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Well, that was an unusual week!

I didn’t really do any cooking this week because last Saturday, I flew out to Lake Tahoe to go skiing with my parents and my siblings.

Sort of through happenstance, all four of us kids happened to be available to go, and that’s the first time all of us have been on a ski trip together since 1995, when I was 17.

So, this was a pretty special occasion!

It was really lovely to be with my family and to have all six of us together. It felt a little like traveling back in time, except that all of us are a lot older now. 😉

And I have to say, it was nice to kind of be in the kid position again, where I did not have to be very responsible for anything other than myself.  Ahhhh.

I’d never been skiing out west anywhere other than Colorado, and I have to say, Tahoe beats Colorado hands down.  It’s so nice to not be freezing to death while skiing.

And the scenery is just so gorgeous.

I hadn’t skiied since 2005, but even after a 14 year hiatus, I still remembered how. Kind of like riding a bike. 😉

I did have two falls, one of which was a little dramatic (I lost my skis and poles in that one!), but mercifully, I didn’t get hurt.

It’s really great to be able to see the lake as you ski down the California side of the mountain. And the lake is beautiful when you get right down to it too.

So weird to see snow and sand in the same spot!

Between my three siblings and me, we have 17 kids. And delightful as those kids are, it was fun to be together just as adults for a few days.

I was telling Mr. FG last night that it was so lovely that all of my siblings could come. Each one of them contributes something special to the group, and it wouldn’t have been the same if even one was missing.

Hmm. I don’t seem to have any photos of my mom! She was there, I promise. She just cross-country skis now, due to some knee injuries, so I have no lift selfies with her. 😉

Anyway. This is why I have no menu post for you today!

You might be wondering what Mr. FG and the girls did while I was gone.  Well…Lisey stayed here and worked.

But Mr. FG hadn’t spent his fun money in a really long time, and he discovered he had enough saved up to take himself and the girls to Disney while I was gone!

We used Southwest points for their flights and mine (from our Southwest credit card), so the flying was nearly free. 

We also signed up for a Disney credit card, which gave us a $200 discount on the park tickets, and he and the girls stayed in a hotel using a friends and family discount from my younger brother.

So, that all worked out very nicely.

Anyway, we’re all home now, and I’ll be back in the kitchen this week!

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Liz Bishop

Saturday 9th of February 2019

So glad you were able to enjoy this time with your siblings! My sisters (all three of them) and my mom have made an annual tradition of having a girl's long weekend once a year. It's such a special time together. In 2018, one of my dear nieces (30-something years old) joined us for the first time, so it was extra-special. We hang out in our sweats, talk, laugh, eat great food (carry in or delivery), and catch up. Wouldn't miss it for the world.


Wednesday 6th of February 2019

This is off topic but I was wondering if ALDI is on instacart in your area? They just added it for us. I’m not sure if the prices stay the same though!


Wednesday 6th of February 2019

I'd never checked but I just did, and the answer is yes! I've never tried Instacart before. Do you like it?


Sunday 3rd of February 2019

Beautiful gathering! I am 90 min away and you are right, beautiful all year round. Glad you had a lovely time and thank you for sharing!


Sunday 3rd of February 2019

Being older--more of your parents' generation--I have to say that gatherings like this are among the best things you can do for your parents. It always feels so good to have all the "kids" under one roof or at one activity. And when all the grandkids AND their parents are together, it's a happiness explosion in my heart. Your parents must be so proud of you and grateful for this special time together. Thank you for writing about your family. Love Zoe and Sonia's styles!

Heidi Louise

Monday 4th of February 2019

Excellent point, Gail! I am of a similar age to you perhaps, and my father expressed concern some years ago that my sisters and I rarely see each other. Not only does he want us to be friends, he is concerned about tensions after he dies and problems dividing up his estate, issues he has seen in other families. Fortunately, he has no need to be worried about that and we have told him so. We live far apart and don't know details of each other's lives, but we are in harmony on the big things in life, as he and my mom taught us is what family means.

Hawaii Planner

Saturday 2nd of February 2019

Looks fabulous! We are close to Lake Tahoe, and have skied a few times this winter, & head back for "ski week" in February. We are skiing a Heavenly. Fingers crossed for great weather, as we've had a few unlucky days so far.

The weather in northern California is a nice mix for sure.

And, I love spending time with my "original" family. My sister is one of my two best friends, & I can't imagine my life without her. She is my girls trip travel partner! I'm hoping I can surprise her with a trip to Hawaii this summer, while I'm on sabbatical from work.

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