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What I Spent, What We Ate | $114

What I Spent

I spent $114 this week, to finish out March. Yay me!

March Spending

Week 1: $76

Week 2: $166

Week 3: $144

Week 4: $202

Week 5: $114

Year to Date Grocery Spending

January: $619

February: $485

March: $702

What We Ate


Mr. FG and I had our date night and memory fails me as to what the girls ate for dinner while we were gone!


We had seafood subs, crackers, and fresh fruit for dinner.


We had chicken katsu with tonkatsu sauce, from Dinner Illustrated.  This recipe includes a cabbage salad, and we had rice as well.


I made shrimp with cilantro-lime quinoa (chicken for Zoe).


Lisey had plans with friends on her actual birthday (Tuesday) so we had her family birthday meal a day late.  She chose quesadillas with a corn and Monterey Jack filling, and we had fresh fruit with those.


Lisey had requested pancakes with Nutella for her birthday breakfast, but then for one reason or another, we didn’t make it work on her birthday or the day after.

So, pancakes for dinner it was.  With Nutella. 😉


I’m planning to make a mozzarella pesto pizza from a past issue of Cook’s Country.

What did you eat for dinner this week?

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Sunday 31st of March 2019

As the weeks bet busier my memory gets I know we ate Cracker Barrel on Sunday on the way home from a volleyball match...

One night I pulled a small container of cooked ground beef from the freezer and used it and crescent rolls to make a cheeseburger ring.. I know this was served with buttered amish noodles and frozen corn... I believe Corndogs were a quick heat up night.. but I cannot recall what they were served with...

I made a huge meatloaf and baked potatos one night...served with broccoli and cauliflower mix.. Lasagna was made and served with soft breadsticks the day my son had the rest of his baby molars pulled.. That I clearly recall! I also made and froze another for a future busy night and the last of the ricotta and meat sauce was mixed together and frozen.. I will make a pasta bake with that one night!

I defrosted a HUGE pork shoulder.. and then cut it in half and cooked it in 2 crock pots.. That was cooled and shredded down.. a portion eaten for supper one night with homemade macaroni and cheese with peas.. the rest was divided and frozen for 2 other meals...

(last night) Saturday I baked the rest of the random potatoes before they go funky... Ended up dicing and frying those with the last of the deli sliced Bavarian ham....mixed in a few sliced of diced colby/jack cheese and a half dozen eggs... Served with toast.. super simple!!


Saturday 30th of March 2019

I do make enchiladas every week as they're so easy and DH says he can eat them everyday...So that is always on the menu. I have to try new things to keep them interesting. I just haven't had time to play with recipes. Except the chicken Szechuan- everyone thought it was good except DH as it disagreed with him. Ugh....

Monday- Chicken enchiladas Tuesday- Chicken Szechuan Wednesday- Oven chicken bites and fries Thursday-Cilantro & rice burrito, smoked chicken and broccoli Friday- cheese pizza & garlic knots Saturday- Chicken enchiladas

I had gotten away from poultry for a year as I thought that the family may want a change. They didn't seem to mind it, except my cholesterol went up! So, I nearly eliminated red meat, fried foods and cheese (like the pizza above and my enchiladas do not have cheese) and my cholesterol has been back to near- normal levels.


Friday 29th of March 2019

Sunday - baked potatoes with toppings (bacon!), green salad Monday - Asian pork lettuce wraps, oranges Tuesday - squash ravioli with tomato sauce, green peas Wednesday - leftovers Thursday-breakfast for dinner (french toast, bacon, oranges) Friday-Buddha bowl, oranges

Can you tell I bought a lot of oranges this week? :)

Corrine Wilson

Friday 29th of March 2019

Sunday and Monday- BBQ chicken with roasted green beans Tuesday and Wednesday- chicken makhani over brown rice Thursday- ordered pizza because my in-laws are in town Friday and Saturday- beef bourguignon over spaetzle

Did well on the grocery budget this week, but it was thrown off by buying dinner for my in-laws.

Jennifer Y.

Friday 29th of March 2019

Your pancakes look so yummy!

Sunday: stuffed shells Monday: Sausage and pepper sandwiches (fruit Tuesday: Leftover chicken and fruit for my son, sandwich for me Wednesday: Leftover chicken and fruit for my son (I snacked on cheese) Thursday: Ate out (Soups and Sandwiches) Friday: We should have warm weather this evening - burgers on the grill.

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