  59. says

    There are so many wonderful things on Novica it is hard to choose. I love the Blue Topaz Floral Necklace, but I would probably let my husband pick something out for himself!

  60. Susan Johnson says

    I’ve bought from them several times before but it has been awhile. They have such unique items. I like how they package them. I’ve received really nice homemade papers with leaves, etc in them that I just can’t throw out. Nice contest, by the way. I would most likely buy myself some jewelry, especially since I’ve always purchased gifts and not for myself from them.

  61. Nicole says

    I would love to get those Helix earings you bought! I only buy jewelry I can wear with a lot of different outfits. Thanks!

  62. Katie Smith says

    The silver braided bracelet ” hill tribe dreams” !!! Thank you for the giveaway…they have such gorgeous things. Have a blessed day!!

  63. Amy H says

    I would definitely choose a scarf – so pretty and so many to choose from! I think the one called “modern paisley” is my fave but there are so many close seconds. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  64. Juliette says

    I have had to carry a diaper bag around for the last nine years! Finally my youngest at three and a half is old enough that I don’t have to lug around as much stuff. I am so excited to finally get to use a purse again! I would use the gift card to go toward a handbag. They have some nice ones! BTW, I used the same diaper bag for the last nine years and it is just now starting to show wear! Pretty good I’d say!

  65. Raye says

    I love this site and bought some tiger’s eye earrings! The cool thing about this site is if you are first time customer you can get a code for $7 off an item. Also, they have a rewards program and I got an email saying that I had a $5.50 credit to be used by mid-January so, of course, I bought a tiger’s eye necklace to match the earrings and got free shipping too!

    Whoever get the gift certificate will have no problem finding something to buy from this site, and it’s going for a good cause!!

  66. Jennifer Y. says

    Thanks for introducing me to such a wonderful site! I would love to win the gift certificate so that I could purchase a wool scarf (or a teaset – I really cannot decide at the moment.)

  67. Lindsey C. says

    I think I would like to buy myself something pretty, not earrings, but I really like some of their purses.
    Since I have been an adult, I have had precious few opportunities to buy myself something nice so I would totally do this.

    Or I guess I could get something cute for my SIL who is the only family I have in this area. :/

  68. J. Smith says

    Oh we get their catalogue shipped to our office and we love passing it around and oohing and ahhing over all the pretties. I know exactly what I would buy (though it took me a second to find it on the website). This elephant celedon condiment set. I love elephants and this color is just beautiful. It would be the perfect gift for my fellow-elephant-loving bff!

  69. Rachel says

    I’d definitely go for some earrings! My collection is almost non existent and my ears can’t tolerate “cheap” earrings.

  70. Michelle says

    The first thing that caught my eye was the “Deal of the Day.”

    A turquoise colored elephant teapot….how cute! I love teapots, creamers and pitchers that are a bit eccentric.

  71. Shelly says

    What a beautiful site. I’m not really a jewelry wearer, but they have some wonderful necklaces. That’s what I’d spend $50 on.

  72. Carolyn G says

    My dad brought home some wraps for my mother, sisters and I when he returned from a missions trip to India (his first). My mother loved them so much that I would love to buy her the green bracelet made in India to coordinate with her wrap or possibly something from Guatamala (HER 1st mission’s trip) as a reminder of that experience. I know that it would be something dear to her heart. Thank you for sharing this site with us! I hadn’t heard of it but am thrilled to be able to peruse what they have to offer (and read the bios about the artisans – my favorite part!) :o) Merry Christmas!

  73. Sue says

    I love the Lolite and Peridot pendant necklace by Bhavesh, it has five stones with a heart. It would be a great gift for my mom who has five grand kids.

