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What I Spent, What We Ate

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What I Spent

I didn’t end up going to the store at all, largely because I didn’t feel good for a couple of days after my second shot.

Band-aid on Kristen's arm from a vaccine.

Does the vaccine even work without the band-aid-on-arm selfie??? I didn’t want to risk it. 😉

Mr. FG did go shopping in my stead, though! He spent $99.90 at BJ’s and $9 at Lidl.

(Lidl stores are pretty new here, and I still have not been out to see what they’re like. I stubbornly refuse to think I will like Lidl as much as Aldi, though.)

March Grocery Spending

Week 1: $101

Week 2: $183

Week 3: $109.90 (let’s just round that to $110!)

What We Ate

Since we started daylight saving this week, you’d think that I would have a bunch of dinner photos for you, as I’m way more likely to snap a photo if there’s still natural light.

But I really dropped the ball on that; hopefully I will have more photos next week!

At least I’ve been diligently photographing my breakfast and lunches.

Potato patty with sausage and guacamole.


I made an alfredo sauce, mixed it with some leftover plain cooked spaghetti, and topped it with browned chicken sausage slices. We had raw produce on the side.


Support-your-local-restaurant-Sunday: we got subs this time. 


I got my second vaccine shot late Monday afternoon, and Monday night, I was feeling fine. So I grilled some burgers, which we ate with a fruit salad.


I was definitely not 100% on this day; I made it through biology class plus the lab lecture, plus another appointment, but by dinnertime, I was really beat.

I had a Panera gift card, and this seemed like a perfect time to use it. So when Mr. FG was done with work, he went and picked up an order there for us. 


I was feeling a lot better by dinnertime, so I made chipped beef on toast, plus I cut up some produce.


Lisey really wanted French toast topped with fruit, and I happened to have some strawberries, blueberries, and a few ripe mangoes here.

So, I said yes to this request, and that was a simple decision because hello, French toast is a seriously easy thing to make for dinner!


I’m not sure; I need to do a fridge inventory to see what needs to be used up in there, and hopefully that’ll give me some dinner guidance. 

What did you have for dinner this week? 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.