A Little HomeGoods Shopping

Recently, BlogHer and HomeGoods sent me a $25 gift card so that I could do a little bit of Christmas shopping. Yay! I love shopping for free.

I haven’t been inside a HomeGoods for years and years, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was pretty impressed, though…the one I went to was neat and organized, and it had a lot more selection that I’d imagined it would! There were the usual home things…dishes, towels, sheets, picture frames, and so on, but they also had a very decent selection of toys, holiday food gifts, and holiday decor, plus a section with some lovely little pieces of furniture. The prices weren’t quite as nice as Goodwill’s, but the shopping experience was definitely more upscale. ;)

BlogHer said I could shop for a gift for someone else, or for myself, and since pretty much everyone on my gift list reads my blog, I mostly bought stuff for myself. ;)

The first thing I picked up was a package of chip clips. I don’t use these for chips so much, but I love having them around for closing bags of nuts, and for sealing the re-used cereal bags that I freeze produce, bread, and meats in.

The second thing I bought was a package of truffles for Mr. FG’s stocking. That man loves him some good chocolate, so I always try to get some Lindt for his stocking (that, and some Dove chocolate).

At this point, we had about $13 left to spend, and the kids and I vacillated for a very long time between a gingerbread house kit and a throw (the kids were pretty much as conflicted as I was!). In the end, we decided that a packaged gingerbread house doesn’t give you a lot of bang for your buck, and we went with a fuzzy blanket, which is very handy in our sort of chilly house.

And amazingly enough, my children have been having a blast with the blanket. They’ve discovered you can make footprints in the fleecy surface, that it makes a lovely cape, that it works for tent-making, and for zillions of other things. I think they’ve had more fun with it than they would have with the gingerbread house (it reminds me of the cardboard box phenomenon, really!).

So, there you have it! Are you a HomeGoods shopper?


  1. Karen S. says

    I was in Home Good’s today, too–got a measuring cup, prep cups, and some plates for the white elephant gift exchange–all for $16 :)

  2. Anne says

    I love Home Goods!!! I find excellent things for our home, for me, my husband – gifts for friends…..etc. I love to rummage through and browse all the aisles. You just never know what you’ll find.

  3. Randi says

    I love Home Goods. Its owned by TJ Maxx( and Marshall’s). They often have awesome stuff on clearance. I cant even count all the items I’ve bought there over the years.

  4. says

    HomeGoods is my go-to place for lamps and rugs. It’s virtually impossible to find a better price anywhere else (that’s new, of course). I’d been looking for a rug for about a year and couldn’t find anything I was willing to spend the money on. One evening, “the rug” was at HomeGoods for only $150!!! And it was 100% wool!

  5. Maureen says

    Love HomeGoods, but we have to travel a bit to get there (45 min is far to go shopping). Anyway we did buy a beautiful rug there and a cake plate for St. Patrick’s Day. I love cake plates and use the St. Patrick’s Day one every year for our party.

  6. Rosa Rugosa says

    I’ve been trying to be less of a Home Goods shopper actually. They do have good stuff and good prices, but it was always one of my recreational spending traps, so I now only go rarely, and that helps me save money.

  7. Mary Ann says

    Unfortunately, we don’t have a HomeGoods around here. I have to visit my sister in Maryland for the opportunity to go. And of course, she always makes sure we get there.

  8. says

    I am a huge fan of HomeGoods/Marshalls/TJMaxx, but I have a strict “clearance section ONLY” policy. The only time I break my rule is when I have saved up for a specific new item (that must be in a specific color or whatever) and I know HomeGoods regular price is the best I can do. I will always check thrift stores and Craigslist first of course!

  9. Elissa says

    I like HomeGoods (and TJMaxx). In stead of buying chip clips though, I just use clothes pins. You can buy a lot for very little and they are so handy for chips, cereal bags, bread bags, cracker sleeves, etc.

  10. says

    i love home goods! unfortunately it’s 2 hours from my home. well, maybe that’s a good thing as it’s easier to keep the budget balanced when i’m not tempted to shop! i am planning a trip there though over the holidays as we’ll be spending a day in the city.

  11. Kari says

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  12. says

    HomeGoods has just become my new favorite store! I am in the process of buying a house (I close on the 30th!!) and I don’t have very much in the way of decor. Unfortunately, my local Goodwill (which isn’t actually a Goodwill, but an America’s Thrift Store) is terrible and I’m actually rather afraid of shopping there (it’s in a bad neighborhood).

    I’m clearly in the market for nice, but inexpensive home furnishings and I wandered into HomeGoods the other day and was floored. I actually got a 6 piece place setting (including 4 serving pieces) of new dishes for $45. It was marked as $50, but the package was open. It was the only one they had and so I asked for a discount since it was open and some of the dishes had been unwrapped and they gave it to me!

    I also found some bathroom stuff on clearance. I can’t wait to go back!!

  13. says

    Love homegoods and TJmaxx! I used to go there all the time pre-kid, but now I only go there if i need something as opposed to just looking around. I find that if I go window shopping there, i almost always justify spending on items I do not need, but are nonethelss nice and relatively inexpensive. The best are the steals in terms of winter clothes (think $25 for a merino wool sweater) that TJ Maxx has to offer.

  14. Jill says

    I LOVED the Homegoods in Crofton. Now that we are in PA, the closest one is 1 1/2 hours away–boo!! If I needed a little gift for someone, I could always find something at Homegoods.

  15. priskill says

    Oh wow — I’ve been so busy and tired and out of it that I forgot to keep reading for the last few weeks. Then, i came back today and scrolled through your lovely blog and was energized and — dare i say?? — happy! Thank you for this inspiring, charming, entertaining blog. I firmly believe that it was reading it all last year that got me to actually move on some “giving” projects recently– food for shelters and joining a group in LA with my daughter to prepare dinners for homeless on Thanksgiving morning — and we had a blast! Just love that your children are so effortlessly taking on Heifer. You are inspiring them — and us! Thank you!

    Sorry — way off topic!

  16. Cheryl says

    I am with Franci – I was floored that you were considering a gingerbread house kit! ;) You can make separate houses for all your kids that taste wonderful, for less than the cost of one kit. It has been our family tradition for years. If you do not have a good recipe, email me and I will share mine. I have a great frosting recipe also.

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into your blog. It is a huge blessing in my life!!

  17. Erin says

    Psst.. frugal idea! Use binder clips instead of chip clips. 12 binder clips are about $1.50. They work wonderful, aren’t affected by the cold in the freezer, and have a variety of sizes.

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