  74. Kimberly Yue says

    Wow, so generous of you to share this with us. If I won I would love a bold statement necklace. I’m a nurse practitioner and can’t wear rings or bracelets (washing hands ALL DAY LONG, lol) and dangly earrings get caught up in my stethoscope (ouch!), so the way I can get dressed up is with bold necklaces (the thin ones get pulled on by the babies). Sooo, my pick would be the Tropical Elite amethyst and pearl necklace. I love, love, love purple and don’t have anything like that. If I had anything left over, I would try to find a little owl something for my daughter :-)

  75. Katie L. says

    If I win the gift code, I would probably get either one of those really awesome wall hangings or some earrings for my mom :)

  76. Deborah C. Williams says

    Their jewelry is beautiful, I would love to get my daughter a pair of the earrings for her birthday on Dec. 20,(she will be thirty tw0 and has never had pierced ears!) She is a teacher and mother of two little girls and I know she would love this gift and especially the connection with National Geographic!!

  77. Emily says

    My husband and I have frugally bought christmas gifts for 12 of 13 people for about $150! The only person left is my mother in law and novica jewelry would be perfect! Here’s hoping :)

  78. Amanda Y. says

    Wish I could get almost everything! But one thing I really liked is the Batik wall hanging, ‘Aklowa by Night’

  79. Fern says

    I would love to buy the lovely Pearl dangle earrings, ‘Exotic’ by Kenari. They are just so feminine and beautiful!

  80. Glenna says

    I would buy 2 sets of the wood bangle bracelets set of 3 for my girls. My huband is a wood workers and I love the idea of wooden jewelry.


  81. Sophia DeLonghi says

    Love the Helix or Fascination earrings! There are so many beautiful things on the site though that would be great to have. Thanks!

  82. Anne Weber-Falk says

    oh wow. this is a wonderful site. so much good and so much to choose. i think i would get something for my older daughter. i know she would appreciate the waterfalling batik scarf. there are so many beautiful earrings she would like too. thank you for the opportunity to receive such a nice gift.

  83. Lori Tyler says

    I like the Helix earrings you have and some others called Triangle – black and silver. The recycled zip bags are cute, too. Thanks for getting the coupons for today!

  84. Amy Dunn says

    I had trouble getting the website to work. But, I really liked a lot of the earrings I saw. Wished I could have seen the scarves. :) Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  85. Michelynne says

    This is bad, I am all over silver jewelry and had no idea what Novica was…I’m in love with it all but I would start with the ‘Gentle Day’ Pearl and Peridot ring by Buava…

  86. Shalonda says

    Sites like these rock my world. I also love 10 Thousand Villages. If I won, I’d purchase some combination of the list below as gifts.
    Mens leather wristband bracelet
    Wood spatulas ‘Guatemalan Fry Up”
    Wool scarf “Glorious”
    Recycled car seat tablet sleeve, “jakarta Beige”
    One of the Thai Beaded bracelets

  87. Lesley Lusher says

    Wow, I just visited the Novica website. I have been struggling with finding unique, well-made jewelry for my two older girls (both college age). I found earrings and a ring and several journals as well. The prices were good and I am happy to buy something that is supporting artists and not big corporations! I also used the two codes and saved an extra $15.00! Merry Christmas to me!

  88. Fran says

    This is a great cause and the items are beautiful. I was looking at the Blue topaz flower necklace, ‘Sacred Blue Lotus’ems . That would be nice to have.

  89. Beth J says

    There are many nice things, and the idea that I’m paying what is actually a fair price feels good. I like several of the necklace/earring sets, particularly those of dichroic glass (which I’ve never heard of before!). That’s what I’d buy!

  90. Mim says

    I really like A Lot of the earrings but I would probably choose the Gold plated dangle earrings, ‘Tiga Surprise’. Something classic and they would go with everthing.

  91. Rebecca B. A. R. says

    It’s strange, I’ve been purging so many items from my house and life, and really trying to focus on what items I love and use, so it was actually hard to find something that I thought that I would actually use for myself. I really like these: Opal button earrings, ‘Sweet Duchess’, and I think I would actually wear them, too.

