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WIS, WWA | want to see some skunk cabbage?

Red acorn on a fallen tree trunk.

Skunk cabbage is not really edible, but it has been fun to see it popping up in the marshy areas of the woods where I walk. 

A bog with skunk cabbage growing.

I think it looks kind of like hostas.

skunk cabbage in the spring.

Luckily, the leaves only smell skunky if you bruise them. So as long as I’m just taking pictures, all is well. 😉

What I Spent

I spent $24 at Safeway, mainly to get some packed lunch supplies for Zoe. And that was it for shopping for me. 

What We Ate


My mom made chicken tikka masala, which we ate with naan. We had broccoli on the side, plus a fruit salad.

Cook's Illustrated butter chicken


She had some squash/black bean filling left, so my mom made some more of the burritos, which we ate with a green salad and some fruit salad. 

vegetarian burrito.


I made pork tinga with rice (an ATK recipe), and of course we had a green salad and some fruit with that.

a stockpot of pork tinga.

This recipe calls for chipotle chilies and look guys! My mom has the exact same jar of blended chipotles as I do at my own house.

My mom’s jar:

a jar of chipotle chilies.

My jar:

how to store chipotle chilies in the refrigerator

I wrote a whole post about how I blend and store chilies in the fridge, if you are interested.


Leftover pork tinga from Monday. With more salad. 😉 My parents eat a lot of salad. And they ARE in very good health, so…make of that what you will.

Cabbage salad in a metal bowl.

I think it’s a pretty safe bet to eat more salads; salad-eating is quite low-risk, and there’s a high possibility it will do good things for your body. 


My mom made gumbo and rice, and this Smitten Kitchen cauliflower, which is very good.

We happened to eat a lot of rice this week, I guess. I didn’t even notice until I sat down to write this post!


We were all out at dinnertime, so no one cooked. I managed to feed Zoe and myself for $5 because I had some freebies, so, yay me!  


Tonight is the Tenebrae service at my parents’ church, so I think we are just doing a quick fend for yourself thing before we go. 

What did you have for dinner this week? 

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Saturday 16th of April 2022

I come from a family who had a salad every night as part of dinner/supper. $+/- 30. WWA: Sat: roasted salmon with salad and dill dressing Sun: turkey tacos/black beans on the side, pineapple for dessert Mon: leftover tacos Tues: mystery shop dinner! Made $18. Wedn: mystery shop dinner! Partner went with me and ate any payment Thurs: at in-laws: lasagne, salad, garlic bread. Cookies for dessert Fri: at in-laws. We cooked. Shrimp-ginger on skewers, edamame. Tantanmen Udon, cucumber and red pepper salad. Yuzu sesame tarts.


Sunday 17th of April 2022

Betta, I wonder if sometime either you or Lindsey would be willing to do a post/interview about your mystery shopping. You both are so good at it!

Julie from GJ

Saturday 16th of April 2022

Let's see...this was a weird week for us. Friday night (last night) we had leftover bison burgers, salad and sweet potato fries from the freezer. It was golf day so we were worn out and happy for an easy meal. Thursday we had grilled salmon, salad, and leftover rice and beans. Wednesday I was at a friend's for dinner, so the hubs fended for himself and cooked some parmesan tilapia from the freezer with rice and beans and slaw. Tuesday we had bison burgers, salad and roasted potatoes. Monday we actually went OUT to dinner to our favorite Mexican place. Wow. The price increases are nuts!

Tonight we're going to a friend's house and then I'll be out of town Tues-Mon so the hubs will be on his own. Fortunately he's a very good cook!

Joanne in the U.K.

Saturday 16th of April 2022

WIS £141.25 for online delivery, massive spend because of Easter and eldest son is home and he’s gluten & dairy intolerant. WWA Monday- chicken stir fry & noodles Tuesday- fajitas Wednesday- assorted snacks on the journey to Scotland Thursday- KFC on the way home from Scotland Friday- homemade pizza made by my boys, yay!! One makes the base, the other sorts the toppings Today- chicken korma, rice and salad - inspired by your parents Kristen :) Easter Sunday- roast beef, Yorkshire pudding plus all the vegetables. Enjoy the long weekend, however you celebrate.


Friday 15th of April 2022

We had a weird week, dinner-wise. I planned to do a week from the ATK Ultimate Meal Prep cookbook but got a little off track. M: chicken coconut curry soup + grilled cheese T: I had a migraine and I’m not sure what the family did for dinner! I think it was a charcuterie board (i.e., cheese, crackers, rolled up ham and turkey, and mixed nuts) which my kids have been into for quick meals lately. W: We ordered in Indian. R: Younger three and I had dinner at church before the Maundy Thursday service, husband and oldest stayed home and made bagel sandwiches. F: Steak tacos with cilantro rice and beans. S: The plan is eggplant ragu with polenta (recipe #3 from the meal plan, and I think I’ll do #4 on Monday).


Friday 15th of April 2022

Happy Easter and Passover!

Meals .... Monday was tacos, Tuesday I roasted a chicken/potatoes/onions in the crockpot, Wednesday I made goulash, Thursday I used the leftover chicken to make cheesy chicken chowder for dinner and I baked my favorite Amish oatmeal bread (which I haven't done in forever--I think I'd rather eat a slice of that than cake!). Last night's meal was labor-intensive and made a lot so guess what? Repeating it for dinner tonight.

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