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What I Spent, What We Ate | painting week edition

What I Spent

I needed to spent $100 or less to stay on budget.   I did awesome with that last week, but not so much this week.

I started the week off with my Hungry Harvest box OF COURSE. ($25)

Then I spent $93.73 at Aldi.

And I spent another $30.46 on small trips.

I’m at $149.19, which is $50 more than I’d hoped to spend.

But I did make it through nearly a solid week of painting projects, and we didn’t get takeout for dinner one time!

So, I’m going to consider the extra $50 well-spent.

July Spending (averaged $162.5/week)

Week 1: $210

Week 2: $187

Week 3: $103

Week 4: $150

What We Ate


I made Swedish meatballs, but we discovered our septic issue in the midst of me making dinner so I kind of burned some of the meatballs. Bummer.

Please enjoy this previously published photo of me making not-burnt meatballs.


I was busy painting, so I grilled chicken sausages from Costco, and we had those with chips and cherries.


This was the night I made the Asian lettuce wraps.

I also served corn on the side, plus sliced apples.


We were at the pool all afternoon, so on the way home, we stopped at Aldi and bought things for a snacky dinner (croissants, sliced ham, Havarti, crackers, fruit, etc.)


I’m happy to say that before I went to bed last night, I made the dough for grilled pizzas. Yay me!!

Unfortunately, I did forget to buy tomatoes and fresh mozzarella when I was at Aldi yesterday.   So, I’ll have to go pick those up today.

Luckily, I’ll be driving past Aldi today, so that won’t be a huge headache.


What’s been on the dinner table at your house?   And how did your July grocery budget end up?

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Monday 31st of July 2017

Lessee: - Monday: frozen dumplings, wild blueberries I picked on a recent trip

- Tuesday: fridge scrounge

- Wednesday: smoked free-range pork (pork from friend's farm, which I smoked), broccoli, wild blueberries.

- Thursday: gussied-up burgers, CI hash browns (recipe has good bones but needs work), cukes, red bell peppers.

- Friday: raided the fridge after a gym class, sushi for roommate.

- Saturday: late lunch, combined with the motion-sickness-inducing camera work at the movie Dunkirk.

- Sunday: bonus breakfast of leftover hash browns, gussied up hamburger meat, eggs. Dinner was out bowling with friends, lane deal included pizza. chips & 2 dips, and sodas.

Suzan Warnes

Saturday 29th of July 2017

I have no idea what I have spent. Fruit, vegetables and red meat have reached new highs as far as I am concerned. We are having an off time with bread. So much has been converted to crumbs and still we aren't finishing it most of the time.

Sunday: I butchered down a hunk of rump and we had roast beef and vegetables. Monday: I don't remember but I think it may have been tandoori chicken. Tuesday: The leftover rump roast became stew. Wednesday: Dinner out of the freezer day. So we ate a lot of Asian dumplings etc. I went out with my knitting group. Even pub grub has gone through the roof...Next time I will be sticking with a coffee or cold drink. Thursday: Good old Australian Vegemite on Vita-Weet crackers. I think we had lunch out and no one really wanted a full sized meal. Friday: Leftover chicken from the lunches this week turned into sandwiches.

We have consumed huge amounts of mandarins, clementines, avocado, tomato and bananas too.

I need to write a good plan this week as there is a lot of stuff left over from shopping etc.

Barry @ Money We Have

Saturday 29th of July 2017

These photos alone inspire me to cook more. I'm pretty good at preparing meals but I find I keep defaulting to the same dishes over and over again.

Jessica S

Saturday 29th of July 2017

I feel like I am just flying by the seat of my pants.. Days are crazy and I feel so unstructured! Thankfully the husband appreciates it all and doesn't say a word!

Monday.. I was meeting friends for a get together and we were all bringing items to binge on Mexican! I took homemade salsa and a cream cheese bar dessert..I marinated and grilled Chicken before I left, kids put fruit out, canned corn and made a pouch of saucy noodles,

Tuesday- Fend for yourself late afternoon snacking and then daughter had her Black Belt test for TKD.. after that I took the kids to Wendys and they all picked the 4 for $4.00 meals and got their mini free frostys...

Wednesday- I was taking a meal to a friend's family since she is going through Chemo... Made a huge crock pot of salsa chicken.. post of white rice and a double batch of corn cake...Both families enjoyed!

Thursday- FFY before TKD class...

Friday- My brother's family came to town to surprise my mom for her birthday.. we all went to a Chicken house by where we grew up.. Some memories are better left as memories.. just not great like the memory recalls.. and I swear they have done NO upkeep to the place or air freshening in the past 20+ years! lol

Sat- Mom thinks we are taking her to the steak house for her birthday.. I actually have a surprise party planned.. I highly doubt we go out for steak after that! so NO idea about supper.. although I have enough garden veggies I could easily put together a stir fry bar quicker than waiting at prime dinner time at a restaurant... We will see


Saturday 29th of July 2017

The week has been trying to figure out what to do with leftovers.....Nothing exciting!

mon- steak umm sandwiches tues- baked ham, mixed veg, homemade bread wed- leftover smoked pork sandwiches thurs- leftover ham and oven fries fri- ham and eggs with toast sat- possibly pasta and chorizo with marinara, homemade bread

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