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Five Frugal Things | ok, actually 10

1. I used up some crystallized honey.

I had two containers of pretty solid honey that I was tired of looking at.

So I made a batch of chocolate chip granola bars.

And a batch of energy balls.

2. I made soup with my butternut squash.

I got one from Hungry Harvest and it sat on my counter for a while. And, much like with the honey situation, I got tired of it taking up counter space!

(How do I decide what to cook? Apparently whatever’s visually annoying to me goes on the chopping block.)

butternut squash soup

So, I made butternut soup and froze it for future lunches for me. No one else likes squash soup, so it’s a perfect lunchtime thing for me to eat.

3. I got the cat a $5 rabies shot.

The vet wouldn’t do a shot without also charging for an actual office visit, so the total for a visit + shot would have been $78.

But the shelter where we adopted her has a low-cost rabies clinic every week.  So, Zoe and I stood in a little line in the rain with the cat (under an umbrella, mind you!) and got her all fixed up for $5. 

I had to go to the shelter anyway to renew our cat’s license, so this was pretty darn convenient! 

And now she’s all set on the rabies/license front for three more years.

4. I ordered some Lands’ End tees on clearance.

As a rule, Lands’ End stuff isn’t really my style. But they do make some good basic t-shirts, and as long as I get the more fitted cuts, they work for me.

Anyway, I got an email about a clearance, so I hopped on and ordered a bunch of long-sleeve tees for an average of $10 apiece.

Several are good for me, several fit Lisey, and the others are going back to the local Sears store so I don’t have to pay return shipping.

5. How about a catch-all?

I packed a lunch for Mr. FG, using leftovers, I brewed my own coffee at home, I watched a free documentary with Mr. FG, I shopped at Aldi after I made a menu plan for dinners this week, and I bought Zoe a shirt using a $10 coupon (which made the shirt $7).

Your turn! Share your Five Frugal Things in the comments.


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Thursday 7th of February 2019

1. Took a light painting photography workshop with my son, free AND it counted for homeschool art! 2. Attended a lecture at a local college on the Photography of the Depression era. Free AND it counted for homeschool art and history! 3. Didn’t spend any money on food for a three day rabbit convention. Packed and did potluck. 4. Made a big pot of chili for lunches and three dinners. 5. Returned in needed items to hardware store for refund.


Wednesday 6th of February 2019

I love all the wonderful ideas, so helpful

Carrie Willard

Wednesday 6th of February 2019

I've been on a spending fast since January 1 so I'm winning at five frugal things LOL.

I decided to stop using Instacart for a while because I was overspending on groceries. I think removing the "pain of paying" is to blame.

I also started a price book so I can stock up when things hit a Buy price. A LIDL opened in my area recently you have any experience with them?


Wednesday 6th of February 2019

One is supposed to open here, but it's not turned up yet! I'm super curious to try it out.

Diane C

Wednesday 6th of February 2019

Hmmm, dunno if I have five things, but one is so good, I'll give it a shot.

- Tuesday is Senior Day, er, Morning, at Grocery Outlet. Everything is 10% off. Found a single box of a limited edition cereal my kid had raved about. Bought it for .99 - .099 = .90 for the win. Total spend was only $13.28. - Went to the 99 Cent Only Store across the street. Found frozen Guacamole for 99.99* cents each. Bought eight. They helped everything in the freezer bag nice stay and cool until I got home. Also got a bunch of Birdseye veg. and four "Oprah" mashed potato/ cauliflower combos for 99.99* cents each. Got out of there for about $20.00. (Too lazy to go check the receipt.) - I do hospitality for a large group and our next meeting's coming up. I was looking for more of a specific size/color plate to augment some I had on hand. I've been looking everywhere to no avail. I was planning on hitting one last party store while I was out and about. The very last row at the 99 Cent Only Store offered up exactly what I needed. Trip saved and 80 plates cost $5.00, for which I will be reimbursed. - Stopped at my favorite thrift store on the way home and found two unopened puzzles for 45 cents each. - Big win of the day: For the above mentioned group, I like to use real stuff whenever possible. Every meeting is themed and I like to make/use/reuse cloth tablecloths. I'm always watching for bolts of fabric at the thrift store. Today I found a 15 yard bolt of 54" upholstery fabric for $15.00. It was still in the Joann Fabrics wrapper! It will make a lovely set of tablecloths. When I went to pay for it, I discovered it was Green Tag Day and all Green Tag items were - wait for it - $3.00! Even though I'll get reimbursed, it's still a thrill! Best of all, the selvedge is lovely, so I can get away with cutting them to the proper length for now and finishing the ends at my leisure. Saves time, saves thread and best of all, I can use them again and again.

*The 99 Cent Only Stores raised their prices to 99.99 cents a couple of years ago, but my keyboard doesn't have a cents sign. I could just call it $1.00, but that always makes me think of the Dollar Tree.


Thursday 7th of February 2019

I also love to get inexpensive cloth table cloths to use for events. I often find them super cheap at thrift stores.


Tuesday 5th of February 2019

FFT fixing up our fixer-upper house we just bought: 1. Plumbing needed to be redone. The company charges about $4,000 and a man offered doing it himself for $2000. My husband decided to do it himself and has spent about $600-700 on supplies. Saving us thousands. 2. We bought a lot of our things, like a dryer and paint at a habitat for humanity store. The options are fewer, but the prices better. 3. We've also bought a lot of things like fans, furniture and lamps at thrift stores. 4. We're doing all the work ourselves so far (with help from family). We're painting and refinishing the hardwood floor (considering renting a big floor sander as the small belt sander is taking a long time). 5. We're trying to reuse as much as we can in the house. An old metal bed frame is here which we'll repaint, we're keeping the old windows for now, the cast iron tub we'll clean and maybe even sand and refinish, and the comode and bathroom vanity we can keep.


Wednesday 6th of February 2019

I wish you were blogging to give us a picture of the updates you're doing with your fixer-upper home purchase! :)

I think if someone asked me to re-plumb a house I would have to find someone I could pay to fix it for me. I would create a bigger mess that I could imagine if I tried! Eek!

Great job with all of your money savings!

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