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WIS, WWA | almost April

What I Spent

I was looking at the calendar and realizing: there’s only one more week in March! No wonder it’s looking so spring-like outside these days.

blossom on a tree branch.

My spending was very simple this week: $55 at Safeway! And that makes sense, given how much I spent last week. 🙂

What We Ate


We had two naan left from our tikka masala night, so I used those to make some quick pizzas in the toaster oven.

naan pizza.


I made myself a burger, potato wedges, and I ate some raw veggies on the side. Zoe was at work until 10 pm, I believe, and she just had a grilled cheese when she got home.

potato wedges


My usual when I’m on my own: an egg-based plate. 🙂

plate of eggs, sweet potatoes, and a salad.


I had the scholarship event at the winery with PEO, and food was served there. I wore my American Giant hoodie dress, by the way, because it’s a good choice for an event that is semi-casual.

Kristen in a green hoodie dress.

Oh, wow, as I was just looking through my files for the hoodie dress pictures, I came across my original American Giant hoodie, back in 2013.

American Giant

my original American Giant hoodie and t-shirt! Crazy that this was 11 years ago.

Anyway, Zoe got home from work after I got home from the event, and I made her a quick burger plus potato wedges.


Zoe was out with a friend, and I ate some cheese tortellini with marinara sauce.

bowl of tortellini


I went for a late afternoon walk in the sunshine, which was just delightful.

horse in a field.

And after I got home, I made bacon and cheese quesadillas, which we ate with salsa and sour cream, with some cut-up fruit on the side.

chicken quesadilla.


I think Zoe and I both have an empty evening! And if that’s the case, then we will probably have our weekly takeout + movie night. 🙂

black cat cuddling.

She always likes to cuddle on movie nights

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Joanne Mitchell

Sunday 24th of March 2024

Your blog is a true gem in the world of online content. Your thoughtful analysis and insightful commentary set you apart from the rest. Keep up the excellent work!


Saturday 23rd of March 2024

Market Basket Just over $100 (surprised, but not surprised) I really have not wanted to think about cooking, so it has been very sparse eating. I guess it is because dinnertime is just a chore lately.

Friday: Aldi fish&chips and crab cakes Saturday Burgers Sunday & Monday Corn beef sandwiches, pickles, fries Tuesday & Wed Hot dogs, beans, brown bread Wednesday: Leftovers Thursday: Lasagna rolls, meatballs Friday: Waffles and fruit

When I was at the grocery store Sunday, the people in front of me had 2 carts full (with a lot of plastic bags) of food. The charge came to over $600. It really was the first time I have paid attention to what other people are paying. I don’t know if they have a large family, were having a party, cook for others; but whatever it was a lot of money. Then Monday when I was at our local grocery store for the last minute cake for our friends, the young mother in front of me with a toddler spent over $200. A portion was paid by welfare food benefits. The “only” store in our town is expensive—I generally just stop in for small items. I wished she could shop at one of the area stores for better prices. Example: 2 small cans of baked beans in town $5; at the other store (next town over) on Sunday I bought 2 larger cans for $5. Thankfully I can hop in the car to go to other stores.


Saturday 23rd of March 2024

WIS: $44; WIA: Saturday: grilled steak tips with kale and roasted broccoli Caesar salad. (If anyone wants a great Caesar salad dressing, Serious Eats has one). Sunday: chickpea dosa, za’atar spiced roasted pear and cabbage, tahini sauce. A new recipe. Not good. Monday: homemade pizza. I always top mine with garlic scape pesto, mozz, pepperoni & broccoli Tuesday: chili mac with kale stems Wednesday: yogurt, popcorn & diet root beer. Don't judge - it was my birthday. Thursday: Korean meatloaf, mac n' cheese, broccoli (from the freezer) Friday: birthday dinner out: frankfurter & bratkartoffeln


Sunday 24th of March 2024


Happy Birthday!

What is Korean meatloaf? Meatloaf w/ kimchi mixed in?


Friday 22nd of March 2024

Week was pretty much of a blur since better half helps out with the election 4 straight days, I do one day. Saturday - Corned beef and cabbage - easy crock pot meal Sunday - takeout Mexican Monday - leftovers from Saturday and Sunday Tuesday - already cooked burgers from the freezer and baked potato salad Wednesday - takeout sushi - last day of election work Thursday - brats and "gourmet" fried cheesy potatoes - both from freezer. Potatoes fried up with mushrooms and onions. Friday - baked cod and wild rice enhanced with mushrooms and red peppers.

Blue Gate Farmgirl

Friday 22nd of March 2024

Big spend this week: $117 @ Costco, includes pets; $23 @ Grocery Outlet (.97 gal local milk); $68 Restaurant Supply; $7.87 @ Trader Joe's WWA: Sun: butter chicken, GF homemade naan, homegrown micro greens, green beans M: Dinner salad, GF french bread and apple salad T: Halibut Tacos + trimmings and cornmeal shortbread cookies with mango lime curd filling W: Grocery Shopping and Grain gettin' day, ate out at local brew pub, 2 sliders and veggie fries for $12 for both of us. Th: Grilled moose steaks, green salad F: Dinner salad w/leftover steaks, relish plate w/dilly beans, pickled beets, hot and spicy baby pickles and pickled cherries. S: Family Dinner: All the Salsas - fruit, guac, black bean and my pico de gallo, Enchiladas, refried beans, Mexican Street Corn, Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Sun: Church Family Dinner - I am bringing a bbq turkey, layered green salad, potato salad and garlic bread. This dear family in our community has lost 6 members to sudden death, cancer, stroke, motorcycle accident. We are giving the survivors love, support, great music and fellowship.

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