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Thankful Thursday | the vaccine one

This week, I am thankful:

that some warm, sunny weather is coming

Early sunrise on river.

It’s been a chilly, cloudy week, but we’re going to get some sun starting on Saturday, and next week promises some warmer air too.

for the later sunsets

I don’t love the process of starting daylight saving time, but I do enjoy the later sunsets. Daylight at dinner time always makes me feel like spring is here!

that Sonia and I were able to get vaccinated

Everyone who volunteers with and works for the vet hospital is qualified, by letter, for the vaccine in our state’s current phase; I got my second shot this week, and Sonia gets her second shot in two weeks.

I realize that as I share this, some of you will think that we shouldn’t have gotten the shot at all (due to your concerns about the vaccine) and also that some of you will think that we should not have been eligible yet.

I can assure you that everything was on the up and up regarding us qualifying, but I also realize that the order in which people qualify seems nonsensical in a lot of ways (Because of her job, Lisey is exposed to way more people than me, but she doesn’t qualify until the next phase!)

that I am now feeling better

I felt a little under the weather for about 48 hours after the second shot (first shot gave me no side effects). I’m really glad to be feeling more like myself again!

There is nothing like a brief bout of sickness to make you appreciate your own health and also to remind you to have compassion on other people who are sick.

that I was under the weather but not contagious

I’ve always thought that one of the few mercies of hyperemesis is that it is not contagious! During my pregnancies, people were able to see me and help me and be around me with no fear of catching anything.

And I thought the same thing about my post-vaccine situation; it’s a little easier to be under the weather when you don’t have to worry about getting others sick.

that a number of family members have been able to get vaccinated

I’m especially thankful that family members with risk factors have been able to be protected.

that I will now be less of a risk to my cousin and her son

Since they both have higher risk factors, I’ve been good about wearing a mask whenever I go help her. But being vaccinated is going to be even more effective than me wearing a mask, so I’m happy about that.

that Sonia and I have spring break next week

I’m looking forward to having a break from biology classes and homework! 

that this week’s biology chapter has been easier

Last week was all about cellular respiration and included the dreaded Krebs cycle.

This week we are on to photosynthesis, which, by comparison, is pretty simple! I will take the Calvin cycle over the Krebs cycle any day.

(Incidentally, Melvin Calvin is the guy who gets credit for discovering the Calvin cycle, and Sonia and I were both like, “Who names their kid Melvin Calvin??” They must have really liked the sound of names ending in “lvin”.)

for the friends in my class

It’s been fun to have some mom friends to talk to, and also nice that we can help each other figure things out when we are stuck.

for the fun of having Sonia in class with me

It’s nice to have someone in my house to discuss the class and the content.

(and also to complain with sometimes when there’s an error on the quiz!)

What are you thankful for this week?

P.S. I totally get that we are going to have seriously differing opinions in this group about the vaccine. And I also want to please ask if we can all agree to still be kind and show love despite that. I’ve obviously made it clear where I land on the issue, and if you disagree with me, I still want you to feel welcome here.

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Monday 22nd of March 2021

Glad to hear you are feeling better and that spring break is coming up for you. We love the kitty pictures you share as we have multiple cats here (all rescues). One of my daughters is called the cat whisperer- she will go to extreme lengths to help a cat. We keep powdered cat formula, bottles and nipples for middle of the night emergencies.

Anita Isaac

Monday 22nd of March 2021

am so glad you are feeling better after the second shot. just though you were busy with school. really missed your posts.


Monday 22nd of March 2021

""But being vaccinated is going to be even more effective than me wearing a mask, so I’m happy about that""

You must be aware already, but the vaccine protects YOU, not the people around. It protects you in the sense that if you catch Covid you will not get as sick and might be asymptomatic. It does not prevent you from catching it, and it does not prevent the spread.


Monday 22nd of March 2021

We all have to make a choice to get the vaccine and glad you didn’t have too rough a time with it. However, I’m hoping you are still planning to mask up for awhile. It is not so much a protection for you not to get it as it is to ease the symptoms if you do get exposed. It revs up your antibodies. We are not out of the woods yet...good health to you and be safe.


Monday 22nd of March 2021

I am SO THANKFUL for the vaccines ! I am a child of the 50s, and had polio as a child. I have had lifelong debilities and problems from that, and now am suffering from post-polio syndrome affecting my lungs. The polio vaccine became widely used when I was in first grade, too late for me.

SO, I am definitely grateful for the science that made the covid vaccine available so swiftly. I have had my first shot and am so very thankful.

Your closing paragraph was very gracious and understanding, and so thank you for reminding us to be kind to each other..

Anita Isaac

Monday 22nd of March 2021

oh gosh i hope you are doing ok. we are all a community here. wishing you good thoughts.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.