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Why yes, Chase, that’s exactly what I’ve always wanted.

A loan offer from Chase bank.

How in the world did you know?

Real checks and cash are so overrated. I mean, really, why would I want to wait until I have the money for a purchase when you’re there, offering me the opportunity to pay fees and interest on top of the purchase price?

Sign me up, baby!


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Irina W

Thursday 2nd of September 2010

I am a "Chase hater " also .Many banks do crazy things ,but Chase sure excelled in that!!Way to go Chase( WaMu and what else)... We had mortgage with them and I even used to be their employee for 5 years or so! Now when I get anything from them I shred it without even looking what is in there.


Wednesday 16th of June 2010

Ugh, I hate Chase bank. They have our mortgage and give us the run around about things that shouldn't be issues. The even stopped paying our home owners insurance and it was cancelled. After I made it very clear not to send me any thing except what is directly related to our mortgage, they continue to send absurd things like these checks.


Wednesday 16th of June 2010

I understand hating stuff like this if you arent a member of Chase... but if you are, I can understand it.

My bank sent me 4 checks last year. I could use them as normal checks, but they'd go on my credit card. I'd incur a slightly elevated interest. It just so happens that my now fiancee lost his job and couldn't find another one. I was in school and we already had food stamps. The checks were a god send. I never carry a balance on my credit card anyway, but these helped me pay off my bills and gave me 30 days to pay off my credit card---which was enough time for the boy to get a job and me to get extra christmas money.

So I DO understand the need... and won't throw them away if my bank sends more. Now if CHASE sends em to me (I don't have an account with em) I'd probably shred them too :)


Tuesday 15th of June 2010

dave ramsey say's you spend 12-17% more swiping even a debit card. cash register's as pain in the brain. i never paid cash b4 & i always used my debit (or credit ~YIKES). only thing is it takes me longer to shop now because if i don't have enough, i have to decide on what i don't need ( like 3 pair of shorts for my daughter in different colors) i spend alot less. & now i'm on a budget. we weren't for the first 8 yrs of marriage. i don't know how we did it. i wasted so much money & food. BLAH! well, atleast we are still young & learned this now. FINANCIAL FREEDOM. i love it. we are planning to pay off all our debt ( including college & house) in 5-6 yrs. $116,000 maybe even sooner ;)


Tuesday 15th of June 2010

Our church has started automatic withdrawals. We filled out a form stating how much and how often, weekly, monthly, etc. Its nice, I was always scrambling to write out a check before the plate came around.

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