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Thankful Thursday | I filed my taxes!

This week, I am thankful:

that my taxes are filed. Whew.

Kristen sitting at her Apple laptop, which has a Snoopy sticker on it.

I was pretty darn last-minute this year, but hey, as long as it’s in before the deadline, that’s what counts. 

And next year, my CPA will do my blog taxes, so, yay!

that Sonia’s taxes are so easy

I helped her file, and I was reminded, yet again, how simple taxes are when you are young, not self-employed, and own basically no assets. Heh.

Tax filing takes about 20 minutes under such circumstances.

My taxes are not the 20-minute type. 😉 

for kitty snuggles

Zoe and I had some 9 month old kittens at the shelter during our rescue shift last night, and they were so sweet and snuggly! 

A tabby kitten in Kristen's arms.

An armful of purring kitten is a very good thing indeed. 

Also, we thought this cat had such beautiful eyes!

Zoe holding a calico cat.

for a very warm day yesterday

I wore shorts for, I think, the first time this year.

that today is exam 5/8

Once I finish this morning’s exam, I only have two more regular exams, plus a cumulative final, and then I will have made it through all of Anatomy and Physiology. Sweet. 

This works out to about four exams in about four weeks’ time, sooo…yikes.

But I remember that the last few weeks of A&P 1 were kind of nuts, and I did make it out with an A. So I have faith I’ll be ok this time too.

that I got invited to be a supplemental instructor

My community college invites some students to offer paid supplemental instruction to science students in a future semester. I’m not quite sure how you get on the list to be invited, but I think this is a compliment.

(At any rate, I’m taking it as one.)

I don’t know that I have the space in my life to add this job to my schedule next semester, but I will attend the informative meeting to at least see what it involves.

that I can help out my dad with lifting things

Obviously, I am still QUITE indebted to my parents, since I’ve been living with them since January!

But while I’ve been here, I’ve been able to help my dad with loading wood for his stove, and with moving things in and out of the house for a project he’s working on (new built-ins for the TV they just bought).

My mom is happy to not be the lifting partner in such situations. And I am happy to do something to contribute around here. 🙂 

for a warm fire made by my dad

So. Marriage therapy is happening over Zoom, and for privacy’s sake, I hop on the Zoom call in my dad’s garage/workshop.

A workshop with an old black car in it.

I sit at his garage desk with my laptop, and before the appointments, he always makes a fire in the wood stove in there so that I stay nice and toasty. 

A garage with a wood stove.

And I feel loved because of this. 🙂 

for all the tiny green tree leaves

An interesting thing about being in my parents’ neighborhood for springtime is that the trees turn green sooner.

Oak trees are super slow to get their leaves, and the neighborhood where my own house is is pretty much entirely oaks. But here, there are a lot of other kinds of trees, and they are getting their leaves so quickly!

And you know I love to see the green.

What are you thankful for this week?

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Friday 15th of April 2022

1. I’m thankful that you have family to hold you up when you need it, it’s so wonderful to see, and now we don’t have to worry about you as much ;) 2. I’m thankful for the gift of a spider plant in a beautiful pot from a neighbor in our buy nothing group. I kept one plant alive through the 2years of the pandemic so far, so I am so very excited to now have two! The joy I feel when I see these two plants is ridiculous. 3. Im thankful for the community our tiny local gym has created. I have been dealing with an injury for a while and have been bowled over by kind offers of help and support from “tough guys” 4. I’m thankful that my niece sends me messages on Facebook messenger to tell me she loves me, and all the other things going on in first grade, with all the wonderful creative spelling of a six year old. 5. I’m thankful that we have been good savers, so when a larger than usual tax bill hit this year, we can cover it. (Also thankful for the good earnings year that created the higher bill!)


Friday 15th of April 2022

I am grateful that a good friend is unexpectedly coming to my city this weekend and we will have coffee together! I haven’t seen her since well before covid. While we are suddenly dealing with Shae’s possible impending job loss, I’m thankful that I’m getting a couple of new students. Every little bit will help. I’m glad to have two cars again, because tomorrow we are lending one for a week to someone we care about who is in need. We have been helped a lot over recent months, and I’m happy to have the ability to pay it forward. I’m so grateful for my beautiful and loving daughter. She brightens my world! Im thankful for a pair of friends who live in a town near us. (They are friends, they’re not our friends.) They have huge gardens, and each year they sell offshoot plants for a super reasonable price. Today we got about 13 plants for $50 for our new garden, which is a great deal. I’m glad you have your parents and your girls, Kristen, and that you all hold each other close. It makes the hard things in life a bit more bearable.

Sandy Beach

Thursday 14th of April 2022

That's really sweet of your dad. I'm curious about the car in the background. Is that a 1930s something? Cool car. Today I'm thankful that tax season is almost over, except for all the clients on extension. After today the pressure is off for awhile. Since this is probably/possibly my last tax season, I'm more reflective than ususal. I've had (mostly) the nicest people for clients through the years, and for that I am extremely grateful. Happy Easter/Passover weekend!


Thursday 14th of April 2022

Yep. I believe it's a 1936, and he's restoring it.

MB in MN

Thursday 14th of April 2022

I'm thankful for nice weather - or rather the memory of nice weather. It's currently freezing, snowy and so windy here it feels like the house is going to lift off like in the Wizard of Oz. Can't wait for spring to stick around!


Thursday 14th of April 2022

Your parents sound like true gems, and the love you have for them shines through in your posts. I’m thankful for the arbour my son finally finished. Sometimes it seems like projects are at the ‘accumulated all the pieces’ stage forever! But he came home from school yesterday and banged it together and it looks great. I was reminded that I need to focus on my son’s many other attributes (like carpentry and physical work) and not get fixated on his grades, which are fair to middling at best. I’m thankful for my six year old neighbour who is a joy to watch grow up. We spent a happy half hour on the couch, going through some old books I had from my boys, and he happily announced he’d like to take them all home. So he did! Happy Easter All!

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