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Yeah. There was a lot of stuff in that freezer.

I didn’t realize quite how much until I put it all out on the counter.

messy freezer contents

Good heavens.   No wonder it was hard to close the freezer drawer.

I found two frozen whole bananas, so I thawed those, mushed them up with some overripe bananas I had in the fridge, and made a double batch of banana chocolate chip muffins.


My kids were more than ok with this type of freezer-stash-usage.

banana chocolate chip muffins

I also found a shocking number of bread odds and ends.

I made French toast with some of them.

french toast

The others, which were a little too ratty even for French toast, might go into bread pudding.   Or maybe some stuffing.

I also found a large-ish container of whole wheat flour.

I grind my own flour and I rarely have any sitting around, but what with the lice issue and Joshua’s room project and such, I hadn’t made whole wheat bread in ages.

(I freeze the flour if I’m not going to use it soon, because whole wheat flour can tend to get a little rancid if it sits out for long.)

So I made three loaves yesterday.

Are we surprised that I tackled all the bread/baking-centric freezer items first??


What else do I have in my freezer?

-2 chicken leg quarters
-a partial package of bacon
-a package of salt pork (!!) and (??)
-a partial package of breakfast sausage
-a whole package of breakfast sausage
-leftover taco meat
-a partial package of pepperoni (I have this in my freezer at all times and am not worried about using it up)
-2 hamburger patties
-a partial package of bratwurst
-leftover pulled chicken
-some kind of slow-cooked beef (I should have labeled it!)

Other Stuff
-a partial bag of shredded cheese
-a partial bag of corn tortillas
-2 bags of frozen broccoli (for broccoli noodle soup)
-a container of homemade bread crumbs (I need to make some fish cakes!)
-random frozen fruit (which can easily be put into a smoothie)
-2 containers of OJ concentrate (I use these for orange julius and for smoothies, so they’re not on my use-up list)
-a small container of frozen lime juice
-frozen chipotle peppers in adobo sauce (I never use a whole can in a recipe, so I just freeze what’s left for future use)
coffee beans (these are Joshua’s and he stores them in the freezer)

I also found some things that really did need to be thrown away, but I’ll tell you about those in tomorrow’s Food Waste Friday post.

I feel fairly optimistic about my chances of using this stuff up, especially because it’s mostly raw ingredients rather than already-prepared foods.

And my freezer already looks way better now that things are a bit more organized.

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Friday 3rd of October 2014

Last week I made "Cowboy Chili" and used small chops of all the leftover meat I had in the freezer and fridge.....turkey loin, pork chops, ground beef, chicken, and beef. It was delicious and devoured to the last drop!


Monday 22nd of September 2014

Inspired by you, we've had 2 different kinds of sausages, strawberry fruity dream and wraps for lunches. Treating it more as a pot luck - tonight my hubby and I had some kind of chicken and spring onion dish with rice.


Friday 19th of September 2014

A-Mazing job Kristen (I had no doubt!).

Ref freezing flour - I think I may start doing this. I have a slight phobia of foreign objects in food. And bread can breed unwanted visitors if not used quickly. In fact (I don't grind my own - would have no idea where to start - will look at your post) some shop-bought flours have previously had the added ingredient of little black crawly things upon purchase.

I'm also talking using up food this Friday. Need ideas on what to do with Avocados. This isn't my specialised subject!


Friday 19th of September 2014

Just so you can save space in your freezer: I believe that if you freezer grains/flours, etc for 24 hours, any tiny eggs in the flour will not hatch.

Lee Golder

Thursday 18th of September 2014

It is always amazing how much food we really do have when we think we have nothing. Money has been tight this year due to medical expenses and we have often spent $50/fortnight for 4 of us and not gone hungry.


Thursday 18th of September 2014

Have you tried chipotle mayo? It adds an interesting kick to sandwiches!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.