  92. Debbie Flowers says

    I could say I would buy something for myself, but in reality I will end up buying gifts for my family. Purses, scarves, and belts, oh my!!!! The choices are fantastic. Thanks for the giveaway.

  93. Ashley says

    If I could win the gift card code I would definitely get the pair of “firemen” statues for my mother. My mother is a firefighter and the bravest woman I know. She has been a firefighter for almost twenty years working at one of the largest fire stations in the United States. She works twice as hard as any man in her field proving a woman can do anything a man can do. I can’t afford to get her the gifts she deserves most years because frugality is as much of a choice as a necessary way of life for me. Most of the time my stepdaughter and younger siblings take precedent with the holiday budgeting and my parents’ presents end up being a nice home made card. I know she would love these pieces, they are a beautiful pair.

    Thank you for the chance to win.

  94. says

    I would probably get a pair of the helix earrings for my sister for Christmas…and a pair of turquoise ones for myself! Love, love, love the jewelry!

  95. Denise says

    I would buy the sterling silver dangle earrings swing of energy for my mom, she is 72 years young and has endless energy. Thank you! Denise

  96. cheeryshirley says

    I would like to buy the Throw, ‘Cajamarca Crossroads,’ by Jorge Priori. It is on sale for $40.49. I think my husband would like that for Christmas! Thank you! Cheeryshirley

  97. Mandy says

    There is an amazing tote bag that I would like to buy. Mine is completely falling apart. Thanks for such a great giveaway! :)

  98. Barb says

    I love earrings. I like the “climbing vines” chandeliers and the garnet drops called, “little daisies”. Either one would be fun to buy. I haven’t gotten myself earrings in a very long time.

  99. says

    They have so many fabulous home decor items, so I would probably get one of the fantastic wood vases. Either that, or a pair of pearl earrings for the last person on my Christmas list!

  100. says

    292 comments!!! I wonder if you’ll even have a chance to read mine. Thank you for the giveaway! I have hope that I’ll win. I looked at the Novica website for a little while and I really like one of the pair of earings that you got “Pearl dangle earrings” they look so different, feminine, and pretty! I live in an RV, so I can’t own much since the space here is very reduced, BUT I can always find room for a pair of earings. Anyway, right now I only have two pairs. ha! So, these pearl dangle earrings will be worn very very often. Then I can walk out of my RV and look all pretty and feminine. Thanks for the opporunity to win!

  101. Jackie says

    I would like to be able to get my mother some jewelry for Christmas, she really has no one else to buy it for her.

  102. Ulysses says

    Well I wish you luck reading all the comments being so many lol. It’s a lovely site though can’t deny i’m not one to crave jewelry or many things on there being a college guy I suppose lol. I would probably give the gift card to my mother, I am sure she would like it. I have been meaning to comment on this blog, I have to thank you for keeping it up as I love keeping of with cooking especially bread. Thanks

  103. Amanda says

    First of all, I LOVE the Helix earings and my ears are VERY sensitive (the holes start burning if I wear cheap earrings with no clear coat covering the metal) So i would FOR SURE get a pair of those. With the other half of the card I would buy my mom the Lapis lazuli beaded bracelet in Sea Song. It is totally her style and she would love it.

  104. Heather says

    I would love to buy a special present for my hubby. He works very hard to support our family, & usually goes without things for himself….. :)

  105. Tammy says

    There are so many beautiful things – how does one choose? I think I would select the sterling silver prayer box pendant.

    Thank you for this great give-a-way.

  106. Heather Anne says

    I love the peridot “cool daisy” earrings! Wow…they are beautiful! However, I must admit that there is more than one thing I would like to add to my collection. Thank you for sharing this site. I’m going to check it out more! :)

  107. Elizabeth says

    I would get myself a nice pair of silver earrings. I just lost one of my favorite pair I wear every day, so sad. I like the ones you are modeling!

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