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What I Spent, What We Ate

What I Spent

It was pretty quiet on the grocery shopping end of things this week. I did get a produce box delivery for $34.

produce box

And if you follow me on Instagram, you know I got right on that box with a plan for using what came in it.

prepped produce

August Spending

Week 1: $252

Week 2: $140

Week 3: $34

What We Ate

Normally, I have photos in my blog gallery that I can drop into my menu posts. But this week, I have almost none to share because I mostly made meals I haven’t photographed.

Apologies for the un-colorful text-heavy menu plan!


I made some glazed and grilled pork chops, and I cannot for the life of me remember what we had with them.


Oh, I remember that we had cornbread.   But the produce end of things escapes me.


Taco salad! This is a one-dish meal, but we did have some peaches on the side.


My original dinner plan didn’t come together for a number of reasons, and at 6:00, I still wasn’t sure what to make!

So, I thawed and steamed some shrimp, made a pot of mashed potatoes, and cut up some raw fruits and veggies.

(Since Zoe is allergic to shrimp, she ate ham, which was also thawed from the freezer.)


We ate in shifts due to conflicting evening schedules.   The kids ate French toast earlier, and then later, Mr. FG and I ate chicken/bacon wraps.

french toast


It’s gonna be a pizza night.

homemade pizza


What was for dinner at your house this week?

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Sunday 21st of August 2016

Monday we had 1 pan balsamic chicken with asparagus and cherry tomatoes over cauliflower rice (my 1st time attempting to rice cauliflower and it was awesome!) Tuesday - taco's with left over frozen taco meat from my daughters grad party and corn on the cob Wednesday - hubs was traveling so the boys and I had a whatever night. They are 13 and 20 totally capable of making a sandwich Thursday night marinated grilled pork chops, baked potatoes, and roast broccoli (tried it with frozen this time because that's what I had on hand and it was good) Friday night hubs and I went to a local brewery and home brew shop for happy hour/supply pick up and brought pizza and bread sticks home. spent about 10 on pizza and sticks, but totally worth it! Saturday went to a friends 50th bday celebration and ate probably the best lasagna I've had in my life. I need that recipe! As for tonight the hubby is brewing beer on the patio so we will most likely grill burgers and try to eat veggies and perishables from fridge as we are leaving for our daughters Navy boot camp grad on Wed.!!! Not certain how much we spent, I have to track better ;(

Tamara R

Saturday 20th of August 2016

We had a very inexpensive shopping week as well - $59.17 for two adults. My method is to do the bulk of my shopping at Sprouts (produce, nuts & beans), then Trader Joes for staples, then I hit one or two 'normal' markets for sale items only. This week that meant strawberries for $1.50 at one market, and 'good' bread for $1.88 at another. I enjoy playing the savings game, and over time it does have a dramatic impact on our spend.

What we ate: Mon - Butternut squash & pancetta risotto, salad, garlic bread Tue - Chicken Pomodoro*, salad, yellow squash Wed - Veggie burgers, sauteed sweet potatoes, salad Thur -- Turkey pot pie (the last of the Thanksgiving turkey, finally!), salad Fri - Made Strawberry margaritas, chips & guacamole to serve friends as our 'starter,' then out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner.


Friday 19th of August 2016

As usual I am trying to remember and to be extra good about eating at home. Sunday night was roasted chicken and Monday night was chicken a la king (cooked by Miss Pip). Tuesday was scratch around and eat left overs. Wednesday night Miss Bethany came to dinner and she has decided to eat vegan. So it was tandoori chicken, salads and rice for us and I made her some tofu on sticks for her was awful. Thursday saw me pulling an ancient roast lamb out of the freezer and doing that with all the English fixings. Friday was burgers. I have dived into the freezer and found a small eye fillet to eat over the weekend but don't have plans for it yet.

The freezers have developed a few small holes but I have replaced them as I found Australia's best organic chicken thighs on brilliant markdown. So I mixed another tandoori paste and popped them marinaded in the freezer for a later date. Pleasingly I managed to stick to my buying plans except for the chicken and the fact that I forgot to write bread on the list.


Friday 19th of August 2016

Hi Kristen, The previous week we had a few leftovers to "finish up" which I love, it means a night off cooking. My menu runs Wednesday to Tuesday, and this is how it went

Wednesday- left over curried coconut pumpkin soup Thursday- pizza night Friday- leftovers from Hubbys 50 th birthday dinner (Tuesday, earlier that week) Saturday- spiced roast chicken with mandarin sauce Sunday-moussaka Monday- tempura whiting with basmati rice and Asian greens Tuesday- chickpea and chorizo pot pies with steamed broccoli

And for this current week

Wednesday- steamed coral trout with basmati rice and Asian greens Thursday- you guessed it, pizza night Friday-BBQ pork steak with broccoli salad Saturday (today) pumpkin, feta and silverbeet parcels with potato bake and steamed greens Sunday- chicken and mushrooms pasta bake Monday- tempura whiting, rice and Asian greens Tuesday- using up any leftovers

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Fi

PS, I also do a weekly "what we bought, spent and ate" diary, with photos, if you want to have a look.


Sunday 21st of August 2016

Do you have a blog/website???


Friday 19th of August 2016

I have been racking my brain trying to remember our meals! ;) M: steak, potatoes and garden zuke and beans T: pasta w/ meat sauce and garden veggies W: take-out sandwiches for hubby and me [he insisted!] - keftovers for lunch the next day; kids ate at a friends' house so we didn't have to buy sandwiches for the whole clan R: rotisserie chicken, open faced tomato/basil/mozz bread and garden zuke and beans [there is a theme here...] Fri plan: shrimp and grits with...wait for veggies (diced tomatoes and swiss chard this time!) and watermelon.

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