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WIS, WWA | I compensated!

What I Spent

Remember how last week, we ate down our fridge stash, and I spent under $20?

Well. I definitely compensated for that this week. Ha.

eggs and sweet potatoes.

I spent $88 at Aldi and $150 at Sam’s Club.

Soooo, I’m at $238 for this week.

No biggie, though…I obviously will not need to repeat that behavior at Sam’s Club again next week. 🙂

What We Ate


I went to the symphony that night, and I honestly do not remember what I ate before I left.

I do remember that Zoe was at work, and on my way home from the symphony, I used my free pizza in my Domino’s app to pick up some pizza for her.


Zoe had her leftover pizza, and I made myself a ham sandwich, which I was perfectly happy with. 🙂

ham sandwich.


A clinical day for me (ending at 8:30 pm). I made the chipotle-marinated chicken with half a pack of chicken thighs, in the morning and packed it as a salad for my dinner.

salad packed for dinner.

Zoe ate the same thing at home while I was gone.

Incidentally, my little jar of chipotles was almost empty, so I blended up a new can and now my jar is full again. In case you didn’t know…here’s how to easily store a can’s worth of chipotles in your fridge.

how to store chipotle chilies


In the morning, before clinical, I cooked the rest of the chicken thighs (cut into pieces and seasoned with salt and pepper) in a hot skillet and then added Aldi’s tikka masala sauce. We had that with naan (also from Aldi) and cilantro.

tikka masala.


I had an evening meeting and I just ate a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread before I went.

Zoe was at work, and she had a grilled cheese sandwich when she got home.


Zoe wanted French toast so that’s what we had, along with some orange slices.

french toast on a blue plate.


I think Zoe and I are both free tonight sooo….perhaps a movie/takeout night is in order for us. 🙂

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Friday 15th of March 2024

Saturday - steak for me, salmon for the better half. I am a red meat - most any meat - girl, baked potato. Sunday - Mexican - chicken/chorizo & shrimp/grilled onions. Both with cheese of course. I love frijoles, better half not as much. We both saved our arroz, I save half of my chicken. Better half had a guacamole salad. Good food, good service, good socializing with the staff. Monday - bacon wrapped stuffed chicken breasts w/potatoes. One pan oven meal. Tuesday - I ate Sunday leftovers. better half made himself a pizza using Jus-Roll pizza crust. The arroz I didn't eat got added to soup for lunch on Thursday. Wednesday - a cut of beef (can't remember the name but it was $5 or less) w/potatoes & carrots - crockpot meal. Thursday - hamburgers and baked beans Friday - tilapia filets (butcher shop sells 3 or 4 different "seasoned" varieties) and shredded potatoes w/cheese.


Friday 15th of March 2024

Saturday: not sure Sunday: Veggie chili and Mac and cheese Monday: polenta bake with corn and tomatoes Tuesday: Indian spiced black eyed peas Wednesday: leftovers Thursday: sausage pasta bake Friday: leftovers


Friday 15th of March 2024

Kristen you used to go to Costco and now I see you’re shopping at Sam’s Club. Is Sam’s Club closer to you now or do you prefer it over Costco?


Saturday 16th of March 2024

Location! Now that I live in a different house, Sam's Club is more convenient for me. :)


Friday 15th of March 2024

Are you setting an example for your classmates to bring dinner to late clinical day? I like French toast. Maybe next week with some of my free bread. The local market donates all of the day old bread and other bakery items to the senior center. I usually pick up bread, which I may do bread crumbs or croutons. I'll have to remember to get a loaf to freeze to make bread pudding for Easter for my daughter's FIL. (Easter is 2 weeks away. Yikes.)

WWA Sat: Meatball sandwiches and salad Sun: Steak & pepper sandwiches and salad Mon: ATK Lasagna Rolls for 2 Tues: Steak & pepper sandwiches and chicken parm, fruit Wed: Frittata Thurs: Burgers, corn Friday: haddock, crab cakes and fries

WIS: $63.00 Market Basket. I do think that is high for having under 20 items to go through the quick register. But I suppose if we ate out, it would cost a lot more. I went to the market to pick up a few things because my grandson was going to be with us but he decided to go to his sister's soccer tournament. I was interested in food when I went. We had not had steak subs in a while and right next to the shaved steak were pkgs of peppers and onion all cut up. That package showed up in the steak sandwiches, chicken parm, and frittata. It was worth it to buy that way, no waste. On lasagna roll night, I made enough for 2 more meals. They are sitting in the freezer, ready for that quick night. Tonight I used one of those $1.99 Aldi fish and chip dinners with 2 crab cakes from MB. Dinner came in under $10, actually just a little over $7. There are plenty of fries in the dinner for two people. This week I also made a plate of baked steel cut oatmeal for my breakfast.


Friday 15th of March 2024

WIS: Farmer's Market-$15; Milk delivery-$18; S&S-$28; Foodocracy-$27; Flashfood-$198; Penzeys-$111 (mostly on giftcard deal ($150 in gc for $105) for future spices so does it really count here?) Total: $397 with gift cards, $286 without) Really looking to reel it back in next week. Here's hoping.

WWA: Sat- Take-out birra tacos and pupusas Sun- Oscars! Movie themed food- String and alpine cheese and crackers, beet hummus, cornbread w/ hot honey, kimchi latke quesadillas, Portobello mushroom cloud burgers, and of course cherries jubilee and the champagne of beers Mon- Sorrel soup w/ garlic and cheese sausage, kale, and ravioli Tues- Supper Club! We made Fideo tacos as our contribution Wed- Leftover fideo tacos, chicken carnitas nachos, and cabbage/carrot slaw Thurs- Pi day---failed with buying a pre-made meat pie. French style-didn't look like the picture and was mushy. Unfortunately we had to toss and have leftovers from Monday. Peach hand pies for dessert. Fri- Leftover sorrel soup, shrimp pasta

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