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What I Spent, What We Ate | Only one more week in September!

We’ve had pretty much all warm weather so far this month, and I think the lack of crisp fall days is making it hard for me to think that October is almost here.

But I know warm, humid weather is nothing compared to the weather difficulties people in Florence’s path have faced, so I’m not going to feel sorry for myself!

What I Spent

We spent  $154  on food this week, so only slightly over budget.

September Spending

Week 1:$124

Week 2:  $151

Week 3:  $154

What We Ate


We went to a friend’s house to eat pizza, and we brought fruit and drinks.

takeout pizza


We had eggplant Parmesan, which I know is surprising to many of you. But my parents told me the Cook’s Illustrated version was very different than the version I remember from my childhood, and they were right!

I mean, I’m not going to wake up in the middle of the night craving it or anything, but I thought it was pretty good.

Which is saying a lot for me!


Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, and salad.

Is there a better combo than soup and sandwiches?   I think not.


Sonia and I made Swedish meatballs with egg noodles.   And we had spaghetti squash (from Hungry Harvest) on the side.


We had quite a few leftover Swedish meatballs, so I think we will just have those for dinner tonight.

Easy button!

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Monday 24th of September 2018

I have NEVER been a fan of eggplant in any way, shape or form. However, when we used to visit my beloved late spinster (do they use that word anymore?) aunt, she used to cook us her speciality - ratatouille! She was so proud of her favorite eggplant and tomato creation (shudder)! Needless to say, because I loved my aunt dearly, I always ate her slithery eggplanty concoction with a cheerful smile! Do I miss my aunt? Desperately! Have I had ratatouille since her death over 10 years ago....not a chance!


Monday 24th of September 2018

This made me chuckle!


Monday 24th of September 2018

I'm not good at remembering...Here's what I do recall for the last few days:

Wed- frozen chicken tenders and fries Thurs- baked ham and potatoes Fri-frozen pizza Sat- scalloped potatoes & ham Sun-crockpot beef stew

I've been trying to come up with new meals once I took note of our freezer stash. DH won't eat things from when he lived at home (meatloaf, vegetables, lasagna, chili, anything vegetarian, hamburgers, and meatballs to name a few) and it's definitely been a hindrance in my desire to try new things. I mean, meatballs can be made with different products and spices, but he still refuses. I made vegetable lasagna once and only with mozzarella cheese but he still refused. It was actually pretty awesome.


Saturday 22nd of September 2018

This week was Blue cheese stuffed burgers, no buns so I wrapped in lettuce and he wrapped with tortilla. Another night was Quesadillas & salad. Grandpa took us out to eat and the meal was so large we had it for dinner, lunch than again for dinner. The place we ate at always serves yellow carrots. They are so good! Fried chicken, rice and noodles other nights.

It was really windy here Friday, lots of power outages. It was 80 out and once the cold front went thru it was mid 40's. What a drop!

It was a fun week, we managed to trap feral mom and her little kitties. They will all get fixed and we hope the littles can be handled enough to go to homes. Mom won't -she has an attitude but no more kittens for her. We will see she is taken care of.


Monday 24th of September 2018

Yay for TNR. I have a strict "no rabies, no babies" policy myself.


Saturday 22nd of September 2018

Man i am over SoCal heat -- upper nineties for the forseeable . . .so, I was happy to incorporate last Sunday's rotisserie chicken (purchased with coupon) into pretty much every lunch and dinner I made this week.

A couple classic chicken, nuked potato, steamed broccoli, and salad meals

Many, oh so many, salads with diced chicken and whatever I had lying around the 'frig -- for lunch to take and dinner to eat at home. Actually really enjoyed this, cuz HEAT.

Opened a surprisingly tasty can of Campbells( !) organic veggie chili, mixed in a handy dandy can of extra pintos and topped with free sour cream and green onions. Finished with yummy grapes which are both cheap and in season. Lots of sparkly water and my own iced tea.

Some cereal mixtures for breakfast (free bran flakes mixed with marked down other bran flakes) and toast for breakfast. Bought doughnuts for Fun Friday but no regrets - D is for doughnuts, as i explained to the kids.

Best news -- cheapo meals for the most part and NO WASTE. Zip Zilch Nada. Me so proud ! Thank you and everyone here for encouraging this!! :)


Saturday 22nd of September 2018

It's very fall feeling here. Cold and rainy, although it makes a good excuse to splash in puddles with my kiddos.

What we ate this week-

Monday - Homemade chicken soup.

Tuesday - Hamburger soup that I had in the freezer. Tuesdays are now our extremely crazy days and I might have to do a little more pre-planning to make this day work well. or simply have a stock of freezer meals for this day)

Wednesday - Chicken and rice and cauliflower and carrots.

Thursday - Homemade meat patties with roast sweet potatoes and broccolli.

Friday - Same Homemade meat patties as yesterday served as hamburgers with zucchini and salad.

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