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WIS, WWA | Kind of a non-cooking week

What I Spent

Let’s see.

I got my Hungry Harvest box on Saturday.

On Sunday night, our snack food run to Aldi was $27.

And then my more responsible grocery shopping ran me $78.73.

So, I’m at $121.

January Spending

(Budget is $150/week)

Week 1: $187

Week 2: $111

Week 3: $121

What We Ate


This was the night after our hotel sleepover, so I needed something easy! I bought a ham on discount at Aldi, made some mashed potatoes, cut up some oranges, and called it dinner.

The hams at Aldi were $5 off, so I found the smallest one I could.   Because that is how my frugal brain works. 😉


The only ones here to eat dinner were Sonia, Zoe, and me.   Soo, we headed out to Chick-Fil-A to use our cow calendar offer for this month (free chicken nuggets).

I didn’t happen to feel like eating nuggets, though, so I bought a salad.


We were here and there and everywhere. Sonia and Zoe were actually the only ones who ate dinner at home, and they ate cereal and grapefruit. Ha.


Sonia made ravioli and shrimp in pink sauce, and she did it with fairly minimal help from me.   Yay Sonia!


Given how much I didn’t cook this week, I’m thinking I should opt for homemade pizza tonight.

What did you eat this week? And what’s for dinner tonight?


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Friday 19th of January 2018

Can you please share a recipe for the red sauce Sonia made? Looks great. Thanks!


Friday 19th of January 2018

I have had a gross week. On Saturday I bought a chicken for dinner and when I broke the package open it was off. So I cooked roast lamb instead. I can't remember what was made on Sunday. Monday night we went to Taco Bell as they have returned to Australia and my son wanted to try them before he returned to work on Tuesday. He works in the Gulf of Carpentaria and it is very isolated and even the groceries have to be barged in or ordered from Cairns. Tuesday was a quiet night and we had steak and many vegetables. Wednesday we had chicken tacos made at home. Thursday was leftovers. Friday night was another disaster. I had a piece of ham and when I opened that it was rotten. Dinner became chicken burgers.

I guess our heat waves contributed to the bad meat but I cannot believe I had bad meat twice.


Friday 19th of January 2018

I'm reading up on all of this after a looong day off, full of driving to Brenham and doing chores at my mother's house, then coming home to chore. Yay, Friyay, tho since I am off today. (: I put a roast in the crock pot and poured in come water, chipotle chilies, and garlic and onion. I will shred it for tacos, and serve with homemade pico de gallo, shredded cheese, and sour cream. Leftovers will be lunch tomorrow!


Friday 19th of January 2018

Sun/Mon/Tues - had the same - braised mixed vegies/beef mince/pasta, & for a pantry challenge with a bag of dried barley I think I bought to make risotto with had a go at a barley salad with carrot/celery/cucumber/lettuce/spring onion/chicken balls & a soy/honey/lemon/mirin/sesame oil dressing that turned out so yum I think it will be a regular lunch for me.

Wed - was supposed to be risotto from freezer but work went late so had gluten free pikelets I made to share at work with strawberry jam and my joghurt

Thurs - the chicken/veg risotto

Fri - spaghetti bolognese (mine has lots of veg whizzed up in it) with chilli oil & parmesan on wholemeal pasta as a pantry challenge which is growing on me

Tonight - not sure yet.


Saturday 20th of January 2018

Chicken balls!? I know in Iowa they have turkey testicle festivals! Pikelets? Wow! What is that? One amazing benefit of reading Frugal Girl is learning about new interesting foods and customs!


Friday 19th of January 2018

I have been recently fairly successful in finding new crockpot recipes that the family really likes (aside from one picky eater) now that one of my kids has finally decided they like meat. Woot!

Sunday I made Sloppy Joes in the crockpot, and they turned out great. Had those with chips and coleslaw.

Monday was mostly leftovers, and soup and grilled cheese.

Tuesday was Chicken Parmigiana from the Cook's Illustrated Healthy Kitchen Cookbook--I even put my big girl pants on and made homemade breadcrumbs when it was clear I wasn't making it to the grocery store thanks to a big snowstorm and super cold weather. But I had everything else on hand.

Wednesday I made it to the grocery store, with any luck not to have to go back until next week (I was averaging two trips a week, I'd like to get it down to one); we had Steak Tips with Mushrooms over egg noodles (from the website Damn Delicious)--this was a big hit with everyone, so I have a new recipe to put in my files.

Thursday: I went running in the evening but made twice baked potatoes ahead of time for DH to put in the oven and we had those with burgers and hot dogs.

Tonight is pasta night, and I have a was-on-sale pork shoulder waiting for pulled pork on Sunday. Yum.

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