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Thankful Thursday | post-exam

Hello everyone!

I’m writing my list kinda late today; school has had me snowed under (my school + helping Zoe with her end-of-semester stuff).

A backpack on a sofa.

I took my last regular exam today, though, and I got my final assignment finished yesterday. So now all I have to do is study for the cumulative final exam, which is on Tuesday. 

(studying for a cumulative final IS sort of a big job, but at least all the other stuff is out of the way!)

And once the final is done, then I can finally really work on getting settled in here and also on finishing up my furniture projects.

So. I’ll write a thankful list and then go get busy studying. 😉

This week, I am thankful:

for places to walk near my rental

I’ve only managed to get out and walk one morning, but there are nice neighborhood roads and even some trails in the woods, so, yay!

A path through the woods on a sunny morning.

for friendly neighbors

A kid across the street came over to say hi, and some other neighbors came by last night with a pan of lasagna. So kind!

And this has reminded me that next time someone new moves in near me, I could bless them this way.

for family members who helped me move

I am so thankful! Moving is a lot of work, and having many hands to help makes it so much easier.

that my brother got my internet working

For some reason, I ran into a snag when I was setting it up (it appeared not-activated), but he got me all fixed up. Yay!

That is a much more pleasant solution than getting on the phone with Verizon. 😉 

that I was able to take some furniture from my house

I am so happy to have some things like my couches…they make my rental house feel more familiar and homey.

Kristen's partially-unpacked living room.

that I was able to rent a house, not an apartment

I am really happy to have some green outdoor space of my own. The other morning I ate my breakfast out in the sunshine, and listened to the breeze blowing my wind chimes and rustling the tree leaves, and I felt very thankful. 

A blurry picture of wind chimes.

I know this picture is blurry but I kind of like it.

It’s also really nice to not share walls with anyone else. And I have a driveway and parking pad, rather than a parking lot with limited spaces. 

Plus, houses almost always have more windows than apartments do and WE KNOW how I feel about windows. 😉 

for the birds nest in my carport

The previous renters left this lantern when they moved because it had a mama bird and her babies in it. So fun to see!

a red lantern hanging in a carport.

for a full-size washer and dryer

That’s another reason to be grateful for a house; apartments sometimes have those small washer and dryers.

for my minivan

As you know, my hope is to buy my dream car (a Civic! with a sunroof!) after I finish nursing school.

But for right now, I am super grateful to have my minivan; it’s been so helpful for moving stuff and picking up furniture.

that Lisey is going to be here for a few months

She’ll be here with me for June, July, and part of August, and then she’ll go back to school. It’ll be lovely to have a summer Lisey-fix. 🙂 

that we were able to get our cat 

I’m pleased to report that she is adjusting nicely to the new house, and she and Zoe have been inseparable. 

I love our cat, but I do not like to sleep with her at night…she is too annoying of a bedmate. 😉 So, it works out great for me that the cat likes to be in Zoe’s bed. 

What are you thankful for this week?

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Friday 13th of May 2022

I am so happy you got the cat back. I don't know how you feel about dumpster diving but with college move out this is the time of year I score a ton of stuff. I don't know if the school you go to has dorms but if it does give it a try. I have gotten pots, pans, tons of clothes, towels, bedding, mini fridges, TVs, electronics, money and lots of unopened food. The amount of canned soup is crazy. Glad you are settling into your new home.


Friday 13th of May 2022

Love your list, @Kristen. and the cat back! and the couches! and the sunshine!

Thankful that my family can pivot - mothersday was supposed to be at my eldest's place but he and his sweetie got COVID so it ended up at my place. Thankful they got COVID on Saturday rather than Sunday so they didn't pass it on to my 92 year old mom or me or their siblings. Thankful that my daughter picked up her Gran and drove the hour to my house, happily - and that my son who lives here made last minute waffles for our flexible changed day. Thankful that my mom is so easy going, she napped after the meal while I played hairdresser with the two adult children - their laughter was something she cherished hearing when she woke. Although I am hating how cold and wet it is, and how very late our spring is, I am still thankful for the moisture. We had such a hot dry summer last year, every drop of rain that soaks into the ground makes my heart unclench a bit. We aren't like Winnipeg or Hay River where the flooding is terrible, so I am also thankful that we currently aren't suffering that catastrophe. Thankful for 'wonder James' the young man who has come to work with and for me on my property this year. I continue to appreciate how much he can do in a day, and how the improvements are not just single-season, they will benefit us for years. Some of the projects were just dreams to me, and they are now completed, to my ever lasting joy. Thankful for the 9 lovely chicks that are currently in a bin in my kitchen. I am not a very successful hatcher in my incubator although this time I discovered that at least some of the duds were unfertilzed eggs! The babies are growing and tonight got a bigger bin, not quite sure where I am going to put them in a week, as the usual space is full of other older chicks and it wouldn't be a great idea for them to share.... Thankful for my library and that they currently don't charge late fees! today I finally collected a bunch of errands and returned two bags of books. thankful that I am now able to release them back even if unread.


Friday 13th of May 2022

I am thankful that my mother came to visit and we spent five days together. I'm thankful that the weather was beautiful and we were able to go out and explore. I'm thankful that all the parks and museum we went to were free to visit. I'm thankful for phonecalls with my sister.


Thursday 12th of May 2022

I'm so thankful you were able to get the cat!!

Also thankful this week for a job that allows so much freedom. We've been traveling in SW Colorado all week (also thankful for Colorado and mountains) and it's been lovely.

Thankful for less windy days!

Thankful for our sweet kitty sitter. What would we do without her?


Thursday 12th of May 2022

I am thankful you are finally getting settled in your new place and it is a house. Thankful for the nice warm weather we have had hear this week in Ohio. Thankful for a granddaughter graduating in a few weeks and on to college. Thankful for good health.

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