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WIS, WWA | sandwich, sandwich, sandwich

What I Spent

I put this post together and realized that I have eaten a version of a sandwich almost every night. And I did not even notice that all week.

That’s how much I like sandwiches. 🙂

ham sandwich. It was a pretty random week with the spending! 

I spent:

  • $5 at Aldi
  • $30 at Five Guys
  • $16 at Safeway
  • $36 at Sam’s Club

Soo, $87 for me.

What We Ate


Zoe and I got Five Guys and watched Gilmore Girls together. 🙂 We are on a serious Gilmore Girls kick of late.

Five Guys burger.


Zoe was at work, and this was the night I got my almost-free Mezeh bowl with my birthday discount.

Kristen with a Mezeh bowl.


This was my 12-hour OB shift day, and while I did pack a meal, I was hungry enough when I got home to make a ham sandwich for myself before I went to bed. 😉

ham sandwich.


I was inspired by my own sauce roundup and I made a batch of the roasted red pepper/basil mayo. I used that for a sandwich, with rotisserie chicken and lettuce.

croissant sandwich.


Zoe was at work, and I just made myself another chicken sandwich with basil/red pepper mayo.

chicken sandwich.


I made some chicken quesadillas, using more of the rotisserie chicken, and we had some fruit on the side.

I also made pico de gallo, which handily used up the last of my cilantro. Yay!



Hmm…Zoe’s working, so I will do some fridge-scrounging for myself.

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Chris b

Monday 22nd of April 2024

Baked turkey mustard cheese sandwiches Chili for multiple days, cheap to make (yikes, noodles etc consume all the juice) so add water Corned beef, was $2.00 per lb. Hamburgers Baked chicken, rice, raw carrots Rice chicken dish with onion soup base and bacon pieces to top


Saturday 20th of April 2024

I will go on record that Five Guys is seriously overpriced - cutting their own potatoes doesn't justify it. One joint, $20, we can each have a specialty burger, one order of fries (which as just as good at FGs), AND a beverage each. Or another joint $15, each have a cheeseburger (Am/swiss/or pepper jack, std "fixings") and an order of fries. 1/3 pound burgers at both places. Friday - leftover burger at home - blessed solitude as I had the house to myself Saturday - Mexican w/daughter & ASIL - another blessed day of solitude. I did get a lot done on my "to do" list. Sunday - Sushi (leftovers eaten as part of lunch next day by better half) Monday - steak 4 me, salmon for better half. Tuesday - leftover Mexican (part of leftovers enhanced a lunch), leftover pizza for better half (from freezer) Wednesday - grilled brats pulled from freezer, enhanced fried potatoes Thursday - burgers - I can never eat enough burgers - avocado slices on the side, enhanced fried potatoes Friday - mostiaccioli w/meat sauce

I too could each sandwiches every day.

Dawn in WA

Saturday 20th of April 2024

WWA: Sunday: sheet pan salmon with a lemon mustard sauce, roasted yellow potatoes and green beans Monday: leftover salmon for me (at work) and beef tips in gravy in the crockpot for him. He made mashed potatoes and veggies Tuesday: leftover beef tips, broccoli, salad Wednesday: leftovers: beef tips for him, and the salmon/potatoes for me at work Thursday: soft tacos with ground turkey Friday: leftover tacos for him, I was still full after lunch out with my girls for my youngest's 40th. She chose Din Tai Fung where we ate soup dumplings, shrimp and chicken dumplings, fried rice, garlic green beans (the most sought after copy cat recipe!) and chocolate dumplings for dessert. Tonight: friends are coming for some financial investment advice so they are bringing pizza and I made Magnolia Bakery Blueberry Jamboree for dessert.


Saturday 20th of April 2024

It’s Autumn in Australia and the days are getting chilly so I’ve been making a lot of soups this week. I also made a zucchini and corn slice to use up the last of the zucchini in the fridge.

Elizabeth M

Friday 19th of April 2024

WIS: $24 at Kroger for eggs, olive oil, and dairy free yogurt, cheese and butter substitutes.

WIA: I'm drawing a blank for most of the week. It's been a weird time for several reasons. But last night I had gluten free past with sauce and a little olive oil. Tonight I had the same thing with a couple of additions. I mixed black beans into the sauce for protein, and I sprinkled nutritional yeast on top as a parmesan substitute. I have really missed parmesan since I had to give up dairy, and the commercial versions of dairy free parmesan didn't work for me, but this does.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.